Event 57 – $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship

Cada Wins It All!

The 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion
The 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion.

After falling into an almost 3:1 chip deficit, Joe Cada grabbed control once again.

He made it 3 million preflop and Moon called.

The flopped rolled out T♣ 9♥ 5♦ and both players tapped the table.

The 10♦ would bring some fireworks, however, as Moon check-raised all-in after a 3 million chip bet from Cada.

Cada leaned back in his chair for a few minutes pondering a call that would be for his tournament life.

Suddenly and decisively, he laid it all on the line making that call.

Moon showed 8♠ 7♠ for the open-ender and Cada's J♥ 9♦ was ahead.

Moon would need a six or a jack to win the Main Event title, but it was not to be as the 3♥ river fell, handing Cada the double-up and the chip lead.

Following the hand, Cada was up to 108 million and Moon ground down to 86 million.

A few hands later, the two got into a preflop raising war that saw Cada push in with nines and Moon make the call for his tournament life with Q♦ J♦.

The flop came 8♣ 7♠ 2♣ and chants of "Joey" filled the theatre. The turn brought the K♥ and Cada needed to fade just one more card.

As the crowd murmured in anticipation, the river came the 7♣ and the Main Event title and $8.5 million was suddenly Cada's.

A roar of approval could be heard all the way to Freemont Street.

Darvin Moon will take home $5.1 million for his second-place finish, but the World Championship and all the glory that goes with it now belongs to Joe Cada.

  • Level 40
  • Blinds 600000/1200000
  • Ante 200000
  • Players Left 1
  • Tables Left 1

Advantage Moon

The look of a champion?
The look of a champion?

Darvin Moon has shown us today that even though he has very little heads-up experience, he's a quick learner.

He's applying a lot of pressure to Joe Cada and so far it's been working for him. Moon is in the lead with 136 million to 58 million and we're seeing a ton of big pots developing.

Read on for the highlights of the last hour and check out the new counts to your right.

Second Pair Good for Moon

On a flop of A♠ 8♦ 4♦ Moon was first to act and fired out 6 million. Cada made the call and the 7♦ hit the turn. Moon bet again, this time sliding 8.5 million into the middle in one tall tower of chips.

Cada called and the river brought the J♥. Moon opted to check this street and Cada did the same.

Moon shows an eight for second pair and Cada's cards go in the muck.

Boon for Moon

Moon opened to 3 million from the button and they go heads-up to the A♥ 4♠ T♣ flop. It's checked and the turn is the 9♥.

Joseph Cada
Joe knows poker.

Cada made it 4 million but Moon announced raise and added an additional 8 million on top. Cada got out of the way quick-smart and Moon raked it in.

More Chips for Moon

Cada opened to 3 million from the button and Moon counted out the call, depositing the chips in the middle.

The flop came down A♣ 5♦ 3♥ and Moon bets 5 million. Cada thought it over for a moment before announcing raise and added another 8 million to the pot. Moon, not to be outdone, re-raised another 17 million.

Cada shook his head and quickly tossed his cards in the muck. With that hand Moon is up to almost 150 million, while Cada is down below the 50 million mark.

Cada Regains Ground

Joe Cada got things started by making it 3 million from the button. Moon called and the flop came down T♣ T♠ 8♦. After a check from Moon, Cada bet 3 million.

Moon made the call and the turn was the 9♣. Moon checks a second time and Cada does the same. The river was the 7♠ and Moon checks one final time and Cada bet 5.75 million.

Moon made the call and Cada showed a six for the straight. Moon shows two pair as his cards go in the muck.

Cada with the All-In

Cada opened this pot to 3 million and Moon once again three-bets to 8 million. Cada, apparently having had enough, announced all-in. It was 50 million and change back to Moon and he tanked for some time before standing up from the table.

He looked like he wanted to call but after a few more seconds he flicked his cards to the muck.

Moon opened to 3 million and after Cada called the flop rolled out T♣ 9♣ 8♦. Moon quickly bet 5 million and Cada made the call.

The turn was the K♦ and Cada checks again. Moon slid 15 million into the middle and Cada thought for a moment before folding.

  • Level 40
  • Blinds 600000/1200000
  • Ante 200000
  • Players Left 2
  • Tables Left 1

Dead Even!

Moon shadow, moonshadow.
Moon shadow, moonshadow.

Joe Cada caught Darvin Moon with his pants down a little calling a 10-million chip jack-high river bluff to knock Maryland's man down to 66 million in chips.

The chipping away continued with Cada increasing his lead one small pot at a time until the blinds went up to 600,000/1,200,000 with a 200k ante.

With 60 million to Cada's 130 million, Moon was the next to strike.

Bad Moon Rising

Cada opened to 3 million from the button and Moon re-raised to 8 million from the big blind. The flop came down K♣ 7♠ 6♥ and Moon bet 5 million.

The turn was the 3♠ and Moon announced all-in. Cada quickly mucks and Moon took a healthy pot.

Suddenly Moon was back up to 83 Million to Cada's 111 million before a bit of preflop jostling ensued.

All Knotted Up

Moon opened from the button and Cada three-bet from the big blind. Moon counted out chips and four-bet an additional 17,800,000.

Cada looked resigned to playing the hand, but opted to let it go after a few moments in the tank and after the chips were pushed to Moon the two were dead even in chips.

The players traded a few smallish pots after that before taking a 20-minute break.

  • Level 40
  • Blinds 600000/1200000
  • Ante 200000
  • Players Left 2
  • Tables Left 1

A Back and Forth Affair

mano a mano

Darvin Moon drew first blood on the very first hand of the heads-up match.

It began with Moon limping from the button and Joe Cada raising to 2.5 million from the big blind. The flop came down 3♠ K♠ 2♦ and Cada led out for 3.5 million.

Moon announced raise and made it 10 million to go. Cada made the call and the A♦ hit the turn.

Cada checked this time and Moon fired another 10 million. Cada called and they both check the K♦ river.

Moon turned over pocket queens, which were good against Cada's pocket nines and he suddenly began to climb back in it.

Almost All The Way Back

Cada picked up a few small pots after that, but the next big one went to Moon.

Joe Cada raised to 2.5 million and Moon called.

The raggedy 8♠ 6♣ 4♥ flop saw two checks, but when the A♣ turned and Moon checked, Cada took the lead betting 3.5 million.

Moon check-raised it up to 7.5 million, but Cada was going nowhere and made the call.

Joseph Cada
Are the tables turning?

On the 3♥ river, Moon led out for 7.5 million and Cada mucked.

After raking the pot, Moon had climbed back to almost even with 93 million to Cada's 101 million.

Take Us To Your Leader

Cada struck next through, flopping a king high flush and getting Moon to pay him off in a 6.5 million chip pot.

However, Moon picked those chips up and more, floating the flop and turning a pair of queens to steal a 38 million chip pot and move into the lead with 101 million to Cada's 92 million.

Taking It Back

Cada moved back into the lead soon after, however.

After calling a 3 million chip open from Moon, Cada checked the J♣ 4♥ 2♦ flop. Moon bet 4 million and Cada called.

The turn brought the Q♥ and Cada checked again, only to check-raise it up to 16.75 million when Moon bet 6 million.

The logger cut out a call, but after the 5♣ river and a whopping 35 million chip bet from Cada, Moon took a deep breath, sat back in his chair, counted his chips and mucked his cards.

Following the hand, Cada was over 120 million and Moon down to 72 million.

  • Level 39
  • Blinds 500000/1000000
  • Ante 150000
  • Players Left 2
  • Tables Left 1

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Following the familiar platitudes, the call to shuffle up and deal from Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil has been made and the cards are in the air!

The blinds start at 500,000/1,000,000 with a 150,000 chip ante and about 40 minutes left in Level 39.

Heads-up for the Main Event title, $8.5 million and a shiny gold bracelet is on now!

  • Level 39
  • Blinds 500000/1000000
  • Ante 150000
  • Players Left 2
  • Tables Left 1

Heads-Up Coming Up!

Mob rules
Mob rules.

We're mere moments from the start of the heads-up match for the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event and the Penn & Teller Theatre here at the Rio is buzzing.

Thousands have come to witness 21-year-old online pro Joe Cada take on 46-year-old Maryland logger Darvin Moon with $8.5 million dollars on the line and this place is going to get loud.

Cada holds 135,950,000 chips to Moon's 58,850,000 but there's still some poker to be played.

Both players rode a wave of tremendous luck to get here, so it's anybody's ball game.

Moon and Cada have taken their seats and will be introduced to the crowd in a few minutes.

PL.com will let you know when they make the call to shuffle up and deal and be on the scene providing live updates throughout.

Get ready folks - the battle for the 2009 WSOP Main Event title is next!

  • Level 38
  • Blinds 400000/800000
  • Ante 100000
  • Players Left 2
  • Tables Left 1

Saout Out! Cada and Moon Heads-Up!

Cada is chip leader
Cada is chip leader.

The heads-up match is decided and with the unfortunate elimination of Antoine Saout in third place it's Joe Cada and Darvin Moon who will return on Monday to decide a champion.

The last few hands were very sick with Cada summoning all the rungood he could muster to take the lead and subsequently eliminate the Frenchman.

We've got the details of how it all went down below but first check out the chip counts for the heads-up match. Cada and Moon will be back here at 10 p.m. Monday night to play to a winner so check back then to read it all live.

In the meantime we'll have a feature news story up tonight with quotes from all the final table players, as well as fun stuff in the blog section between now and then.

Joe Cada - 136,925,000

Darvin Moon - 58,875,000

Cada Runs Good; Takes Lead

Joe Cada just got it in on the bad side of a pair over pair clash but, just like the last time, the deck came to his rescue. Cada opened to 2.55 million and got three-bet by Antoine Saoutto 7.3 million. Cada four-bet all-in for close to 40 million total.

Saout insta-calls with queens and Cada is on the brink of elimination with pocket deuces.

Cada's very vocal cheering section is on its feet screaming for a deuce and that's exactly what they get as the flop comes down 9♠ 7♠ 2♦. Saout's now looking for a backdoor flush or a queen but the turn and river provide neither.

Cada's up to 78 million while Saout is down to around 41 million.

Antoine Saout
Saout is stunned.

Cada Pushes Again

Joe Cada opens his button to 2.5 million and Darvin Moon calls from the big blind. The flop comes down K♦ T♦ 7♣ and Moon checks. Cada fires 3.75 million and Moon makes it 10 million straight.

Cada takes a moment before announcing all-in and after a short dwell Moon lets it go.

Saout Out! Cada Does the Deed!

Joe Cada is running good. That just might be the understatement of the year.

After a lot of action in the last few hands Cada and Saout get it all-in once again, this time with Saout at risk of elimination.

A-K for Cada is racing Saout's pocket eights but with the way Cada is running it doesn't seem much like a flip.

Saout's eights hold up all the way to the river when a king hits the felt. Saout is out in 3rd place for $3,479,485 while Cada takes a big lead into the heads-up match with Darvin Moon.

  • Level 38
  • Blinds 400000/800000
  • Ante 100000
  • Players Left 2
  • Tables Left 1

A New Leader Emerges; Three Remain

Saout is that leader
Saout is that leader.

The last hour has been eventful. A new leader has emerged and the field has been whittled down by one more player.

Antoine Saout is the leader while Eric Buchman heads out the door in fourth. It was a rocky ride for Buchman and we've got all the details for you below.

Check those out as well as the new chip counts.

Big Bad Buchman

Antoine Saout opens to 1.925 million and gets a call from Eric Buchman in the small blind. The two go heads-up to a flop of T♥ 3♣ 2♠ and Saout fires 2,375,000 when it's checked to him.

Buchman check-raises to 5 million and the action's on Saout. He tanks for some time before putting in another raise to 11,225,000. Buchman, not one to be bullied, puts in yet another raise to 21,225,000.

Saout retreats back to the tank and after a few minutes decides to let it go. Buchman takes a big bite out of Saout's stack as we continue on to the next hand.

Eric Buchman
Buchman not so hot right now.

Saout Cripples Buchman; Takes Chip Lead

We just saw the biggest pot of the tournament so far, totaling almost 90 million! It began with Eric Buchman opening to 2.5 million on the button and Antoine Saout re-raising to 9 million from the big blind.

Buchman quickly announces all-in and Saout begins to think things through. After a bit of tanking he announces call and we see the hands.

Buchman: A♥ Q♣

Saout: A♦ K♣

The flop rolls out K♦ T♥ 7♣ and Saout increases his lead. He's looking to dodge a jack and does just that with another king on the turn. The river is a bricky looking six and just like that Antoine Saout is the overwhelming chip leader.

Eric Buchman, meanwhile, is knocked down to just under 10 million.

Darvin Moon
Moon's got some gamble.

Buchman Doubles

Buchman was in push/fold mode after that last beating and got looked up by Darvin Moon after stealing a few blinds and antes.

A-7 for Moon was in the lead against Buchman's K-T but fell behind when a king hit the flop. Another king on the turn made it official and Buchman was good for the double.

The Buch Stops Here (4th)

Darvin Moon opened the very next hand and Eric Buchman shoved all-in. Moon made the call and turned over K♦ J♦ which was trailing Buchman's A♦ 5♣. The flop came down Q♣ 9♥ 2♣, giving Moon a gutshot to go with his pair draws.

The turn was a king, putting Buchman at risk, and the river was the 5♥, eliminating him from this final table.

Buchman is out in fourth place and will take home $2,502,787.

  • Level 37
  • Blinds 300000/600000
  • Ante 75000
  • Players Left 3
  • Tables Left 1

The Darvin Moon Show

Moon shines
Moon shines.

This last hour has truly been the Darvin Moon show. Whether it's reckless abandon or calculated strategy, Moon is moving his chips around like it ain't no thang.

We've got a bunch of interesting hands for you below, plus the new counts. Enjoy.

Moon Chipping Up

To his credit Darvin Moon is still doing a good job of keeping the pressure on and he's reaping the benefits in the form of many small pots.

Moon opened to 2 million from the small blind and Eric Buchman defended in the big. The flop came down K♠ Q♠ 8♠ and Moon insta-bet 5 million.

Buchman wanted none of it and tossed his hand in the muck.

While Moon is picking up a lot of pots there's a good chance his opponents are just waiting to snap him off, since he seems to get very carried away when involved in a hand. It's up to the other players to make a hand against him but if they do, we should see some fireworks.

Moon Walks Over Buchman

Darvin Moon opened this hand to 2 million from under the gun and got a call from Eric Buchman on the button. The flop came down K♥ Q♥ 4♠ and Moon checked it.

Buchman fired 3 million and Moon had no trouble calling. The turn was the 9♣ and it went check-check to the T♠ river.

Moon cut out chips and made it 5 million and Buchman mucked.

Cada Four-Bets

Joe Cada just took a nice pot from chip leader Antoine Saout without the inconvenience of a flop, four-betting preflop and forcing the Frenchman to muck.

Cada made it 2 million from the button and Saout re-popped to 6,275,000. Cada then made it 11 million straight and after a bit of thought Saout flicked his cards to the muck.

Moon's Signature Over-Shove

Darvin Moon seems to enjoy taking the post-flop play out of the equation, opting instead to just get in before the flop and let the cards fall where they may.

Just now the pot was opened to 2 million and Moon shoved for 40. Earlier he got himself into a bit of trouble when he did that with K-9 and ran into aces. We're predicting something similar is going to happen before the night is through.

Moon the All-In Machine

Darvin Moon is showing no fear at this table and, for the time being, is reaping the rewards. He opened from the button to 2 million and got a call from Joe Cada in the big blind. The flop came down Q♣ 8♥ 4♥ and they both checked.

The turn was the 2♠ and Cada fired 4.5 million. Moon announced all-in and after a quick count Cada mucked.

  • Level 37
  • Blinds 300000/600000
  • Ante 75000
  • Players Left 4
  • Tables Left 1

The Action or Lack Thereof

We're going to be completely honest with you folks, because that's just what we do here at PL.com.

Not so Happy anymore
Not so Happy anymore.

The last hour of play has been tight to say the least. Very few hands saw a flop, so you can forget about turns or rivers.

It's 3 a.m. here in Las Vegas and it remains five handed with no real hope of any movement.

There's a lot of money on the line and these guys are certainly playing like it. 

Have no fear though. PL.com remains on the scene here at the Rio and will endeavor to pass all the pertinent information your way when it becomes available.

Until then, grab a cup of Java and settle in, it's been a long day and what promises to be an even longer night.

Just when it appeared no action was forthcoming (see above), like manna from heaven we just found something reportable.

After a 20-minute break Jeff Shulman got it all in with 7♣ 7♥ against Antoine Saout's A♣ 9♠.

The flop fell T♠ 9♦ 6♠ putting Shulman behind, but handing him a gutshot straight draw.

The turn brought the meaningless Q♣ and after the 4♠ river, Shulman was out fifth cashing $1,953,395 and leaving just four players in the hunt for the 2009 Main Event title.

  • Level 37
  • Blinds 300000/600000
  • Ante 75000
  • Players Left 4
  • Tables Left 1

Madness! Madness I Say!

The Moon man
The Moon man.

Things are going crazy here at the Rio as players are shipping it in with reckless abandon. The hour is getting late but it's certainly not slowing anything down.

We've got the details on three big double-ups so read on and don't forget to check the new chip counts by clicking on the tab above.

Another Suck-Out; Cada Doubles

Recipe for doubling up:

Add one inferior hand and all your chips.

Close your eyes and wait for the deck to bail you out.

Joe Cada three-bet shoved over a Jeff Shulman opening raise and got snap-called. Pocket treys for Cada were in bad shape against Shulman's pocket jacks, until the flop.

A trey in the window put Cada way ahead. His cheering section won't stop screaming even when he's not in a hand so you can imagine what happened when that trey hit.

The turn and river were bricked and the pot is shipped to Joe Cada. He's now on 22.5 million while Shulman is down to 7 million or so.

Joseph Cada
Cada movin on up.

Cada Doubles; This Time Legitimately

We were a bit rough on Joe Cada in that last update but this next double-up saw the best hand win.

While we have no problem with the way Cada played, we have no idea what Darvin Moon was thinking. Moon opened to 2 million from the button and Cada three-bet to 5.6 million from the big blind.

Moon insta-shoved and Cada insta-called, laying aces down on the table. Moon had K-9, go figure, and even though we thought for sure he was going to suck out the board failed to bail him out.

Cada doubles to around 45 million while Moon slips to just under 40 million.

Shulman Doubles; Lots of Doubling Going On

Next in line to double up is Jeff Shulman, all-in preflop with A-5 to Antoine Saout's K-Q. The flop came A♣ J♦ 4♣ and Shulman's aces take the lead. Saout's looking for a ten to make Broadway but when the board finishes out 5♦ 4♠ Shulman's good for the double.

Shulman's on around 11 million after the hand.

  • Level 37
  • Blinds 300000/600000
  • Ante 75000
  • Players Left 5
  • Tables Left 1

Ivey and Begleiter Out! Moon Runs Like God!

More like runGOD ammirite
More like runGOD ammirite?

Darvin Moon has taught us a thing or two about running good this past hour, sending both Phil Ivey and Steven Begleiter to the exit.

Ivey's elimination was the most painful thing we've endured in a long time, and Begleiter's bust was no walk in the park.

Nevertheless, we're down to five and Moon is the chip leader once again. Read on for the details on these two busts and check the chip counts for the new lay of the land.

Ivey Busts; Poker World Weeps

The dream is over. Phil Ivey is busted.

He got it in good, as he usually does, but it wasn't enough to overcome the awesome rungood of Darvin Moon.

Phil Ivey
Oh the humanity.

Ivey open-shoved from under the gun with A-K and it folded to Darvin Moon in the big blind who made the call with A-Q.

It looked like Ivey was in for a double-up since if anyone can make a hand like that hold up it's Phil Ivey. The dealer had other ideas.

A queen hit the flop and put Ivey way behind in the hand. The turn and river bricked and just like that Ivey was out.

He hits the rail in 7th for $1.4 million and change.

Begleiter Busts; Moon King of Run Good

Darvin Moon cannot be stopped. He just gets it in bad and sucks out.

The latest player to learn this cruel lesson is Steven Begleiter, busting in sixth place at the hands of the magical Moon.

Begleiter opened the pot to 1.6 million, with another 21 million or so behind, and when action got to Moon he simply moved all-in.

Steven Begleiter
Why oh why did I get it in good?

It was a big overbet but Begleiter had no trouble making the call with pocket queens. Moon's A-Q was in a bad spot and didn't improve on the raggedy flop. The turn was a brick but the river was a miracle ace.

The room exploded as Moon raked the pot and shook Begleiter's hand somewhat sheepishly.

Moon is once again the chip leader with 63 million while Begleiter is on his way out the door with $1,587, 160.

  • Level 37
  • Blinds 300000/600000
  • Ante 75000
  • Players Left 5
  • Tables Left 1

Just Ship It Kid

Still the favorite
Still the favorite?

After 169 hands at last year's Main Event final table it was down to heads up.

After 169 hands this year, they've only lost two players.

The players are just returning from a 20-minute break and play remains seven handed with an hour left in Level 36.

Antoine Saout has slipped out of the lead and Eric Buchman has slipped in, but the two are very close.

Meanwhile, Phil Ivey is short stacked and looking for a hand to shove with.

Check below for a slice of the action over the last hour. 

Ivey Slipping

Phil Ivey continues to slide downhill one hand at a time.

He's developed a habit of calling pre-flop raises only to fold to aggression on the flop.

The greatest player on the planet is getting increasingly short and can be expected to ship it any time now.

Cada Climbing

Once down to 2.2 million, Joe Cada appears to have settled into a comfort zone here.

Facing a Steven Begleiter open raise he shipped it in, forcing a fold from Begs.

Cada has climbed out of the cellar and moved up close to 20 million after the hand.

Joseph Cada
Rumble young man, rumble.

Ivey Shipping

After the blinds went up, Ivey did finally ship it in from under the gun.

No one called and the Team Full Tilt Pro picked up the much needed blinds and antes.

Flush Draws

After a little preflop aggression Eric Buchman and Joe Cada get it all in.

They both have the same hand holding big slick; The A♣ K♣ for Buchman versus Cada's A♥ K♥.

It looks like a guaranteed chop, but the crowd gets a little excited as a club flops and a second one turns.

Needing to avoid a club to stave off elimination, Cada nervously does so on the J♥ river.

Chop it up and move on.

  • Level 37
  • Blinds 300000/600000
  • Ante 75000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

All the News That's Fit to Ship

The man with the most chips
The man with the most chips.

With the level of action we're seeing at this final table it's unbelievable that we still have seven players at this final table!

This past hour has seen double-ups and even a brand new chip leader! Read on for all of it and check out the new chip counts using the tab above.

Chop it Up Sucka!

Antoine Saout opened this pot to 1.325 million and got a quick call from Jeff Shulman, one seat to his left. The two went heads-up to an A♥ J♥ 9♦ flop. Both players checked and the 9♦ hit the turn.

Saout cut out chips and put in a meager bet of 1.85 million. Shulman was more than happy to call and when the 6♠ hit the river Saout fired again, 3.5 million. Shulman called quickly and turned over A-Q.

Saout nodded and turned over the same hand, A-Q. The two take back their chips and continue on to the next hand.

Saout Runs Bad

Running bad comes in many forms. Antoine Saout just got a walk in the big blind, usually a good thing, and turned over pocket aces as he scooped up the blinds.

Joseph Cada
The Kid.

Small Ball from Cada

Joe Cada opened from middle position and got a call from Phil Ivey in the small blind. They checked the 9♣ 8♣ 5♦ flop, and the Q♦ turn.

Ivey bet 1.25 million on the 3♠ river and Cada quickly called. Cada turned over K-Q and Ivey sent his cards to the muck. Ivey's on just under 8 million after the hand.

Huge Double for Saout; New Chip Leader

We just saw a big misstep from Steven Begleiter, one that resulted in him shipping a big portion of his stack to the new chip leader, Antoine Saout.

Begs opened to 1.5 million from the hijack and Saout three-bet to 4.5 million from the small blind. It folds back to Begs and he makes the call.

The flop came down 9♥ 8♥ 3♣ and Saout checks. Begleiter bets 6.3 million and Saout shoves for an additional 14.9 million.

It's back on Beglieter and he spends a long time in the tank before making the call. When he rolls his cards the room is shocked to see how light he looked up his opponent.

7♣ 8♣ for Begs is basically flipping against Saout's A♥ K♥ but the T♥ on the turn locked up the double for the Frenchman.

Begleiter is knocked down to 18 million while Antoine Saout rockets into the lead with over 50 million.

  • Level 36
  • Blinds 250000/500000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Final Table

The action will not stop at this final table and this past hour it's been the kid, Joe Cada, who's been at the center of it all.

We've got double-ups, hand reports, new chip counts and everything else you'd expect from an hourly update so read on and be amazed.

Begs Four-Bets

Eric Buchman has been picking on Steven Begleiter's opening raises today but a few minutes ago Begs made a stand.

Begleiter opened to 1.25 million and Buchman three-bet to 3.55 million. It folded back to Begs who thought for a moment before pushing in a tall stack of chips, totaling 9.75 million.

Buchman didn't have to think long before he mucked his hand and shipped the pot to Begs.

Cada Way Down;Back Up

Joe Cada just made a loose call and paid the price, shipping a big double-up to Jeff Shulman. as it turns out, however, it would take long for Cada to get himself back in it.

Cada raised to 1.25 million from under the gun and Shulman shipped all-in for 7 million and change. After a good four minutes in the tank, Cada made the call with A♦ J♠.

Shulman turned over A♠ K♥ and continued to sit in dominating position after the T♠ 9♣ 3♥ flop hit the felt.

Jeff Shulman
Shulman wants it. Shulman needs it!

The Q♦ turn gave Cada some more outs as he picked up the open ender, but the 4♦ river did not complete it.

After the hand, Shulman was up to 15 million in chips and Cada was left clinging to life with just 2.2 million.

On the very next hand Cada was in the big blind with just 2.2 million behind. Action folded to Eric Buchman in the small blind who put in a raise.

Cada, feeling priced in, shipped the rest of his stack in and Buchman was forced to call.

J♣ 4♦ for Cada had Buchman's 5♣ 4♣ dominated. The board ran with little change to the situation and Cada gets a much needed double to 4.8 million.

And there appears to be even more life in Joe Cada yet.

Facing a 1.25 million chip raise from Phil Ivey, Cada shipped it in with pocket fours from the small blind.

After a time in the tank, Ivey made the call with A♠ 8♣ and the race was on.

The T♠ 3♥ 2♦ flop and 9♣ turn left Cada in the lead and he doubled following the 7♥ river.

Ivey is now the short stack on 10 million chips while Cada gets his head above water again with 12 million.

Razor-Thin Value for Ivey

When someone's value-betting ten-high you know they've got skills. That's exactly what Phil Ivey just did to Darvin Moon.*

They were in the blinds and when the flop came 9-9-9 Moon checked. Ivey fired half a million and got a call. They checked down the king on the turn and the six on the river and Ivey showed ten-high. It was good against Moon's eight high and Phil takes it down.

* Ivey almost certainly did not do this to Darvin Moon.

  • Level 36
  • Blinds 250000/500000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

Back from Dinner; Back in Action

The two hours are over and the remaining seven players are taking their seats as we speak. There's still a ton of poker to be played as we continue to pare the field down to the final two.

We've got the updated counts up on the chip count page so make use of the tab above and check those out.

Phil Ivey's got more chips then when we started and that's all we really care about. Sit back, pop open an adult beverage and get ready for the madness.

  • Level 36
  • Blinds 250000/500000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

They Call it the Dinner Break

The arena
The arena.

It's 7:00 p.m. and that means it's time for our two-hour dinner break. Seven players remain and they'll need all the fuel they can get to make it through the day.

We've got the hands of note for you below and the updated counts for you on the right of your page. Check all that out and join us in two hours for more Main Event final table action!

Ivey Picking up Momentum

Phil Ivey just picked up a nice pot with what looked a lot like an out-of-position float.

Steven Begleiter opened from under the gun and got a call from Ivey in the big blind. The flop came down K♦ Q♥ J♦ and Ivey checked.

Begleiter fired and Ivey flat-called. The turn was the J♣ and both players checked. Ivey bet 2.5 million on the 3♥ turn and after some consideration Begleiter let it go. The crowd erupted in support of Ivey.

Beigleiter v. Buchman

Steven Begleiter got the action started with an opening raise to 1.25 million and Eric Buchman, next to act, pumped it up to 3.95 million. Begs made the call and the flop came 9♥ 5♥ 4♦.

A check from Begleiter opened the door for a 3.2 million c-bet from Buchman. Begs sat with his hands folded in front of his mouth, motionless, before tossing his hand in the muck and conceding the pot.

  • Level 36
  • Blinds 250000/500000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

The Times They Are 'A Changing

Things are changing fast here at the 2009 Main Event final table.

Seven handed now, Darvin Moon has fallen out of the lead, Steven Begleiter has chipped up and while they are still short, no one seems willing to take on Phil Ivey or Joe Cada.

Check the action below:

Not So Full Moon

It appears Darvin Moon is about ready to implode.

After calling a Steven Begleiter reraise to 2.6 million pre flop, the two went heads up to a 4♠ 3♠ 2♦ flop. Moon checked, but when Begleiter fired another 5.35 million, he check-raised it up to 15 million total.

Begleiter promptly shoved and for some inexplicable reason, Moon did not make the call for another six million.

After the hand, Moon was suddenly out of the leader spot.

Eric Buchman is the chip boss now and thanks to the gift from Moon, Begleiter sits second in chips.

Cada Moves In

Joe Cada seems to like the three-bet shove and the three-bet shove seems to like Joe Cada.

Phil Ivey
It's his turn now.

He tried it once before, getting no callers, and after a short break in play and a 1.2 million chip raise from Eric Buchman, Cada three-bet shoved again.

Once again Buchman folded and Cada appears to be picking up some steam.

It's Ivey Time

After a seemingly tight Jeff Shulman opened from the button, Phil Ivey shoved the last of his stack in from the big blind.

Asked to put in another six million plus, Shulman thought for a few minutes as silence fell over the Penn & Teller Theatre crowd.

Shulman continued to tank for what seemed like an eternity, staring down at his chip stack and Ivey before eventually laying it down.

The next two hands were picked up by Ivey with pre flop raises and he appears to be climbing back in it.

  • Level 36
  • Blinds 250000/500000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

Another One Bites the Dust! Schaffel Out 8th

Kevin we hardly knew ye
Kevin we hardly knew ye.

It's blowing up here at the Rio as another hour has elapsed and another player has been eliminated. Kevin Schaffel's exit hand was the highlight of the day, so far, and we've got all the gory details for you below.

Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Read on for that and a few choice cuts as we continue down the road to the final two.

Also, updated chip counts can be found by clicking the tab above.

Cada Fires Back

After losing that last big pot to Darvin Moon, youngster Joe Cada has found himself nearing critical shortstack status.

A moment ago Phil Ivey opened a pot from middle position only to see Cada ship right over the top. It was 4 million and change back to Ivey and after some serious consideration he opted to let it go.

Even More Three-Betting

Kevin Schaffel opened and was immediately three-bet by Steven Begleiter who's sitting directly on his left.

Action folded back to Schaffel who took a few moments before tossing his hand in the muck and tapping the table.

There's plenty of three-betting going on and it won't be long before we see two legitimate hands smash into each other.

Eric Buchman
Twelve-point Buch.

SiKKKK! Buchman Sucks Out Huge! Schaffel Out in 8th

We just saw a hand that will, without a doubt, be making it on the ESPN broadcast. It featured Kevin Schaffel, Eric Buchman, aces over kings and a massive suckout.

Schaffel opened from the hijack and Steven Begleiter called in the cut-off. Buchman was on the button and announced reraise, putting an additional 4.5 million into the pot.

Schaffel thought for just a moment before announcing all-in.

Begleiter immediately folded and Buchman was in a state of shock as he stood up from the table. He took stock of Schaffel's stack before calling and turning over pocket kings.

He threw his hands up in exasperation as Schaffel turned over aces.

The room was clamoring for aces, kings and all manner of cards as the dealer laid the K♠ J♥ Q♠ flop down on the felt.

Buchman had hit his two outer but Schaffel had four more outs to survive the hand. The turn put an end to any hopes Schaffel might have had, however, as it brought the last remaining king.

Buchman makes quads and Schaffel is out in 8th place for $1,300,228.

  • Level 35
  • Blinds 200000/400000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 7
  • Tables Left 1

One Down; Six to Go!

Back to Britain
Back to Britain.

The last hour was action-packed as we saw the first player of the day hit the rail. Unfortunately it was James Akenhead, a good guy and a great player.

That means eight remain, all of whom have moved up one spot on the money ladder. Six more players will be heading out the door today before we'll have our Monday heads-up match set.

Read on for all the highlights of the last 60 minutes and check out the up-to-date chip counts by clicking on the tab above.

Say It Ain't So Joe

Darvin Moon picked up a rather sizable pot from young-gun Joe Cada with some fearless play.

Cada made it one million to go and Moon called from the big blind. Both players checked the 9♦ 8♣ 4♣ flop, but when the A♦ turned and Moon checked, Cada bet 1.4 million.

Moon made the call and after the 4♠ river, he led out, making it 2.5 million.

Cada thought for a second before making it 5.5 million total.

Moon quickly called turning over the A♣ T♦. Cada mucked what was presumably an ace with a weaker kicker and Moon dragged the more than 16 million chip pot.

Following the hand, Cada dropped below seven million chips and Moon added to his lead getting up close to 60 million again.

Kevin Schaffel
Schaffel up and deal!

The Swap

Kevin Schaffel and James Akenhead have swapped spots on the leaderboard.

On a jack high flop Schaffel got it all in and Akenhead made the call with pocket kings.

Sure enough Schaffel had aces and doubled when the rest of the board came kingless, bringing him out of the cellar.

After the hand, Akenhead was left with less than six million and short once again.

The very next hand, he made it 1.2 million, Phil Ivey shoved and Akenhead folded leaving him desperately short.

Akenhead Out! (9th - $1,263,602)

He shipped that 4.5 million in a few hands later and Kevin Schaffel made the call.

It was Akenhead's 3♦ 3♣ versus Schaffel's 9♥ 9♠ and after a T♣ 7♥ 2♣ flop a dejected Akenhead put his hands on his head.

The 2♠ left him drawing to just two outs and when the 9♦ river came three-less, Akenhead became the ninth place finisher here at the 2009 Main Event.

He cashes $1,263,602 and then there were eight.

  • Level 35
  • Blinds 200000/400000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 8
  • Tables Left 1

The More Things Change

There's been a shift in power here at the 2009 Main Event final table over the past hour.

Darvin Moon still leads, but that lead has become more tenuous thanks to a rather strange move.

Meanwhile, a once short James Akenhead has tripled up and a Antoine Saout doubled up, leaving the relatively quiet Kevin Schaffel as the shortest stack.

Check the chip counts for the latest and the details of the major action below.

Triple Your Pleasure

A short stacked James Akenhead tripled up, but it took a huge suckout to get it done.

He shoved for the second hand in a row, but after a walk the first time, Steven Begleiter made the four million chip call.

That's when Eric Buchman jumped in the fray, raising it up to 12 million.

Begleiter mucked and the situation was revealed with Akenhead's K♣ Q♥ completely dominated by Buchman's A♥ K♠.

The J♦ 3♠ 2♠ flop changed little, nor did the K♥ turn.

The crowd went silent in anticipation of the first elimination of the day, but roared in approval when the Q♠ came down on the river, giving Akenhead the triple up.

James Akenhead
The Brit is back.

The Brit was mobbed by his supporters on the side of the stage as fellow Hit-Squadder Praz Bansi walked to the edge, pointing up to another group of Akenhead's people jumping for joy in the crowd.

The once short Akenhead is now right back in the thick of things.

Saout Doubles, Moon Strangely Slips

On a K♠ J♥ 2♣ flop, heads up between Darvin Moon and Antoine Saout, Moon led out.

Saout raised, Moon shipped it in and the Frenchman was only too happy to call off his last 8.5 million holding J♠ 2♥ for two pair.

Moon had air, but his A♥ 4♦ did pick up a gutshot straight draw when a three turned. However, another deuce on the river filled up Saout and with Moon making a bevy of excuses for the strange looking move, Saout jumped up over the 21 million chip mark.

  • Level 35
  • Blinds 200000/400000
  • Ante 50000
  • Players Left 9
  • Tables Left 1

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The second hour of play was as pensive as the first.

It included a 20-minute break, giving the Lacey Jones the chance to interview Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu for the crowd.

However, it also included the first turn and river card of the 2009 Main Event final table.

Darvin Moon is still in control and Eric Buchman appears as steady as ever right behind him. Through a series of prudent moves, Phil Ivey appears a little healthier than before although Antoine Saout has slid just above him on the leaderbord.

James Akenhead continues on life support here as play is still nine handed.

Here's a look:

Oh Man!

A suddenly more aggressive looking Eric Buchman opened for 800k, but couldn't shake Jeff Shulman, who made the call.

The two went heads-up to a K♥ 7♥ 7♠ flop and Buchman checked. Shulman fired out 1.75 million, but this time it was Buchman who wouldn't go away, sliding a call across the line.

The turn came the T♥ and both players checked.

They also checked the 3♣ river and when Buchman flashed Q♥ Q♦ the pot was his.

I Like Ivey

Hostess Lacey Jones interviewed Daniel Negreanu over the break, asking Poker's newly minted all-time leading money winner who his money is on.

James Akenhead
Rule Britannia!

"I'm going to have to go with my buddy Phil Ivey," said Negreanu. "He's a pretty good poker player."

It takes one to know one Danny Boy.

It's About That Time

James Akenhead was forced into action a few orbits ago.

The increasingly short stacked Brit pushed all in pre-flop, but got no callers, picking up some valuable ammunition in his battle to survive.

The French Aren't Fried

Facing yet another 800k raise from Eric Buchman, Antoine Saout decided to ship it in.

It appeared it was the right move as Buchman folded giving Saout some much needed breathing room.

  • Level 34
  • Blinds 150000/300000
  • Ante 40000
  • Players Left 9
  • Tables Left 1

Here We Go

Lurking in the shadows.
Lurking in the shadows.

The action here at the 2009 Main Event final table has started rather slowly.

Darvin Moon retains the chip lead after an hour of play and appears to be a lot more savvy than many have given him credit for.

He was the first to three-bet and limp rereaise and has added to his already substantial lead.

Meanwhile, shorter stacks Phil Ivey and Antoine Saout appear ready to fight as both have moved their chips across the line once already.

Here's a quick look at the beginning of today's action:

Level Up, Action Down

They played just five hands in Level 33 to start things out before the clock rolled over.

All five were of the raise and take it variety as it appears the players are looking to avoid an early confrontation.

They quickly moved into Level 34 and the blinds went up.

The Flop Heard Round the World

We saw the first flop when Antoine Saout called a Kevin Schaffel raise.

It came ace high and Schaffel took down the pot with a bet.

Soon after, we saw our first reraise as James Akenhead bumped it up to 575k and chip leader Darvin Moon made it a whopping 1.8 million from the big blind.

The three-bet was enough to send the shortstacked Akenhead scurrying and the pressure on him appears to be mounting.

Darvin Moon
Still the one.

A hand later, the same thing happened to Joe Cada. He raised, Jeff Shulman three-bet and Cada was forced to muck.

It's Getting Hot in Here

We had our first moment of real tension here at the 2009 Main Event final table starting with a rather large 1.25 million chip open from Jeff Shulman.

It hit a peak when Phil Ivey responsded by pushing all in and it folded over the Joe Cada in the big blind, who asked for a count.

As Ivey's stack was accounted for a hush fell over the once raucous crowd here at the Rio and Cada tanked.

After about three minutes of tension so thick it could be carved with a knife, Cada mucked.

Shulman quickly folded and Ivey took a breath and the pot.

All In Moments

A few hands after Phil Ivey pushed in, Antoine Saout decided it might be a good idea for him to do so as well.

Eric Buchman raised from the button and Saout pushed in from the big blind.

There was a little less tension in the air this time, however, as Buchman quickly mucked.

  • Level 34
  • Blinds 150000/300000
  • Ante 40000
  • Players Left 9
  • Tables Left 1

Let It Flow, Let Yourself Go

It's on now.
It's on now.

If there was ever any doubt the 2009 Main Event final table is a really big deal, it was dispelled when fans began lining up at 6 a.m. outside the Rio's Penn and Teller Theatre, then quickly filled the cavernous arena when the doors opened about an hour before the call to shuffle up and deal.

Various luminaries have shuffled in since and the players have unbagged their chips.

The pomp and circumstance, including a moment of silence for recently deceased WSOP bracelet winner Hans "Tuna" Lund, a welcome from WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack, a little railbird prodding from TD Jack Effel, Dennis Phillips attempting to judge which member of November Nine brought the loudest cheering section, Peter Eastgate explaining what he's be up to the past year, and a bracelet ceremony for WSOPE champ Barry Shulman, has been dispensed with.

The players have been introduced to the crowd and almost four months after the November Nine was set, the cards are in the air again.

Darvin Moon still has the chip lead and about 30 percent of the chips. Young yet seasoned pro Eric Buchman still sits within striking distance and a former Bear Stearns executive by the name of Steven Begleiter is still right behind him.

CardPlayer editor Jeff Shulman still appears indifferent and at the top of the middle of the pack. Joseph Cada retains a shot at becoming the youngest ever to win the Main Event right behind Shulman and Kevin Schaffel is still the oldest player at the table.

The bottom three is still headed up by the consensus best player on the planet. And, Phil Ivey still remains almost as much of a mystery as the man just underneath him in the chip counts; Everest Poker Qualifier Antoine Saout.

The shortstack is still Brit James Akenhead and play is still in the 33rd level with blinds at 120,000/240,000 with a 30,000 ante, giving Akenhead a little more than 28 big blinds and the time to be patient.

Today we find out who will play heads up for the 2009 WSOP Main Event title in two days time.

The battle for poker's most prestigious title and an $8.5 million first-place prize is on and we recommend you stay tuned to PokerListings to see how it all shakes down.

  • Level 33
  • Blinds 120000/240000
  • Ante 30000
  • Players Left 9
  • Tables Left 1

Moments Away from Glory

PokerListings.com has arrived at the Penn and Teller theater in the Rio for the playdown of the 2009 WSOP Main Event final table!

We're shipping everything to you, straight from the source, so sit back and relax as we decide the two players who will go heads-up for the 2009 world championship of poker!

  • Players Left 9
  • Tables Left 1

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