Justin Bonomo Victorious at EPT Monte Carlo Super High Roller

Justin Bonomo
Justin Bonomo took down the biggest score of his life today in Monte Carlo.

Justin Bonomo went wire to wire at the final table of the €100k Super High Roller in Monte Carlo, starting the day with a massive lead and riding it all the way to the €1.64 million first-place prize.

Bonomo, an American pro, defeated past EPT High Roller champion Tobias Reinkemeier of Germany to win the biggest prize of his career.

“I think most people are lying when they say winning an event like this is all about the prestige,” Bonomo told PokerListings.com moments after the victory.

“€1.6 million is a lot of money and I’m certainly not rich enough to not care about that,” he said.

Before today Bonomo’s lifetime live tournament earnings totaled over $2.9 million. With this victory that number skyrockets to $5 million.

“I’m a grinder at heart so anytime I get a windfall like this it just goes back into the poker bankroll,” said Bonomo.

“I’ll be able to play more higher-stakes and just keep on trucking,” he said.

Bonomo was one of seven players to re-buy for this event, meaning his investment totaled a massive €200,000.

The American began the final table with roughly 40 per cent of the chips in play and personally eliminated five of the eight final-table players.

The $100k event at this year’s PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final drew 40 runners and represented the world’s best, and richest, poker players.

Duhamel Bubbles, Negreanu Scores Biggest Min-Cash Ever

Eugene Katchalov started the finale table as the shortstack and was the first player eliminated, getting A-6 in against Masa Kagawa’s pocket queens preflop.

Jon Duhamel
Jon Duhamel bubbled.

Out next, on one of the biggest bubbles in the tournament world, was former world champion Jon Duhamel.

The French-Canadian three-bet shoved K Q against Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and was snapped off by pocket aces. Duhamel didn’t even get a sweat on the flop and was forced to walk away with nothing to show for his $100,000 buy-in.

Daniel Negreanu, who would have become poker’s all-time leading money winner had he taken this event down, went bust in 6th place and was the first player to get paid.

In what might have been the biggest min-cash in poker history, Kid Poker took a whopping €310,000.

Bonomo Continues to Dominate

From five-handed on this tournament was definitively dominated by Justin Bonomo.

It began with a three-way preflop all-in that saw pocket jacks for both Bonomo and Reinkemeier come out on top against Masa Kagawa’s K-Q.

Kagawa was out in fifth for €354,500.

Shortly after, it was Patrik Antonius all-in on the river, his two-pair losing out to Bonomo’s rivered straight. Antonius pocketed €443,000 for fourth.

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier was the next to go, shoving a flush and open-ended draw and getting called by Bonomo with top pair. ElkY’s missed his many outs and was sent to the door in third place for €621,000.

Reinkemeier Succumbs in Second

Super High Roller Heads-Up
Heads-up for €1.64 million.

Justin Bonomo carried a roughly six to one chip lead into his heads-up battle with Tobias Reinkemeier and barely gave up an inch on the way to victory.

After a few small skirmishes the two met in a big preflop all-in confrontation.

Reinkemeier opened from the button to 125k at 25k/50k and Bonomo three-bet to 350k from the big blind.

Reinkemeier considered his options before four-bet shoving to about 1.5 million. Bonomo snap-called with A-Q and saw he was in a race against pocket fours.

An ace on the flop put Bonomo far in the lead and it held up to win the hand and the tournament.

The EPT Grand Final main event in Monte Carlo is now underway so keeping checking our poker news section for more information.

Here are the full results for the EPT Season 8 Grand Final Super High Roller:

  • 1. Justin Bonomo - €1,640,000
  • 2. Tobias Reinkemeier - €1,064,000
  • 3. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier - €621,000
  • 4. Patrik Antonius - €443,000
  • 5. Masa Kagawa - €354,500
  • 6. Daniel Negreanu - €310,000

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Jeff 2012-04-25 12:31:07

not quite biggest min cash, gets third place though I think


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