I Love Luzzu: 11 Ways to Spend Your BoM Winnings in Malta

18 October 2016, Created By: Dirk Oetzmann

“Congratulations, you’re all in the money!”

Once you’ve heard those beautiful words at the Battle of Malta this year, it’s time to head back to this page because we've got some tips on how to spend your prize money.

Sure. Bankroll management is important. Then again; you’re also on a spectacular Mediterranean island. And having fun is an integral part of the Battle of Malta.

If you do get past the money bubble (which you well might), and you’re beginning to like Malta (which you totally will), have a look at what it has to offer to make your trip a real highlight.

€9 – Visit the Ġgantija Temple Ruins

Ggantija Temples Gozo

Malta’s little sister island Gozo prides itself on being the home of the oldest building man has ever made. Or, rather, the oldest one that still exists, even if only in ruins.

It’s 2,000 years older than the Pyramids Of Giza and it’s surrounded by a lot of myths -- mainly because nobody knows what it was built for and who it was built by.

It's a UNESCO World Heritage, which in itself is already a good selling point. It’s located in the heart of Gozo so you’ll need a means to get there – on top of the ferry, that is.

We can help you with this, too. Look for the Stretch Limousine further down this page.

€30 – Ride Into the Sunset


Want to feel what it’s like to wear a hat like Doyle Brunson? Ride a horse.

Or maybe you’ve neglected your better half because you spent 20 hrs a day at the poker tables the last couple of days. You better make it up.

You can spend some time on a horseback in the Northeast of Malta from where you’ll see the sun set over the little sister island of Gozo.

€59 – Play the Game of Thrones

azure window

The mega Blockbuster HBO series has been filmed in different locations around the globe but, especially in the early seasons, a major part of the show was filmed on Malta.

King’s Landing, the Red Keep, Maegor’s Holdfast, the Shadow Cliffs, the Red Waste – all these are real places on Malta and if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll certainly enjoy a one-day trip to these and several more locations for Game Of Thrones.

Malta Film Tours will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off there at the end of the day.

Insider tip: The wedding of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo was filmed in front of the Azure window, which is the most remote spot on Gozo.

It’s a beautiful place but not included in the tour. We suggest you combine it with your trip to the temple ruins of Ġgantija. It’s only 15 minutes by car from there.

€100 – Be a Falconer for a Day


If you want to take a look at a truly unconventional job, go to the Malta Falconry Centre.

For €100 you’ll spend a whole day there learning to work as a falconer. You’ll get an insight into falconry techniques, how to train these majestic animals and even how to fly them.

At the end of the day you’ll also get a certificate so you can prove to your friends back home that you’ve become a master of the birds of prey.

€235 – Fly a Plane

fly a plane

There’s a company called “the Sky People” in Malta. They have a couple of small, 2-4 seater planes and you can get your hands on the wheel.

Book a “Premium Trial Flight” and you’ll get 90 minutes with your personal flight instructor, take a round trip over the whole archipelago and perform a couple of manoeuvres yourself.

Malta is very pretty to look at from above and that’ll give you a memorable experience - likely only just short of making the final table.

€250-€500 – Rent a stretch limo

stretch hummer

Represent! Restraint and humility are for others; you have something to celebrate and you’re going big!

If you want to do your triumphal procession in a limo that catches some attention, pick one that literally stands out.

There’s a company in Malta that has a car fleet that includes a 10 meter-long Hummer equipped with TV, AC, leather seats and mini bar.

The Hummer, complete with driver, is yours for just €250 per hour for a group of 10. 

€1,000 – Have a Cocktail on Board


How about a Mojito on the roof of a ship, lazily watching the sunset to some chill-out music while the smooth waves of the Mediterranean slowly make you a little sleepy?

As a winner you can now easily do this as for €1k you can get yourself and all your friends a catamaran including crew and everything you need.

OK drinks might not be included, but the boat can take you to the beautiful Blue Lagoon or a quiet place along the Maltese coast. Anywhere you want, captain!

€10,000 – Buy a Luzzu

Maltese luzzu

A Luzzu is a traditional Maltese fishing boat, usually multi-coloured and with the Eye of Osiris at the bow. You’ll see them everywhere if you take a walk to the waterfront pretty much everywhere on the island.

There are still fishers in Malta who use them for their profession but the Luzzu has also become a favorite pastime for wealthy residents -- and, say, BOM winners.

€10k will buy you a used Luzzu that needs a bit of work. You can spend a lot more depending on the state you want it to be in.

€100,000 – Buy a Luxury Apartment

luxury apartment

Malta is becoming increasingly attractive for visitors and companies so this would be a real investment for the future.

Last year the top 3 finishers in the BOM Main Event all took six-figure payouts. That would buy you a very nice apartment in Malta, as long as you stay away from the most expensive areas like the Marina at the Hilton where prices have already skyrocketed beyond reason.

There’s a lot of building going on in Malta at the moment so there’s a wide variety of places to choose from.

€650,000 – Become Maltese

malta citizenship sale

There are a lot people in Malta who came for a vacation and then never left. If you’re going to be one of them, why not go all the way?

After the last general election the reigning Labour Party implemented a law that basically gives everyone the chance to buy-in to Maltese citizenship.

It’s officially part of an investment program that is supposed to bring in more investors from outside the EU, but there are people who say it’s just an easy way to make money.

Oh, by the way - you’re also obliged to buy property for at least €350,000 on Malta within six months.

€1,200,000 – Rent the Kismet

kismet luxury yacht

Ok; you can’t seriously do this even if you win the BOM.

But look at it more like a long-term goal. €1.2 million won't buy you a yacht but it will get you a week on the Kismet with 12 people friends.

This boat is almost 100m long, is run by no less than 28 staff and features a winter garden deck, a multi-level swimming pool, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, Spa and Jacuzzi, and a helipad that also functions as a basketball court.


Maybe we got a little out of hand with the last couple. But still. Whatever you do with your winnings, make sure to do something that’s fun and memorable. Enjoy!


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