WSOP 2016: Six Tournaments Players Want to See at Next Year's WSOP

Published On: 12 June 2015 / Modified: 20 June 2018
Created By: Alexander Villegas
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The World Series of Poker has grown exponentially throughout the years. Not only have prize pools and the number of players increased, but there's also been a surge in the number of poker variants. 

These players offer some suggestions of their own. 

It’s hard to imagine the first handful of players that elected Johnny Moss as the first World Series of Poker Champion would've expected the WSOP to grow into what it is today.

Now spanning 68 events, the WSOP sees hundreds of thousands of players and awards hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of seven weeks.

This meteoric explosion didn’t just stop at fields and prize pools though, the types of games played at the WSOP multiplied throughout the years. The events are even coming with their own names.

Until recently, the WSOP Main Event was the only proper noun in tournament poker, now we have The Colossus, The Millionaire Maker, The Monster Stack, The Big One for One Drop, The Little One for One Drop and the Lucky 7's.

While all these variations appeal to a wide array of players, they don’t quite hit every player’s sweet spot.

These players have a few suggestions for what games the WSOP could add to next year’s schedule.

Bill Chen: The Unlimited Limiter

Bill Chen
Buy-in: $50,000
Event Details: A championship for those who know their limits. Bill Chen's proposed tournament would include every limit game in the book.
Event Favorites:
Bill Chen, Terrence Chan, Cepheus
"I'd like to see one with all the limit games," Chen said. "The H.O.R.S.E. games plus Badugi and all the draw games.
"The structure would be we'd play one hand of each game.
"If it's a flop game, we'd move the button forward and if it's a stud game we'd just play it."

Shaun Deeb: The ChaPLOW Championship

Shaun Deeb
Buy-in: $50,000
Event Details: Born from the mind of five-time SCOOP champion and WSOP bracelet winner Shaun Deeb, the $50K ChaPLOW would be a Chainsaw Pot-Limit Omaha Low event that few players would sign up for.
Pronunciation: KA-plou 
"That way it’d pretty much be me, Jason Mercier, Bryan Hastings and Daniel Weinman playing for a bracelet," Deeb said.
"The way it should be."

Bryan Hastings: The C27M PLOFOF Frenzy

Brian Hastings

Buy-in: $10,000
Event Details: While it might seem like the constantly-giggling Bryan Hastings just rattled off as many poker variants as he could in under three seconds, the $10,000 Chainsaw 2-7 Middle Pot-Limit Omaha Open Face tournament appeals to those who prioritize the gamble and the fun above all else.
Likelihood of it becoming an actual WSOP event: -0%


"Because it’s the most fun game of them all," Hastings said. "All you have to do is run good in fantasy land."

Dan O'Brien: The RazzCraft Conquest

Dan O'Brien
Buy-in: $100,000
Event Details: This hybrid of e-sports and real sports combines a round of StarCraft and a round of Razz until someone becomes the ultimate RazzCraft Conquerer.
Tournament favorite: ElkY

"[ElkY's] washed up," O'Brien said. "He's old-school. Tell him I said that."

Non-Poker Variants

Inspired by O'Brien's inclusion of a non-poker element into the tournament scene, the other players offered some non-poker variants they'd like to see included in their events.

"I guess I could be solving Putnam Math Contest problems," Bill Chen said. "I would probably be ok with that."

Hastings opted for chess, a combination that Jen Shahade has already been playing for some time. 

Shaun Deeb on the other hand had an even less strenuous variant.

"I got a shot if it's sleeping," Deeb said. "Sleeping through loud noises is what I'd add."

Dominik Nitsche: More Heads-Up NLHE and NLHE/PLO

Dominik Nitsche
Dominik Nitsche actually has two different tournaments he'd like to see added to the 2016 WSOP schedule. 
Buy-in: $3,000
Event Details: Heads-up No-Limit Hold'em
"Just a straight up $3k NLHE heads up would preform really well," Nitsche said. "I think people would really enjoy that because right now there's only a $10K heads up and this would help get more small players into the game.
"I think that would be something really cool."
Buy-in: Any
Event Details: No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha
"For my other event I'd really like to see some sort of No-Limit Hold'em Omaha mix," Nitsche said. "Those games are the most popular and people like to the play them.
"I don't know, maybe make it a six-max shootout or maybe just run it as a straight up. I think that would be the best mix in the world, No-Limit Hold'em and Omaha, people would enjoy it so much."
As for variants, Nitsche said he'll stick to poker
"I would probably be terrible at anything else," Nitsche said. "That's what happens when you just play poker for like 10 years and do nothing else.
"Keep it straight up poker, people like to play poker and none of this gimmick stuff. People enjoy it the most if they get to play the game they love, and that's poker."

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