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Watch: The Tragic Rise and Fall of World's Greatest Card Player

In a new short poker documentary, PokerListings.com tells the story of the greatest card player who ever lived, and the…

2 minutes to read
How Xuan Liu Turned Love of Strategy Games into Pro Poker Career | Video Doc

Xuan Liu always loved board games and learning strategy so it's no wonder she found a lucrative career as a…

2 minutes to read
The Week Poker Came to Europe (Video Documentary)

Padraig Parkinson and Donnacha O’Dea remember the first time American superstars like Stu Ungar, Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim, Tom McEvoy…

1 minutes to read
WSOP Main Event Heads-Up Flashback: Greg Raymer vs. David Williams

It’s late May, 2004. The WSOP has once again shattered records in the Main Event thanks to online qualifier Chris…

13 minutes to read
Wilinofsky: Winning Millions in Poker Didn't Solve Depression

At the end of 2015 poker pro Ben Wilinofsky announced his retirement from poker, despite a long and successful career…

4 minutes to read
Humble, Simple, Loveable: There's Always a Poker Game in South Wales

I had the largest kitchen table. That's why they chose my place. I had never played poker before, nor did…

9 minutes to read
The Accidental Career of Jesse May, the Voice of Late Night Poker

I was in Malta at the Unibet Open when they asked me to co-commentate alongside Roy ‘The Boy' Brindley for…

15 minutes to read
History of Late Night Poker Pt. 4: Family, Free Hotel & a Groupie

Luke Schwartz takes his seat. He isn't happy. "I was winning out there," he murmurs under his breath to nobody…

10 minutes to read
The History of Late Night Poker Pt. 3 - Devilfish in Complete Control

The Internet qualifier is George Stewart. You can always spot the Internet qualifier. It's not the hoodie, sunglasses and cans.…

17 minutes to read
The History of Late Night Poker Pt. 2: A Tree Grows in Cardiff

Joe McKeehen stares at his new, diamond-encrusted bracelet. It's huge. He will never wear it. Only Mr. T would wear…

10 minutes to read
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