Annie Duke fired on Celebrity Apprentice final

Annie Duke was fired from her job on Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night, but at least her charity walked away a winner.

Joan Rivers and Annie Duke went to battle for the final time Sunday, tasked with organizing a VIP party and silent auction fundraiser for their respective charities.

The project leaders had to organize the event, procure donations for the auction and get celebrities to attend. They also had to help promote Kodak as the sponsor of the event.

As she's done all season, Duke clearly out-fundraised Rivers in the final task, raising $465,725 for her charity, Refugees International.

Rivers managed to pull in $150,830 for God's Love We Deliver.

In all, Duke told PokerListings she raised more than $730,000 for Refugees International during Celebrity Apprentice this season.

Bad Beat for Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice

Looking back, Duke said she is going to take two things away from her experience on the show.

Annie Duke
It appeared Rivers was more convincing.

One is the friendships she formed and the reminder of how solid her friends in the poker world are.

"The second is the tremendous amount of awareness and money raised for my charity," Duke said.

But fundraising wasn't the only criteria for winning the final challenge and becoming the latest Celebrity Apprentice. The final task was judged on five criteria, of which Duke won just two.

With Rivers able to claim a win on the final task, the only thing left was for the two women to have their chance in the boardroom to defend themselves and give reasons why they would be the better apprentice.

Duke was confident she had done the better job throughout the season. She'd raised the most money and won both of the tasks where she was project manager before losing in the final.

She said she wasn't surprised when Rivers was hired and she was fired, but there were quite a few stunned TV viewers who were, claiming Trump showed favoritism or that he simply chose the person with the biggest celebrity profile.

Celebrity Apprentice may have been a bad beat for Duke, but she's already well on her way to bouncing back.

She was in Boston Monday hosting a Children's Hospital of Boston fundraiser. Next she'll be jetting back home to California for a little break before the start of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas at the end of the month.

During the WSOP, Duke also plans to continue her charitable work with the Third Annual Ante Up for Africa Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament July 2.

"Refugees International is a small charity, and the awareness for the charity from me being on Celebrity Apprentice is huge," Duke said.

"I hope it will also help my efforts with Ante Up for Africa, which Refugees International has partnered with."

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Mrs. G
2009-05-12 14:20:00

It was all about money. For Joan. Big surprise, the very next day, QVC had the Joan Rivers Celebrity Apprentice Boardroom jewelry collection up for sale. What an amazing coincidence that Joan just happened to be wearing the very necklace on the finale that turned out to be QVC’s special value. Didn’t read anything about the jewelry sales going to the charity. She may have raised 150,000 for her charity but she bragged in another article that she pulls in 4 x 37 million in jewelry sales annually. Well Joan, it was a beautiful necklace but I won’t be buying anything from you.

2009-05-12 12:19:00

i have watched (and enjoyed) joan rivers’ career for over 40 years. BUT… in just 3 weeks, i have lost ALL respect for her! now i see why johnny carson dropped her as a friend.

as for “donnie”:
i NEVER really liked him as a personality. but i thought that he at least possessed a sense of FAIR PLAY! guess i was wrong. now, i dislke him even more!

2009-05-12 08:34:00

Surprise. Surprise. Trump shows favoritism in his choice. Any unbiased viewer knows that Annie should have won. She executed lightyears ahead of Joan, who would NEVER be hired by any real company. Holy crap, talk about a pile of baggage. Trump should have fired Joan when she walked off the game. Oh well, Trump’s loss and Annie’s gain. I’m done with his show.

2009-05-12 07:14:00

I was shocked at the poor sportsmanship of Joan Rivers and her spoiled, untalented daughter. When they quit….they both should have been barred from the show. I thought the Donald always went with the person who raised the most money, but it is obvious that he went with an OLD friend, instead of the person who should have won. It is a sham and I won’t be watching that show again. I believe they have lost a lot of “credibility” and fans.

2009-05-12 06:55:00

Trump sold out this time. Last year (and all before), success was the only measure. Piers won by being cold, dominating and more productive than ALL others. So did Annie. Joan Rivers and her bitch daughter were not even 2nd place material.

The final was rigged from the start. Included the daughter (who admitted to conspiring with mom) to negate Annie winning first choice. Annie then proceeded, as always, to blow the other team completely out of the water with her efforts and donations. She collected $4 for every $1 that Joan Rivers’ team collected. Not even close.

I agree. I will not watch any more episodes of this show. Hate fixed races. I will not play or stay at any Trump facility. He can call Joan and get a bus load of those cross-dressing homosexuals to take my place.

What a bullshit production. This show and this network should be boycotted.

Thanks, Annie. You represented. Trump and Joan used a marked deck and you still won our hearts and admiration.

2009-05-12 06:07:00

I thought Mr. Big Bucks Trump was all about money. Duke beat ‘what’s her name’ at a ratio of 4 to 1. Donald you should have listened to your kids who called it right!
Your show is a sham!!!! You made ‘what’s her name’ the winner because it was politically correct. You didn’t have the guts to make an unpopular call!!

Donald, Your fired!!!!

2009-05-12 06:04:00

I have lost all respect for Donald Trump and the show “Apprentice”. He was clearly sucking up to Joan Rivers and Dennis Rodman. Annie was the winner hands down and I admire her integrity. Not once during the show did she throw anybody under the bus or was lying.

Joan Rivers and her daughter acted like a couple of spoiled kids. They have lost any and all respect I may of had for them. Way to go Annie.

2009-05-12 04:41:00

Annie is a chronic whiner, and a total “me” person – that’s why she lost. She’s not a team player, and that’s probably why she’s a great poker player. But in business? I wouldn’t work for her after what we’ve seen…

Sue Cline
2009-05-12 04:33:00

Forget Melissa, she lost. A 75 year old woman beat Annie. I love Annie, but I would gag if she said one more time “Joan offended the designer so the firm quit on us. . .blah blah blah.” It made Annie appear to be a chronic whiner, when she is actually a winner. And because the TV show lead us to believe Joan was being an appropriate manager with the designer in asking him to do his job, Annie’s chronic repitition of slamming Joan on hearsay only, without knowing the facts, made Annie appear common and vengeful in contrast to her true nature. Ditto Aly’s comment. . .that it would be neat to know what actually happened with David and Joan. . .since for me at least, it was Annie’s management of that development that got her fired.

Ken Putnam
2009-05-12 03:48:00

What a shame. Annie Duke won the game hands down. Aly (comments above) is right, who in their right mind would hire Joan Rivers and her nut case daughter to do anything. The only reason the daughter, I’ve already forgot her name, ever got to where she is has everything to do with her last name…not her looks or smarts. I never did have much time for Joan Rivers. Watching the last three episodes it is really clear to me now why that is. AND, arn’t Bob’s comments above interesting. Mr. Trump your a chump for firing Annie…she won the game.


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