Dudesons Set to Unload Positive Anarchy on Battle of Malta

The Dudesons.

When you're old, you don't want to be thinking about the things you didn't do. You want to think about the things you did you.

That's what Finnish pals The Dudesons are all about -- even if those things include dropping your balls into a mousetrap.

Maybe especially if they include dropping your balls in a mousetrap.

If you've never seen The Dudesons in America on MTV, just picture Jackass but with more endearing, less handsome, lifelong friends from the Arctic Circle. You'd enjoy it. Trust us.

As special guests at the 2013 PokerListings Battle of Malta The Dudesons are preparing to drop their own unique brand of mayhem on the tiny island and Dudeson Jukka Hilden gave us a few hints at what's in store. More on the Battle of Malta here.

PokerListings: What's the origin of The Dudesons?

Jukka Hilden: Growing up on the west coast of Finland I bumped into the other boneheads known as Jarppi, Jarno and HP while skateboarding and snowboarding.

Brothers from other mothers.

Rest is history. We've been like brothers from other mothers since elementary school.

PokerListings: You've caused havoc all over the world with your stunts. Why Malta? Why The Battle of Malta?

Jukka Hilden: Why not? We’d love to bring some Dudesons antics into poker and it's perfect timing right after we're done shooting the second set of our new show in Finland.

So it's a boy’s trip to let go and rock-and-roll a bit.

PokerListings: How you are preparing for the Battle of Malta? Putting your balls in a mousetrap doesn't count :)

Jukka Hilden: I try to keep my balls out of mousetraps but HP prepared for the trip by pissing onto an electric fence.

PokerListings: Who has the best poker game in the group?

Jukka Hilden: Each one of us only has two facial expressions. Hat on, hat off. So go figure :)

PokerListings: Fellow Finn Puma Swede is also coming to BOM. Have you ever crossed paths before?

Jarppi: Lost a thumb wrestling a bear.

Jukka Hilden: Nope but I heard that HP studied her productive output thoroughly last night.

PokerListings: Is this some kind of Finnish takeover of BOM? Will Malta ever be the same again?

Jukka Hilden: Yup. It's a strategic move from our president. Sending us to Malta as the first wave to explore what natural resources it might have.

PokerListings: What types of injuries have you guys amassed over the years?

Jukka Hilden: Oh man ... Plenty. But chicks dig scars right? Jarppi lost a thumb wrestling a bear back in the days.

PokerListings: You're trapped on a desert island with the Jackass crew, the Nitro Circus guys and the Dirty Sanchez boys. Who's left standing at the end?

Jukka Hilden: Sounds pretty gay to me :)

PokerListings: Speaking of Jackass, you appeared in Jackass 3D (as well as your own feature film The Dudesons Movie). Any movie plans for the future, you're in LA right now right?

Jukka Hilden: We produced Dudesons in America together with Knoxville and Tremaine of Jackass and did a few stunts for the movie at the same time. Great fun but seems like we're too ugly for the big screen...

PokerListings: Rank your favorite 5 stunts you've ever performed.

Jukka Hilden:

One way to make a bull angry.
  • Demolition Man -- this is where we imploded a 10-story building while Jarppi was standing on top of it. Talk about roof surfing. Didn’t end that well.
  • Walking into a bull ring on stilts. Man, the bull got angry.
  • Human dartboard - A classic stunt of the Dudesons
  • Testicles in a mousetrap - Hurts like a Moth#€%&%&er!
  • BOOM! All the explosions!

PokerListings: Who has the best chance of cashing in at BOM and what will he do with the money?

Jukka Hilden: Probably our pet pig Britney. Except he died a few years ago. So, good question.

PokerListings: What about attire? Are you guys gonna go for the shades-and-cap-poker-look or something a little more Dudesons? Not sure if the casino allows bondage gear or animal suits.

Jukka Hilden: Santa Claus might bring Christmas to town.

PokerListings: Live poker tournaments can be a pretty serious affair. How would you give BOM an extreme Dudesons makeover?

Expect this, plus Santa Claus.

Jukka Hilden: I hope we bring some Dudesons positive anarchy to BOM.

PokerListings: Any poker pros out there that would fit in with The Dudesons?

Jukka Hilden: They got way too much skill to be part of such an untalented group of goofheads :)

PokerListings: What's coming up from The Dudesons in 2013 and 2014?

Jukka Hilden: Just putting together Season 5 of our stunt show and filming the third season of Dudesons Home Invasion.

That’s our new show where we move in with an ordinary Finnish family that has a problem and we try to solve it.

You heard right... Dudesons meets Dr. Phil meets hell breaks loose.

PokerListings: What can we expect from The Dudesons at the Battle of Malta?

Jukka Hilden: That's to be seen. See you in Malta.

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