Daily 3-Bet: Matusow Heat, Shaniac Beat, Most Beautiful Chip

Mike Matusow
The Mouth back to his old self?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tap on the shoulder offering a comped suite and room service while you're in line for the afternoon poker news buffet.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike Matusow on a high-stakes heater in Vegas, Shane Schleger in the midst of a rough beat and Jean-Robert Bellande giving us a taste of the most beautiful poker chip in the world.

1) Mike Matusow on High-Stakes Heater

Not many people in poker were hit harder mentally by the Full Tilt Poker meltdown than Mike "The Mouth” Matusow.

As he put it in a candid WSOP interview with PokerListings this summer:

“I went through some mental problems and didn’t really leave my house for like six months but I’m doing well now…

“I’ve had my name smashed through the mud. God knows how much I had stolen from me by Full Tilt.”

A bit obnoxious and slightly melodramatic at times, sure, but Matusow is still a classic old school poker hero to some so it’s good to see things may be turning around for The Mouth lately.

A recent high-stakes heater at Aria is the primary reason, according to his tweets:

A turned corner for The Mouth? Only time and more tweet pics of boobs and hotel suites will tell.

2) PokerStars Pro Schleger Battling Middle Ear Disturbance

Shane Schleger
Strange daze for Schleger.

In one for the "count your blessings" file, PokerStars pro Shane Schleger has explained in a new blog post he's been suffering from a strange middle-ear disturbance for the past 15 months.

It sounds, well, truly horrible. How he describes it:

Like "that crackling, exploding sensation that hits the back of your throat" when you eat Pop Rocks "but inside your ear and with no way of swallowing."

Or like "a piece of stiff rubber lodged inside my head that just spins around in a futile attempt to escape."

Currently in Switzerland to meet with an inner-ear specialist, Schleger writes that at least poker has given him brief respite:

“The only time I get complete relief from the strange sounds and pressure in my ear is when I fall sleep (which I'm grateful to be able to do).

“During daylight hours, the best it gets for me is being able to forget about the problem for some amount of time.

“Luckily, I guess, it seems that playing poker helps provide the distraction necessary to create those burden-free moments, but those moments last minutes, not hours.”

3) The Most Beautiful Poker Chip in the World?

Aria $100k Chip.

As we shared yesterday, we’re a big fan of poker plaques and pictures of big stacks of said plaques.

They're pretty James Bond-ish, have a cool feel and seem like a step up in class from bundles of cash or standard poker chips, whatever the denomination.

Our suggestion that Sam Trickett’s $1.2 million plaque stack was the sickest poker photo of all time, however, met with some serious skepticism.

And fair enough. Dan Bilzerian’s pic of a full rack of Aria $100k chips was a frontrunner for sickest pic ever, and we'd have to agree.

Circa $9 million on the table at any one time is pretty tough to beat, even if it is in ho-hum chip form.

Jean-Robert Bellande, a regular at the Aria game, seems to agree about the beauty of the Aria $100k chip at least.

He snapped this photo yesterday of just one chip, but it does still look pretty good.

We'll give it to you. It's pretty.

But we're still gonna try and find a plaque pic that beats it. Stay tuned.

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DeepRabbit 2012-08-16 10:08:23

Jesus, is it just me or does that broad in the middle look freakishly giant?

Buck 2012-08-16 02:51:15

I wonder how much Matusow's "friends" cost him... with no full tilt money to buy those women who wouldn't have a mental breakdown

Hank 2012-08-15 18:42:47

True, it does look somewhat pedestrian for something worth $100,000. Seems pretty easy to lose as well. I'd prefer the plaque because it would feel like something equivalent to $100k. Plus, the James Bond factor.


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