Daily 3-Bet: Ivey "Broke," Swapping 101, Poker's Deadly Sins

Phil Ivey
We don't believe it either, Phil.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a golden ticket, a private tour and a great glass elevator straight to a lifetime supply of afternoon poker news confectionary.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a bold claim about Phil Ivey's financial well-being from the notorious Dan Bilzerian, get a rudimentary lesson in swapping, staking and selling shares from three of poker's best and dig into poker's darkside with Lee Davy.

1) Bilzerian: "Phil Ivey Just Went Broke"

Not necessarily the most trusted source.

Fair warning off the top: there's no confirmation of this at all; we're merely passing along the quote. Also, as mentioned yesterday, the world according to millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian might not be exactly as it seems.

That being said... in a wild new interview posted today on CardPlayer.com the legend of the Notorious B.I.L.Z. grew again with some incredible stories and the above-mentioned comment regarding Phil Ivey's financial status.

The direct quote, in fact, included Tom "durrrr" Dwan on the busto list as well:

"If you look at Tom Dwan, he went broke; Phil Ivey just went broke. All these really talented guys who made a bunch of money end up pissing it all away. There is not a long list of professional poker players who don’t go broke. It’s crazy."

As always, take it with a heavy grain of salt. But the interview is fascinating with several insane poker stories including playing with a guy who would only bet in increments of cars or planes.

Ivey, for his part, has responded to the claim but he did however post a cryptic tweet on Monday that referred to a "second wind" of some sort.

See what you make of it below:

2) Haxton, Selbst, Williams Share Swapping Tips

In more confirmable news the ongoing PCA in the Bahamas is certifiably full of PokerStars pros sharing their insights daily in a variety of Q&As with lucky attendees.

Today's agenda brought in no less than David Williams, Isaac Haxton and third-place finisher in the $100k Super High Roller Vanessa Selbst to share their expert understanding of staking, selling shares and swapping in tournaments.

If you're new to the game and it's something that's confused you, plenty of great advice was to be had including:

Vanessa Selbst
Unsurprisingly, Selbst makes smart swaps.
  • Make sure anyone you back has a minimum 20-25% of themselves to ensure they're mentally invested in the tournament.
  • Don't invest in people who you suspect isn't serious/suffers from emotional swings.
  • Consider staking as a bet weighing in markup vs. expected return
  • Mark up is additional cost based on skill eg 1.1 mark up means $110 to buy $100 of someone's action.
  • Most staking and swapping is verbal so make sure it's with someone you really trust.

Video of the Q&A will show up on PokerStars.tv at some point but check the crib notes here.

3) Poker is a Metaphorical Augustus Gloop

Augustus Gloop

Ten years into the poker boom where does poker sit as an industry? In the grand landscape of professional sports? Will it ever be on par in mainstream acceptance with the PGA? Professional tennis? The PBA even?

Has it peaked? Is boom #2 coming in Asia? Have we become too big for our britches? Has ego, entitlement and outright rudeness driven away the recreational player for good? Are all the biggest names and insatiable action hounds bound for bustodom?

We couldn't possibly answer all of those questions so we tasked contributor Lee Davy with a poker state of the union address, so to speak, assessing the sins holding it back from the next level of mainstream respect and popularity.

We know it's a futile question, really, but we like where he went with it. Read and comment on the full piece here. We recommend brushing up on your Willy Wonka first, though.

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Ashley Adams 2014-01-18 23:10:34

I don't like the spreading of rumors in the poker world, even if, as yours is, there's a disclaimer or qualifier attached to what is being reported. It's just too damn easy for anyone to make up anything about anyone else -- especially in our poker world.

Here's a rule that I wish you would follow. If you know something, report it. If you don't know it, because you only heard some rumor that you can't verify, then don't report it. Phil Ivey saying "I'm broke" is news. Someone else saying "Phil's broke" is not news.

cap60 2014-01-10 12:48:33


agreed who wouldn't back him at any stakes

Steven 2014-01-10 03:20:57

Even if Ivey went broke, it's just so easy for him to come back.


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