Daily 3-Bet: Ilari Milly, Trickett Peak, Capturing Ungar

Sam Trickett
Trickett: Even his sports bets coming through.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find wild Finn Ilari Sahamies on another $1 million upswing, Brit Sam Trickett continuing his epic heater and Stu Ungar's 1997 World Series Main Event win broken down like never before.

1) Ilari Sahamies Up $1 Million This Week ... Now Almost Even

ilari sahamies IN LIKE FINN
He's up and he's down, he's hot and he's cold. He's Ilari!

Ilari Sahamies' wild ride through the online poker world continued over the last couple of days as the Finnish poker icon went on another classic tear through the high-stakes tables.

According to HighStakesdb, Sahamies has dragged in over $1 million since Monday at the $200/$400 PLO tables on PokerStars.

Up $182k on Monday, $662k on Tuesday and another $187k yesterday, Sahamies' total profit is a fairly stunning $1,030,543.

Only downside, of course, is Sahamies was down about $1.4 million for the year to begin with, keeping him still about $400k in the red.

The swings are pretty standard fare for Sahamies though as he's been down a million, well, frequently.

A word to the wise though: Sahamies also started 2011 down close to a million but ended the year up over $2 million and the biggest winner on PokerStars.

He also came this close to winning this year's EPT Barcelona before finishing second for €629,700.

2) Trickett Takes Another $250k, "Peaking His Nut Off"

Outside of being jumped, good year for Trickett.

UK Golden Boy Sam Trickett has had a well-documented heater going for the last couple of years.

Three seven-figure scores in 2011. A Partouche Main Event win. Second-place in the $1m Big One for One Drop this summer for $10 million.

A bunch of British Poker Awards. Pretty standard "living the dream" fare, really. Oh, he also bought a new Ferrari 458 Spider.

He did get beat up by six guys in Vegas, so there's that. But, all in all, pretty solid life even if the car makes him feel douchy at times.

As if things weren't going well enough, he popped online for a few hands yesterday under his alias "tr1cky7" on PokerStars and pocketed another $250k at the PLO tables.

As he put it on Twitter, things are going well (we'll assume this is about poker):

3) Breaking Down Stu Ungar's 1997 WSOP Main Event Win

Stu Ungar2
Behind the Ungar curtain.

If you're in to awesome, semi-nerdy, stats-driven poker analysis of decade-old poker tournaments, have we got something for you.

Thanks to the recent posting of hand-for-hand play at the 1995-2000 WSOP Main Event final tables, poker fans have had an an unprecendented look at some old(er)-school WSOP play.

Taking it one step further, Leggo Poker coach Clayton Newman applied the HUD treatment to Stu Ungar's complete 1997 win along with intensive hand-for-hand analysis.

Why would he go to that kind of trouble, you ask?

"I was always under the impression that poker suffers a little bit when it comes to objectively analyzing the play of past champions ..." Newman writes.

"This transparency seemed lacking when it came to historically reviewing the WSOP. Before Moneymaker, the WSOP was typically shown in the form of a documentary, and the only hands that made it to airwaves were the biggest pots."

"An overwhelming number of these hands were obvious cooler situations that didn't highlight a player's skill. The only way I could accurately gauge the NLHE talents of someone like Stu Ungar would be the words of his peers. That was until yesterday ..."

If you were one of the ones who asked why, this might not be for you.

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Ike2012 2012-10-26 16:19:36

Hilary Fin is a complete degenerate.
How he gets media coverage is beyond me, yes hes up by how ever much this week.If you watch his games-he isnt up by outplaying people.He abuses them in chatbox into flipping for 50k.(just watched him do it to Jeans) if they dont he refuses to play them again. Stop giving him attention in reports,the kid cant play hes a gambler hoping for best.


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