Courtney Gee: More Volume and Higher Stakes in 2013

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Created By: Courtney Gee
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Courtney Gee

The theme of 2012 was definitely “did not play enough”. I did a rough calculation of the hours I played last year and it probably averages to 15 hours per week at the most, which is pretty sad.

The main problem I had in 2012 was not knowing which game to play. I spent the first part of the year trying to play mainly 6-max turbo SnGs, but those games got really tough.

I wanted to play an average buy-in of ~$220, but I ended up dropping down to an ABI of around $120 before I stopped playing. I just wasn’t +EV enough (if at all) with the number of regs that were in each game, so I had to stop playing.

I barely played any hours at all in the summer, pretty much taking two to three months off. I’d go to my computer, see the games were bad as usual, wait a few hours to see if they got better, then take the rest of the day off.

Some days I played 18-man SnGs, but I didn’t really enjoy playing those. I even played some PLO cash, but that didn’t last long.

I started playing HU hypers at the end of August, and I really think it revitalized my poker career. I had dreaded playing poker every day in the spring and the summer; it was a lot of waiting around, it was boring, and my expectation wasn’t that good.

Courtney Gee 1
Courtney plans to play roughly 40 weeks of poker in 2013.

But now that I’m playing HU, I feel motivated to play almost every day. I also feel more motivated to get in hours.

My lack of income last year caused my savings and bankroll to suffer slightly, unfortunately. In 2012 I ended up spending around $20k more than I made playing poker.

I had a lot of things to pay for, so it certainly wasn’t a good year to take so much time off. The one positive is that I made the same amount of money last year as I did in 2011 except I played fewer hours, so at least my hourly went up.

New Resolutions for a New Poker Year

Most people are optimistic when starting a new year, and I am no exception. I made only a small profit playing HU hypers last year, but I improved quite a bit as a player. As long as I keep working on my game and putting in hours, I think this year will be a lot better.

Once again, my main goal for 2013 is to put in a suitable number of hours (which I clearly failed at doing in 2012). I’ll be aiming for 30 hours of playing a week and then a few extra hours per week for review.

Realistically, I’ll probably end up taking around three full months off poker, so I’m planning to play around 40 weeks.

Other than my goal for hours, my only other goal for this year is to move up to $500 hypers at some point. I’m not sure how long this will take me, but I suspect it might be a while. The reg battles can get pretty fierce at the $500 buy-in level, so I will need to increase my bankroll quite a bit if I want to move up and stay up. I definitely don’t expect to accomplish this during the first half of the year.

So that summarizes my 2012 and outlines my two goals for 2013. What are your poker goals for the New Year? Leave a comment and let me know.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks with an update on how hypers are going for the start of 2013. If you are interested in reading post session updates, please follow my other blog as I try to update every day I play. Until next time, good luck at the tables!


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