Chartier in Final 56, Trickett Falls Short on EPT Malta Day 3

Sam Chartier
Sam Chartier

Spain’s Javier Gomez ran away with the chip lead while a collection of the bigger names remaining hit the rail on Day 3 of EPT Malta today.

Gomez, who only has $25,000 in lifetime live tournament earnings, amassed 1.69 million chips, which is over 300,000 more than his closest competitor, Valentin Messina.

Messina finished with 1.3 million. 

Sam Chartier, one of the chip leaders to start the day, didn’t quite keep pace but finished with a very respectable 536,000 chips.

After starting with 186 players it didn’t take long to reach the money bubble at 127 and that’s when the bustouts really cranked into overdrive.

Trickett Implodes at EPT Malta

Sam Trickett

Connor Drinan, Dan Smith, Jonathan Duhamel, Griffin Benger and Benny Spindler were among the many big names who made it into the money but then busted.

Sam Trickett was one of the chip leaders heading into Day 3 but had a miserable day and found himself on the rail shortly after making it into the money.

Trickett nearly hit 700,000 in the early stages of the day but instead lost a massive pot with ace-king to an opponent’s pocket kings.

From there it was just a series of miscues before he finally busted with 7-7 to Q-Q. A brutally honest Trickett later Tweeted, “Well I really fked that up!”.

On the other hand some of the notable survivors who will see the light of Day 4 include Noah Vaillancourt (629k), Fedor Holz (422,00), Ignat “0Human0” Liviu (312,000), JC Alvarado (274,00) and Yann Dion (266,000).

Action resumes at noon tomorrow at the Hilton in Portomaso, Malta. Watch the live stream on right here.

One Orbit, One Champion - Fedor Holz

Fedor Holz2
Not bad for one orbit.

Today we spent one orbit with WCOOP champion Fedor “crownupguy” Holz. He started with 440k chips while the blinds where 3k/6k and a 1k ante. He took us for a small ride:

Hand 1) UTG: Fedor folds (-1k)

Hand 2) BB: Fedor folds to an UTG open (-7k)

Hand 3) SB: Again Fedor folds (-4k)

Hand 4) Button: The player in the cut-off opens to 14k and Fedor calls from the button. The Q T 6 J 9 board is checked through by both players. Showdown: The cut-off shows K J for a rivered straight. Good, but not good enough as Fedor tables 5 5 for a rivered flush with a tiny pair. (+30k)

Hand 5) Cut-Off: Fedor opens to 14k, the small blind raises to 36k and Fedor calls.

Flop: T 6 3. The small blind bets 34k, Fedor calls. Turn: J

The small blinds bets again, this time 57k, and again Fedor calls. River: 9

Now the player in the small blind slows down and checks. Fedor checks as well.

Showdown: Fedor tables A T and the small blind mucks without showing his hand. Holz wins 140k chips in this hand.

Hand 6) From the hijack Fedor opens to 14k and the big blind calls.

Flop: 7 5 4 - both players check. Turn: 5

After the big blind checks Fedor bets 14k. Now the big blind wakes up and replies with a raise to 37k. After some deliberation Fedor calls. River: 9

The player in the big blinds moves all-in without hesitation and Holz seems to have a hard time putting his opponent on a hand. The all-in is worth 109k chips and after several minutes another player on the table calls the clock. After some more time passes Fedor finally releases his hand and exclaims he just threw away aces. His opponent does not show. Fedor lost 51k chips in this hand.

Hand 7) Fedor folds from middle position (-1k)

Hand 8) Fedor folds from UTG+1 (-1k)

Overall result: Three hands played, two hands won and 105k chips gained. Not too bad for one orbit.

Decision of the Day

Tournament situation: A new hand is dealt and the chip ante is 400. After collecting the antes the dealer discovers that there is a 5k chip among all the 100 chips.

Extra antes for everybody.

Unfortunately, none of the players is aware who put in the 5k chip. The floorman is called.

Floorman Luca decided to split the 5k chip into portions of 100s and then put one extra ante of 400 into the pot over the following 12 hands.

“The reason here is that as it’s impossible to give the chip back to the correct player. We are adding free chips to the pot, but only the amount of one ante, so the incentive isn’t high enough for the players to steal the pot more often.

"The funny thing is that when we had about a thousand chips left the table broke. Then we just split up the rest and handed it over to the players.”

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