New Goal: $1m in Winnings, WSOP Player of Series

Published On: 5 June 2009 / Modified: 21 June 2018
Created By: Jason Mercier
Jason Mercier

When I was planning out my schedule for the WSOP, I basically only had two goals for the series. I wanted to have a profitable series (make money), and I wanted to win a bracelet. After my win in Event 5, 1500 PLO, I have already accomplished both of these.

I guess I should set a few new goals, maybe set my sights on WSOP player of the series, a 2nd bracelet, or maybe a million in winnings.

I made day 2 for the 4th straight time yesterday in the 2k NL Event 11. I finished the day with 67,000 in chips with average stack being 40k. Around 240 players left and 171 get paid. We restart at 2 pm today.

What do I say to those that bitch at me about how I'm just running good?

Well, I just smile and laugh. I know I have been and still am running good, but I also believe that a good portion of my success is due to how I play the game and my mindset and a lot of other factors.

The final table of the PLO event was an interesting and pretty fun final table.

It started off playing fairly tight with not too many big pots. And then the chips started flying. I got fairly short losing like 40% of my chips, and was in 7th of 8.

I thought about my WSOPE collapse at the final table of the PLO event where I was 2nd in chips and finished in 8th. I did not want to go out in 8th again.

Steve Burkholder took out An Tran in 8th place to take the chip lead, and I felt a little relief. After someone busted in 7th, I went on a mega-heater winning probably 12 of 15 hands busting guys and running my stack from 400k to 1.6 million and taking an overwhelming chip lead 3 handed.

New Goal: WSOP Player of the Year

I was very relieved when Matt Giannetti busted in 4th place, as he was the player I most feared, and probably the only player I really feared at the final table. He is a very, very good PLO player, and I respect his game a lot.

When we got three-handed, the other two guys clashed and got it all in with Steve slightly covering Kevin and holding the best hand. Steve's top set held up and then we were heads up.

Jason Mercier

He had a slight chip lead, 2 million to my 1.65 mill. He won the first few pots getting me down to 1.2 million and I was staring at a 2-1 disadvantage.

I reminded myself that Steve probably did not have much heads up PLO experience and that I was going to need to outplay him in some spots if I wanted to make a comeback.

I went on a tear heads up winning around 80% of hands to take over the chip lead and eventually have him outchipped 2.65 million to his one milli.

On the final hand of the tournament, I limped the button, he potted OOP and I flatted with QJ82. The flop came J-J-6 and all the money went in. I was behind vs. his AAJ7 but had 9 outs with 2 chances to bink em!

As usual they give it to me right on the turn with a nice little Q of diamonds putting me in the lead and giving Steve only 2 outs with his Aces. Luckily the river was a King and the money, the title, and the bracelet were all mine!

Want to give a shoutout to all my family, friends, and fans who were either there watching, at home keeping up with updates, or have just told me congratulations. I appreciate all the support I get from all of you. I could not do it without you guys.

Thank you!

Time to go BACK to BACK! GL me in 2k

-- Jason


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Sean Lind 2009-06-05 23:37:00

Mad props Jason. Make a run at the player of the series title, you're off to one hell of a start.


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