Twitch Poker Spotlight: Tourney Crushing, Allen-Loving Rupert Elder

Published On: 25 March 2016 / Modified: 10 April 2018
Created By: Arthur Crowson
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The revolution is in full swing.

Across the board gamers, artist and of course poker players are using the medium to educate or entertain the masses in their particular niche.

There are plenty of streams that don't get as much publicity as we're looking to change that with an ongoing spotlight on underrated Twitch streamers.

We’re going to start with the U.K. pro Rupert Elder.

Elder likely needs no introduction to the hard-core poker fan as he’s accumulated nearly $2m in lifetime live tournament earnings including a massive $1.3 million score for winning the 2011 EPT San Remo Main Event. He even played PokerListings' own Battle of Malta!

He streams a ton of tournaments on 888poker puts together an entertaining stream without being in your face about it.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out a quick Q & A we did with Elder this week:

Rupert Elder
Rupert Elder When did you start streaming on Twitch?

Rupert Elder: I originally started in January 2015 just streaming small stakes cash games with not much success.

After taking a break from streaming, I got bored one Sunday in July 2015 one tabling the Sunday Challenge on 888 and decided to fire it up again. I ended up winning that tournament with 500 viewers watching and got hooked. I've streamed every poker session since then.

PL: Do you stream anything other than poker?

Occasionally I'll stream Prismata, which is a free heads-up strategy game with no luck (sometimes need a break from those nasty river cards) and none of that pay-to-win nonsense which is so common, especially with mobile apps these days.

I also play Counter Strike Global Offensive on occasion but if I streamed both those games every time I played, the stream would never die!

PL: What days/times do you usually stream?

Typically I stream Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - however I'm studying for an exam - CFA Level 2 currently, so I'm taking Tuesdays off to study.

PL: What makes your Twitch stream watchable/unique?

Rupert Elder
Who's knocking?

My stream’s not particularly unique, I stream small-high stakes poker tournaments and occasionally talk about what I'm thinking. People watch my stream for many reasons.

I'm pretty chilled out rather than constantly talking etc. Lots of people like my music choice, others hate it. A lot seem to think I'm good at poker (haha) and can learn something. I'm good at interacting with the chat and pretty much respond to every comment in someway or another.

PL: What’s your most memorable moment on stream?

I had the biggest ever cash on Twitch when I won a tournament for $125k. That was pretty damn memorable. 

One of the moments I found the funniest was when someone linked me to an image that played a knocking sound and I thought someone was knocking on my walls.

There was one pretty chilled day where I didn't have a ton of viewers or deep runs and one of my viewers started roasting me with "Rupert is the kind of guy who..." and it basically ended up with everyone contributing and I found it hilarious.

PL: Softest tournament/spot you play? Favorite event to play?

I've had some ridiculous success on 888. I've won the Monsoon three times on stream -- which is a daily tournament -- it's a nice money earner that one. I don't especially look forward to huge Sundays or anything as much as other regs, I prefer to grind out smaller stakes and print money than have big losing days on the regular.

PL: Guiltiest music pleasure?

Probably Lily Allen or Sixpence None the Richer. Also have a penchant for The Beautiful South. One of my regular viewers always requests Barenaked Ladies too who I'm a fan of.

Rupert elder big twitch score
Rupert Elder's biggest score on Twitch.

PL: If not you, what other poker streamer would you suggest watching?

Lately, I've been exclusively watching Tonka. He's entertaining and always has deep runs because he's a sick player.

I don't watch a ton of poker on Twitch, I prefer to watch Prismata or CS:GO where I just watch and don't really chat.

PL: Do you ever worry about revealing too much information about your game?

Initially I did but I've stopped caring really. It definitely affects it a bit at final tables when opponents see how I'm playing - I played the heads up WCOOP on stream last year after my viewers goaded me into it and the guy I played absolutely destroyed me, partly because he was watching (but mostly because he was way better than me).

PL: Any shoutouts to your favorite subscribers?

Gotta give a shoutout to Cupraaa who I play CS:GO with almost daily, CHANi1337 for being a terrible troll and huge degenerate, Audorin and tubbs0r are almost always the first to be watching, NBK for being a legend and GL to him in the majors! LET'S GO nV!!

You can check out Elder's channel at


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