Top 10 Most Entertaining Poker Clips of the Last 10 Years

Published On: 10 December 2009 / Modified: 27 June 2018
Created By: Arthur Crowson

Poker can be pretty dull. There are times when you don’t get good cards, your opponents are nittier than Chris Ferguson and you’ve long since killed your iPod battery.

On the bright side there are brief moments of sheer excitement and sometimes there are cameras around to capture them.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best poker clips over the last decade with some sick hands, terrible reads and explosive blow-ups.

10 Best Poker Clips Ever

#10 - Phillips Coolers the S***t Out of Mabuchi

Set-ups happen all the time but it’s not every day the ESPN cameras are there to capture it.

In the 2008 WSOP Main Event, Motoyuki Mabuchi flopped a set of aces and improved to quad aces on the river. The only problem? Tank-top wearing Justin Phillips made a royal flush.

“There’s nothing more ultimate than that,” said a stunned Ray Romano, who had just sat down at the table.

#9 - Jeff Lisandro: I'll Take Your Head Off!

It’s not often that one poker player threatens to decapitate another poker player. But that’s exactly what happened on Day 6 of the 2006 WSOP Main Event when Prahlad Friedman accused Jeff Lisandro of not paying his ante.

Friedman ended up being wrong, but it was still one of the most heated discussions in the last 10 years of the Main Event.

#8 - Jennifer Tilly Gives Patrik Antonius a World of Respect

Patrik Antonius is a player to fear on the felt, but Jennifer Tilly took it to another level on Poker After Dark when she checked a full house, fearing the Finnish sensation had quad kings.

The facial expressions definitely make this video.

#7 - Prahlad Friedman’s Poker is Fun

Want to see the best/worst poker rap in the history of poker? Click below.

Or maybe not. Perhaps you should practice avoidance.

#6 - Tom Dwan durrrr’s Howard Lederer with 8-6

Durrrr fanboys around the world swooned when their hero pulled one over on Full Tilt head honcho Howard Lederer with a paltry 8-6.

Less than a year later Dwan was made a full member of Team Full Tilt. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

#5 - Phil Hellmuth Blows Up on Poker After Dark

The internet is littered with videos of great Phil Hellmuth blow-ups but this one is our favorite.

The clip is great because virtually every player at the table including Gus Hansen, Steve Zolotow and Shawn Sheikhan are making fun of Hellmuth and they aren’t even in the hand.

At one point Hellmuth gestures to producer Mori Eskandani and tells him he’s not going to play anymore. It’s like the bratty kid tattling on his friends.

#4 - One Crazy Poker Hand

OK, so one player has KK, one has QQ, one has AA, one has 77, one has 55 and the player with pocket kings folds only to have a king drop on the flop?


#3 - Jack Ury Slow Rolls

Slow rolling is bad and should never be condoned but when a 96-year-old does it, for some reason it’s hilarious. If you’ve seen the video below you know what we mean.

#2 - Daniel Negreanu's Full House Cracked by Quads

Daniel Negreanu’s bad luck on High Stakes Poker is legendary and perhaps the best example is when Negreanu made a full house against Gus Hansen only to have the Great Dane crack it with quad fives.

It’s pretty much been all downhill from there but for some reason Negreanu keeps coming back for more.

#1 - Tony G Tells Ralph Perry “On Your Bike”

Tony G epitomized every annoying, grating, trash-talking poker player you’ve ever played with when he took Ralph Perry to task over this hand in the International Poker Championship.

In one hand Tony G coined three new poker phrases including: “Bring more Russians," “Feel my powah!” and the always memorable, “On your bike.”


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Armanarora 2009-12-14 13:59:59

Tony s a good nice Entertainment.

Sweetcheese 2009-12-11 22:09:54

Tony G is a god !! Great Entertainment.

RagingAZN 2009-12-11 11:07:20

"Just muck your hand, idiot."

rich crenshaw 2009-12-11 08:03:39

I am always surprised at how happy Tony G is with "tricking" his opponent into calling in a 60/40 spot.

I mean you're barely a favorite. How are you so pleased?

Cal Shipken Jr. 2009-12-11 01:27:45

I wanna motorboat J-Tilly



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