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Marvel Poker Super Heroes: 10 Poker Heroes Unmasked at the Table

2 December 2014, Created By:
Posted in: The Guest Blog , Poker Comedy
Marvel Poker Super Heroes: 10 Poker Heroes Unmasked at the Table
After watching some of the game's best players ply their craft for over a decade, we're still surprised by how often were awed by something we see at the tables. An amazing soul read. A fearless hero call with 10 high. An impossible fold at the most essential moment. What the best of the best in poker can do seems, at times, to be superhuman. Which is why PokerListings Italy's Francesco Esposito began to notice a few similarities between some of Marvel's most famous superheroes and the players we get to watch at the felt. Read on as he reveals the hidden identities of 10 superheroes of poker. As you might notice, there are a few villains in the mix. Think we've missed someone? Let us know in the comments.

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