Poker Strategy Snapshot: Dwan Derails the luckexpress10

Published On: 6 January 2009 / Modified: 21 June 2018
Created By: Daniel Skolovy
tom dwan 14404

Tom "durrrr" Dwan starts the new year off with a bang and shows us why he was one of the top money earners of 2008, with this $67,597 pot at luckexpress10's expense.

durrrrr will be looking to repeat his successes of last year with another sick run at the highest-stakes tables available.

He wastes no time in getting the year started off on the right foot, and takes an amateur to school in this edition of the snapshot.


Tom "durrrrr" Dwan: $33,799

luckexpress10: $46,199

Game: $200/$400 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em, Full Tilt Poker

Dwan Ships It on LuckExpress

The hand starts out with luckexpress10 raising to $1,200 from the button/small blind. durrrr reraises from out of position to $3,600, and luckexpress10 makes the call.

The flop comes T Q 3 and durrrr bets $4,800. luckexpress10 makes the call and they see a Q turn.

durrrr ships all-in for $25,399 and luckexpress10 tanks before eventually making the call. When the dust settles, durrrr shows the K Q for trips and has luckexpress10 drawing dead with the K T.

The meaningless 8 falls on the river and durrrr is shipped the $67,597 pot.

The Breakdown

The action kicks off with luckexpress10 making an easy raise to $1,200 from the button with two broadway cards. Heads-up and on the button the K T is more than enough for a raise.

Durrrr, never one to shy away from a little aggression, repops to $3,600 with the K Q.

Tom Dwan

Two huge suited broadways play very well, even from out of position, and durrrr knows his opponent is capable of calling pre-flop with worse.

luckexpress10 can and does call with worse, choosing to see a flop in position with his K-T.

When the flop comes T Q 3, durrrr flops top pair, good kicker and makes a two-thirds pot-sized bet of $4,800 into $7,200.

His top pair is pretty much always the best hand in this spot and is betting to extract value from a weaker pair of queens or any ten.

luckexpress10 makes the call with second pair. Against a player like durrrr you are never sure where you stand in the hand - he could have the nuts, or he could have total air. His range is always balanced and his opponents are left guessing.

luckexpress10 makes the reasonable guess that his tens are good here, and makes the call.

The turn drops the Q and durrrr overbet-ships his last $25,398 into the $16,800 pot. He does this with his three of a kind because once his opponent calls the flop it is very likely that he has a piece of the board.

When the board pairs the queen it means durrrr is less likely to have the queen.

If luckexpress10 called the flop thinking his ten was good, he will almost certainly call again on the turn, now that he feels durrrr is less likely to have the queen.

durrrr recognizes this and shovels it all-in. luckexpress10 is in a tough spot. He called the flop, believing that his tens were likely best and the turn brings a card that seemingly improves his hand.

Since he called the flop thinking his hand may be best and he knows that durrrr is capable of betting all his chips on a bluff, he decides to look him up with his second pair, good kicker.

This time he is wrong: durrrr does have the queen, and finds himself drawing very dead.

The fact that durrrr can show up with anything at any time makes him extremely difficult to play against, and if luckexpress10 were to make this call in a similar situation another time he may very well find himself with the best hand.

Unfortunately, he may not get another chance, and for now, durrrr has shown everyone once again why he is one of the toughest opponents to play against.


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