Strategy Snapshot: Déjà vu All Over Again

Published On: 23 September 2008 / Modified: 29 June 2018
Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Tom Dwan

Same table, same mind-boggling stakes and same old story in this edition of the snapshot - rich whale patatino gets harpooned by an online icon for another $475k pot.


Seat 1: Isaac "luvtheWNBA" Haxton ($141,279.50)
Seat 2: Hac "trex313" Dang ($200,000)
Seat 4: Andrew "good2cu" Robl ($64,991)
Seat 5: patatino ($237,242)
Seat 6: Tom "durrrr" Dwan ($246,784)

The button is in seat #2

Game: $500/$1,000 Hold'em cash games this year, according to our MarketPulse tracking software, and today's hand brings you another example of where the money's been going - into the bankroll of one Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

Dwan Harpoons patatino Again

The hand begins with durrrr raising from under the gun to $3,000. Everyone folds to patatino who calls from in the big blind.

The flop comes down 4 K 6 and durrrr continuation bets $5,400. patatino check-raises to $22,700 and durrrr tanks before eventually flat-calling.

Tom Dwan
Durrrr: Loves the 7-3s.

The turn comes the 5 and patatino checks again. durrrr bets $43,600 and patatino elects to just flat-call.

The river is the 2 and patatino checks. durrrr bets $177,484 all-in and patatino calls off his last $167,942.

durrrr shows 7 3 for the turned straight and patatino mucks.

The Breakdown

The hand starts out with durrrr raising from under the gun to $3,000 with 7 3. Definitely not a standard move by any means. I mean a suited four-gap from early position?

Anyway, he is durrrr, and he is not to be questioned. Maybe he figured he would end up heads-up with patatino a high percentage of the time, or maybe he just likes 7-3s#. Either way, he raises it up and everyone else gets out of his way.

patatino makes the call in the big blind with an unknown hand. patatino plays a pretty loose game and can be calling very wide here for only $2,000 more.

The flop comes 4 K 6 and patatino checks over to durrrr. durrrr hits a great flop with a gut-shot and a flush draw.

This is a great hand heads-up, and is so strong it would be a coin flip even if it were up against AA. This, combined with the fact that he raised pre-flop, makes for an easy continuation bet of $5,400.

patatino now check-raises to $22,700. This is a sign of a real hand - probably at least a pair of kings.

durrrr flat-calls. Against a different player, durrrr would almost surely have three-bet with this robust draw. However, since patatino is the fish in the game, durrrr correctly realizes that he likely does not have the fold equity that would make another raise profitable.

So instead, he chooses to flat-call. The turn is the 5 and patatino checks again. patatino likely has a pair of kings, and since durrrr called his check-raise he has switched into check-call mode.

The turn hits durrrr's hand in the best way possible. When you have a combo draw it's almost always better to hit the straight rather than the flush. That's because flushes are always out there in everyone's face, whereas straights are often harder to see.

Especially when the straight is made with 3 7. durrrr bets $43,600. This bet is for pure value - with a straight here, he is miles ahead of patatino's range. He bets an amount that he thinks his opponent will call.

patatino does make the call. Again, he probably has a pair of kings here. Anything more, and he would have check-raised again on the turn.

The river comes 2. patatino checks and durrrr shoves all-in for $177,484. patatino tanks and lets his time run almost all the way down before making the call.

When durrrr shows the 7 3, patatino mucks. The straight is good for the $474,984 pot and also the title of "sickest hand to bust patatino with."

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