2009 WSOP November Nine Profile: Phil Ivey

Published On: 2 November 2009 / Modified: 27 June 2018
Created By: PokerListings.com
Phil Ivey

The 2009 WSOP Main Event final table is less than a week away and before we do the deed we wanted to get you in the mood with a fresh series of profiles. The first choice was obvious: Phil Ivey.

Unlike the vast majority of the poker world Phil Ivey didn't have to make the November Nine to get a spot in the limelight. The limelight follows Ivey wherever he goes.

Entering the final table seventh in chips with 9.765 million he's got his work cut out for him.

Phil Ivey: Mythical Figure in Poker

Ivey is a mythical figure that walks among us. Even before this year's World Series of Poker, he was regarded by most as the best all-around player in the game. 

He crushes online. He crushes live. He treats tournaments, cash games, prop bets and high stakes pit games as his personal ATM.

Phil Ivey cash

His wealth is immense. In addition to the money he makes playing poker and gambling he owns a chunk of a little company called Full Tilt Poker.

Since making the November Nine Ivey has had no real tournament results to speak of, but that doesn't mean he's not making money playing poker.

Our best estimate puts Ivey up over $1.6 million on Full Tilt in the last 30 days alone.

Ivey is a machine. Consider this, within a few hours of making the Main Event final table he was in Bobby's room at Bellagio buying into the big game.

Phil Ivey also stands to make a lot more by winning the Main Event than any of his fellow November Niners.

  • $8.5 million in Main Event prize money
  • $2 million from Andy Bloch (Ivey bet Bloch $20k at 99 to 1 when there were 2,400 players left)
  • A rumored bonus from Full Tilt Poker
  • God (and Ivey) knows how much more in other side bets

Right now there are only two people who have made more in tournament poker than Phil Ivey: Daniel Negreanu and Jamie Gold. If Ivey finishes fourth or better at this final table he will overtake them both.

In addition to the cash, this win will cement him as the all-time greatest player to ever pick up a deck of cards, hands down.

He's got seven WSOP bracelets, two of which he snagged this year before making the November Nine. He's got over $10 million in career tournament wins. He once won $16 million in a single session of heads-up poker against Andy Beal.

He is Phil Ivey and he will win the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

For all the Ivey info you can handle check out his profile here on PokerListings.com. To follow all the final table action live tune in to our Live WSOP Coverage page November 7th.

Here's a video we shot the day after the final table was set. We were one of the only sources with enough pull to get Ivey to stand still long enough to do a video interview that day.


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Matt Showell 2009-11-04 09:24:00

What you say is certainly true but a guy like Phil Ivey's still going to be driven by competition, as well as the money.

Even though Ivey's got a lot of money, a number like $8.5 million is still going to provide a lot of motivation.

Bill S 2009-11-04 09:08:00

I wonder what his focus/drive is now. it's a bit like after the bulls won their 4th and 5th titles. There was a goal and a challenge after the return from baseball to win the 4th. The 5th and 6th were to cement a legacy.

I feel like that is the only truly driving force left for Ivey at this point. Certainly he will play this game for decades to come but unless something drastic happens, he won't be driven by money after a certain point.

Either he needs to find a higher risk/reward angle (which is nearly impossible unless you live in Casino Royale) or simply focus on winning for the sake of winning.

I mean, if he makes $___million from Fulltilt simply from association and some commercials then where is the thrill in playing for $1,000,000? It's gone. It's messed up to say that but it probably holds true.

Sort of like building an immunity to drugs or alcohol. After a while you have to start doing more and more to get any sort of effect or high.


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