ADZ124: LA to Las Vegas Trip Report

Published On: 10 March 2010 / Modified: 21 June 2018
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Matt Marafioti

Hello, hello. Just wanted to give you guys an update on the weekend's activities.

I believe we last left off with me running super bad at the LAPC and losing the high-roller to a one-outer on the river, the main event kings to aces in the first level like a fish, losing to a free roll in PLO for $50k nuts vs nuts and losing a $45k pot with a wrap and a flush draw to middle set which we ran twice.

So basically, I needed to get out of LA.

It was a good time and we partied hard, went out for my birthday to my friend's club in West Hollywood "Playhouse" after a nice dinner at Mastro's. Peter Eastgate showed up with another friend of mine which was kind of cool.

We got wasted and after partied at JMC2536's place (a stars and tilt 10/20 regular that I play with) and ripped the bong overlooking all of LA from the hollywood hills. The bright lights were beautiful.

The last day before I left LA me and good friend Will Molson munched on some nice prescription brownies and I played a decent no-limit session where I at least salvaged some of my trip. I ran a sick bluff on a commerce regular named Shamalama in the 20-40 game. Here's the hand:

Will Molson
Will Molson

Straddled pot $80, under the gun limps for $80, third position makes it $280. I'm fifth to act with T-7 suited and I pop a call for $280. It folds around to under the gun who limp-raises to $1280. The isolator folds, and I call 1000 more.

The flop comes 10-6-2 rainbow and he leads into me for $2,000. I call and the turn is the 2, bringing a backdoor flush draw. He bet $3,500 and I called at this point knowing that my hand was probably no good against this specific player, but I was hoping I could turn my hand into a bluff on the river drawing to my two outs.

The river came the K and he bet $4,500, it seemed like a pretty defensive bet on his part, like a bet you would make with two queens on the river when not sure if your good or not. So I just raised him $16,000 on the river and he tank folded queens, had to show that one.

It's funny because in poker I love to bust people who play pots with me, and the hand before I misplayed pocket queens and just flatted $140 pre from the utg raiser and on a six-way flop of 10-9-4, where UTG bet $500 on the flop and I called. Then that same player who I bluffed out of the next hand raised us both to $2,400, utg folded and I called, probably incorrectly as I had him pinned on a set.

The turn came a Jack so I had to call another $3,400, the river came a 9 and he bet all in for another $8,000. Now see how his bet in the next hand on the river is much weaker then this all-in bet. when he moved in I knew I beat almost none of the hands in his range. I might be good 10% of the time or less so I frustratedly folded to the tight player.

I ended up playing decent the rest of the session and winning about $22,000 before calling it quits. It was now time to go back to the room. As I got to my floor in the Double Tree I could smell the stench of pungent kush from down the hall. Molswi was grinding online obviously, towel under the door, the whole nine.

Me and him chatted for a while, he had stayed to sweat two good friends of mine at the final table of the LAPC main event, Mike Winer, and JC Moussa, who finished 5th and 6th much to my disappointment but still had excellent runs in the tournament.

$440 Cab From Los Angeles to Vegas

Me on the other hand, I had to go. I had promised my roommate Dr. Zac Zac, a neurologist and business man who lives in Miami but is originally from Brazil that I would be back on Thursday to meet his beautiful daughter Dani and have a good weekend of fun and relaxation.

I took a cab back from LA to Vegas, I was feeling a little cheaper after losing $50-$60 grand in LA. The cab only cost me $440 as opposed to the $1,500 I paid for a stretch limo which I rode in by myself (waste of room) from Vegas to LA in the first place.

Matt Marafioti

The cab driver who took me back to Vegas was the same guy who almost killed me the night before on the freeway on my way to Katsuya to meet Molson for dinner after his final table high rollers bust. The 75-year-old cab driver told me he was from Hungary and had moved here because his daughter lived here and he hates it.

I just kept asking him when he was going to retire. I used to work at a senior citizens licensing renewal place so I know all about bad elderly drivers and at this point was thinking that my paranoia of flying might cost me my life as this was probably a lot more dangerous driving with a non-English speaking cab driver who had already shown me some unawareness on the road and sucked at changing lanes.

You know your cab driver is bad when you ask, "Want me to drive?" So I couldn't sleep because I felt like I needed to be his eyes and ears haha. I thought to myself, "Great I haven't worked out at all this week, lived super unhealthy and ate a lot of commerce food, now I am meeting this gorgeous girl on no sleep and feeling not so hot."

After 4-5 hours I was back in vegas. The drive both ways in the mountains was pretty breath-taking. When I go back to commerce in a couple weeks to grind I'm going to rent a lambo or ferrari and drive back (man I wish my aston was here). Anyways, I keep rambling, on with it.

I get back to Encore tower suites and am welcomed back by the same gentlemen who saw me off at the valet. I walk into the main living room of our suit, all bedrooms are closed and Andrea Bocelli is playing softly (umm.... okay...). I decided to hop into bed and get a little shut eye.

Little did I know, I was going to need all the sleep I could get to prepare me for what was going to happen in the next 3-4 days.



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Deranged 2010-04-19 02:28:25

Sorry he is currently with Thaaj2004, drinking wine on a fur rug, whilst Empire takes some pics... hehe

da_saladman 2010-04-06 13:57:51

yeah.... where is the to be continued? Been checking it out every other day and it has been almost a month?

goosmik 2010-03-19 22:28:38

what happened to the "to be continued - tomorrow"?????

REAL THAAJ 2010-03-14 19:48:58

haha that's not gay enough to be me. I want your cawk!

empire2000 2010-03-14 19:47:09

yea i agree with thaaj, come drink some red whine and eat cheese with us. hehe.

thaaj2004 2010-03-13 01:26:11

man i love your blogs. you are the man. come chill with me in canada. we'll drink some wine and i'll cook some food. not sure if you've ever tried smirinoff, but it's been so fresh for me lately. gl brah.

rhinodigital 2010-03-11 07:59:34

go on cashplays on PR , please

ADZ = Homo's R US 2010-03-11 05:10:41

U say U were run'g superbad ,, HAHALOLHAHA,, not hard when U play superbad. I will crush U by year's end.

taz 2010-03-11 05:07:14

you are a FLICKING pussy

Klickin It 2010-03-11 04:34:05

You were right ADZ, I thought your first blog was pretty terrible but I came back to read your others and think they are pretty good. Keep it up.

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