36 Profoundly Confused YouTube Poker Commenters

Published On: 21 September 2015 / Modified: 20 June 2018
Created By: Arthur Crowson

Poker is ever-present in modern pop culture.

The game has invaded TV shows, sports networks, movies, video games and more.

Nearly every one has played a hand or two of the game over the span of their lives.

Despite all that exposure most people still don't UNDERSTAND poker, however.

If you spend any time at all watching poker videos on YouTube and are brave enough to take a look at the comments then you’ll get an idea of how the general public understands poker.

The comments are often confusing, funny, bizarre and downright nonsensical at times.

YouTube Commenters Do Not Get Poker

If you haven’t checked out YouTube comments lately — which is completely understandable! — we decided to compile a collection of some very confused folks on the site.

Candio Sucks Out on Cheong in a 26m-Chip Pot

Synopsis: Classic hand with Italian Filipe Candio putting a massive bad beat on Joe Cheong and getting a little… excited.

What People Don’t Get: How much money is really in the pot. It’s very common for people to equate tournament chips with actual money. This gets even funnier during the final table when the pots are regularly hitting 50m. For every new player: tournaments chips have no cash value!

Highlight YouTube Comments:

26 million dollars...damn. With that, I'd get my girlfriend and I into a beautiful home, get myself a badass car, put away a good $5,000,000 and give the rest to my family. Done. Then back to work like a regular joe.

Rein Miller
Wait, so he won 26M dollars?

sir MAXX
Damn... Just shows it's all pure chance. I usually try to go for stuff like flushes and straights too, but they almost never work.
I'd take those winning though and be like "Peace!", never work again.

with 26 million dollar. you can buy a 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan LOL. really depends on where you live. but yeah 26m is a lot.

jim ritzheimer
if i won 26 million i would probably do something a lot weirder than that

Horst Hacker
i would strip butt naked immediately! ... 26 millions!!!.... i would be so happy that i would give the other player 1 million

I don't understand how you could fit 26 million chips on a single table.

Bickis Dickis Willis
Yes a big amount of money but very misleading, as you see 26 MILLION WON equals about 23740.34000 USD.

Taavi Albert
How much of 26 mil he got for self?
There are sponsors are more other things…

Connor Drinan’s AA vs. AA Disaster Against Cary Katz

Synopsis: The ultimate bad beat. Connor Drinan goes all-in pre-flop with pocket aces only to lose to Cary Katz’ pocket aces. And this was in the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop.

What people don’t get: Folding pocket aces pre-flop in almost every situation is a terrible, terrible play.

Highlight YouTube Comments:

Why he didn't fold when the 4th card came..?? Why gamble that much?

Paolo Garcia
how did he lose 1 million, dont u get any money anyways if u lose

This guys are some donks.. Just fold pre……..!!

Gamblers always lose eventually.

i wouldn't necessarily call this a bad bet, he did have pocket Aces

misteryo so
this is why sometimes it's better to slowplay aces

Let me put it to you this way. If you are not playing against the house, that has limitless amounts of hands they can play, then you're playing a broken version of the game. Nobody wants to tell you that but its true. People figured that out long ago which is why they've made so much money off of random Joes trying to test out their "skill level" throughout the years. It's not skill. I would love to see the overall record of the most legendary non-house poker player in history. I wonder what it would be. I guarantee you its way less than .500 even less than .300 a major league baseball players average. Would you want to play a game you can only win maybe once in every 4-5 hands then lose all the rest. You can try but it would be boring as hell and you'll be broke before you know it.

John Willis
I think he went all in cause katz looked REALLY REALLY nervous

David Kim
The guy who lost had it coming. He was "Hollywooding" the hell out of it.

Jason Mercier Makes Best Call in Poker History

Synopsis: Jason Mercier makes one of the best calls in poker history at EPT San Remo by snapping off aggressive Frenchman Eric Koskas with a miserly 9-5.

What People Don’t Get: How hard it is to make these kinds of calls when there are hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.

Highlight YouTube Comments:

Roronoa D Vegeta
Easy call, this guy was blowing it by going so fast, clear bluff.

Easy call imo they look at the table and whats out there and his pattern of betting plus his super fast all in jump up pacing drinking water aka bluffing like a mofo

Best call? Even an amateur would have called that.

They only call it a "brilliant" call because it worked out. This was one knucklehead pushing all in with nothing and a second knucklehead risking a third of his chips on borderline garbage.

TwoCam Sam
He give it away when he stood up and sip a bottle of water...That is a sign of bluff..I too would call..

Carter Gill: The Saddest Poker Player Ever

Synopsis: Carter Gill is a 93% favorite in the WSOP Main Event and manages to goad his opponent into calling. His opponent gets incredibly lucky on the river and Gill makes a sad face.

What People Don’t Get: Love him or hate him, Gill made a great play. Once again people don’t understand the nature of variance in poker. Any poker player in the world would take those odds.

Highlight YouTube Comments:

I would never talk a person into calling unless I had the nuts.

I hate when people have an 'A'. This one time my cousin went all in, he had K-10, it was up to him so he checked, then the flop came K-8-10 so he pushed all his chips in "All in" he had like 400k, and my other cousin who is a girl thought about it "I guess soo" so she called, she had him covered she had like 1.2 mill, and guess what came on the turn? A freaking 'A'. he ended up getting kicked out. I felt for him. I knew he was pissed.

Don't tip your hand by saying "All you need is a Queen". That gave a clue to the strength of his own hand.

You play garbage hands like Ace Ten you're gonna get burned eventually.

have you ever considered that he might have been counting cards? i feel like he knew he was gonna win that hand. plus the guy went to harvard, c'mon he's probably a super genius like the guy from Rain Man

Kara Scott Weathers a Massive Bad Beat at Irish Open

Synopsis: Kara Scott gets lucky to flop a straight with 7-6 at the final table of the Irish Poker Open but then has her opponent gets extremely lucky to go runner-runner with pocket queens for the chop pot.

What People Don’t Get: Most commenters criticize Scott for playing 7-6 in the first place. but playing sub-optimal cards is a pivotal part of short-handed poker. You simply can’t wait for queens, kings or aces. Also: Sexism.

Highlight YouTube Comments:

justice was served.

so true. I originally thought they were playing heads up but 4 in with 3 to act behind you; why play those rags to start with.

Women do not belong at the poker table because they are sore losers and short tempered if they lose. Just look at most of their expressions at the table Look as though they are one step away from tearing your face off

Neil Godfrey
The guy should have won the hand as he had a straight plus 2 queens. I can't believe no one noticed that. Later the officials apologised for getting it wrong.

Goes all in with pair of queens... and gets a split. Hate it when stupid players get stupid luck

What's so unbelievable about this hand? Straight beats QQ. Another lame poker video…


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