10 Years After 1 Night in Paris, Salomon Plays $1m Poker Tournament

Published On: 30 June 2014 / Modified: 30 July 2018
Created By: PokerListings.com

Can you believe it's been 10 years since the famed Rick Salomon-Paris Hilton sex tape 1 Night in Paris hit the Internet? (Officially, that is; technically it was leaked in 2003.)

Not that we've ever seen it, mind you (we're still on 56k dialup so it never fully downloads). But still. Time flies.

Since then Salomon's done a lot of other things. Got married to Pamela Anderson twice (this time, very sweetly). Co-Executive Produced the movie Who's Your Caddy? Sat in on some of Hollywood's biggest poker games. Played himself in Entourage.

What have you been up to?

Solomon: Part Mumford, Part Gatsby

Salomon also notably played the first-ever $1m Big One for One Drop tourney in 2012 and he's back again this year for another go.

This time he's in much better shape, tournament-wise, building up a 10m chip stack as Day 2 progresses over on the feature table in the Amazon Room.

He also seems to have cultivated a much different look that's part Mumford and Sons banjo player, part Gatsby garden-party guest that doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks.

It's pretty awesome, really. Follow Salomon's progress over in our One Drop Live Coverage pages; ask us anything and we'll try to find out for you!


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Rick G 2014-07-02 17:50:11

Yep, just what poker needs to boost it's image and grow in the marketplace. Give me a break!! Yes I can believe it, and no I don't give a


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