ZOOM Poker Goes Live on PokerStars

zoom table regular buttons

The much-anticipated, high-speed Zoom poker format has officially been released for real-money play on PokerStars.

Similar to the now-defunct Rush Poker format on Full Tilt, ZOOM allows players to move immediately to a new table and new hand whenever they fold.

You can fold at any point in a hand and jump to a new table or use the "fast fold" option even before it's your turn to act.

As it's still in beta mode, only a few ZOOM games (with around 1,500 players max allowed each) are running on PokerStars right now.

No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha ring games are the only games available but more game types and tournaments are expected to be added soon.

Choose your game and stake level in the Zoom lobby and cick "Join Game" to get started. You’ll be asked to choose your buy-in and the number of tables you want to play with up to four tables max.

If you stick around long enough to see the end of a hand you can see the replay by holding the CTRL key when you the click the Fold button.

As it is still in beta mode, if you find any bugs or have any comments, sned them to beta@pokerstars.com.

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