Zodiac8 win written in stars at Titan Poker

Big stacks are good

Week after week, Titan Poker is treating PokerListings players to a $1,000 freeroll. On Nov. 29, Zodiac8 was the big beneficiary of that bonus, picking up $260.

The 63-year-old Australian is retired, and hits the virtual tables several times a week to play some online poker. All that playing paid off the week before Nov. 29 as he picked up enough player points to earn a spot in the exclusive freeroll.

The weekly $1,000 freeroll is open to all players who signed up at Titan Poker through PokerListings.com and who earn just one player point the week of the freeroll.

Zodiac8, who described Titan Poker as the best poker site, is a daily visitor to the site, so it wasn't too hard for him to earn that point.

There were 391 players who qualified for the Nov. 29 freeroll. Zodiac8 said quite a few were no-shows at the start. His strategy once the playing field was whittled down some was to turn on the aggression.

That strategy propelled him to a win. The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Zodiac8 $260
2nd baricco61 $155
3rd CptnKaos $95
4th xseppiax $70
5th TTR84685792 $55
6th Korvin79 $40
7th sssweets $30
8th Tumassa $25
9th SiniSimpukka $20

Zodiac8 plans to just leave his poker winnings in his Titan Poker account to add to his bankroll. This isn't the biggest prize he's won, either.

His most impressive win so far is a seat in the 2008 World Series of Poker, which he also won through a PokerListings freeroll.


Perhaps that's part of what keeps Zodiac8 coming back to visit PokerListings at least once per week.

"Excellent site," Zodiac8 said of PokerListings. "Lots of good information and interesting articles."

Zodiac8 isn't the only PokerListings player who's picked up some extra cash from freerolls at Titan Poker in recent weeks. Here are some other recent freeroll results:

Dec. 7 $5,000 Monthly Freeroll

Place Player Prize
1st clpisra $1,150
2nd hanyag $675
4th albertsx $300
5th Kalupke10 $250
6th viulenza $200
7th Morkar $150
8th GreenEyes888 $100
9th islandguy999 $70

Dec. 6 Weekly $1,000 Freeroll

Place Player Prize
1st mal39 $260
2nd ernestt1 $155
3rd BUCHERON19 $95
4th arayer $70
5th Haryy $55
6th donkfishey $40
7th MrGrumpyBear $30
8th Devilturkish $25
9th Okane312 $20

Nov. 22 Weekly $1,000 Freeroll

Place Player Prize
1st gerdagg $260
2nd daro24 $155
3rd ziopaperone61 $95
4th diaboloflamand $70
5th 1pti13or $55
6th 1ldhov $40
7th penn114 $30
8th mtrookiez $25
9th fokana $20

For more information on the freerolls offered exclusively to PokerListings players at Titan Poker or any other benefits the poker site has to offer, visit Titan Poker.


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