Ziigmund Zags durrrr for $500k


Tom “durrrr” Dwan dropped almost $1 million last night in a disastrous session ending with a $551k heads-up loss to Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

Starting with $7k made from a $200/$400 Cap Pot-Limit Omaha game, Dwan moved on to lose $113,716 from 241 hands of $300/$600 Six-Max PLO.

Despite dropping the stakes to $200/$400, Dwan's second bought of Six-Max PLO barely worked out better than the first. In fact, he lost another $93k before moving to heads-up.

Sahamies would be Dwan's first opponent of the evening. There he made $25,589 after 112 hands of $300/$600 PLO, but still down nearly $200k, Dwan tried to chase his losses at $200/$400 No-Limit Hold'em heads-up against Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo.

Unfortunately, Dwan went on to double those losses instead, losing $190,668 to Bonomo over a 1,275-hand match.

Sahamies, who was up over $400k at this point, returned to play Dwan heads-up at the nosebleed $500/$1,000 PLO tables, crushing the Full Tilt pro over another 1,572-hand match.

Partly thanks to winning the largest pot from the session, at $176k, Sahamies managed to fleece Dwan for over $551,000, ending his session up just $15k shy of $1 million.

Dwan, who had been on a hot-streak over the last few weeks, booked a $917,379 loss, bringing his total profit for the year down to around $2.7 million. Despite the loss, Dwan remains in first place as the year's top winner so far.

Below are Dwan's three largest pots of the night, head to MarketPulse to see more.


They had each other's hands.



Just the nuts.



Aces hold.

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