Ziigmund sticks it to Ivey heads-up

Phil Ivey

For the past two nights, Phil Ivey and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies have stood toe-to-toe, playing the highest-stakes heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha available online.

And for the past two nights, Ziigmund has come out on top.

The first heads-up session between the two players took place Saturday night. Over the span of 187 hands, Ziigmund lifted a total of $270k from Ivey.

Ivey tried to make his money back the very next night, only to lose another $200k in just 97 hands.

The largest pot of last night's session came in at $165k after Ivey's pair of aces got cracked by Ziigmund's trip tens on the turn.

The second largest pot of the night saw Ivey flop trips, getting it all in against Ziigmund's pair of 10's and backdoor flush draw.

The turn and river both brought diamonds, completing Ziigmund's flush and shipping another pot worth over $100k to the Finn.

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Here are the three largest hands of the heads-up session:



Rivered two pair.

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