Ziigmund Schools South, Hastings for $759k

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies massacred Cole South and Brian Hastings in the high-stakes online cash games last night.

In a three-hour span, Sahamies recorded nearly 1,000 hands of heads-up $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha against the two.

South, likely still stinging from a $700k loss to Ziigmund last week, ended up losing $602k to the swingy Finn.

The loss erases all of his profits this year putting him down over $800k.

Hastings didn’t do much better, although his $187k loss over 600 hands seemed less significant.

It appears Sahamies has recovered nicely from an awful August, earning nearly $1 million in September so far.

Sahamies is up $1.5 million in 2010 and the majority of his profits have come directly from South’s bankroll.

Although Ziigmund stole the spotlight, there were a number of notable pros also active on Full Tilt last night.

Patrik Antonius had a decent $83k day, Chau “La Key U” Giang earned $63k and Phil Ivey took down $52k. Even Gus Hansen recorded a small profit of $36,000.

The day was bad all around for CardRunners instructors as Brian “sbrugby” Townsend lost $208k. Limit specialist deprimiert also continued his downward spiral by losing $53k.

Here are a few of the biggest hands from last night. Be sure to check out our online poker stats section for more information.


Brian Hastings wins the hand but not the session.


Ziigmund smokes Cole South.


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