Ziigmund Nabs $151k

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has been on a serious downswing as of late but he bumped the trend by winning $151k online last night.

The last few weeks have been particularly rough for Sahamies who has lost more than $1 million in October alone but that didn’t stop him from logging onto Full Tilt for some PLO action.

Ziigmund did most of his damage at a $200/$400 Six-Max PLO table that included Arbianight, harrington25, URnotINdanger2 and Lay Key U.

In the span of just 141 hands, Sahamies raked $81k from his seasoned competition.

After finishing there, Sahamies went on to post substantial victories against Sauce1234 and DrugsOrMe before calling it a night.

In total Sahamies played 1,041 hands and won $151k. Despite his win last night, Ziigmund is still down $240k this year but knowing his swings he could be up $1 million by the end of the month.

Arbianight was the ultimate victim last night dropping a total of $215k at the online tables. A large portion of Arbianight’s losses were sustained against Ziigmund.

Meanwhile FakeSky (+$73k), La Key U (+$68k), JKwizzle (+$47k) and FinnishNightmare (+$32k) were the biggest winners on the evening.

On the other hand Harrington25 (-$65k), DrugsOrMe (-$38k) and bixiu (-$36k) were down considerably.

Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan have both been absent from the online tables for much of the week and, as a result, the high stakes games were less action-packed than normal.

Here’s a collection of the biggest hands last night. Be sure to check out our online poker stats section for more information.


Ziggy gets sauced.


Ziigmund gets the best of a three-way.

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