Ziigmund breaks $2 million for the year

Ilari Sahamies

Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies returned to the Full Tilt PLO tables this morning for a quick session worth $390k, bringing his 2009 profit to over $2.1 million.

Sahamies now sits in fourth place in net earnings this year behind Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin, Cole South and Patrik Antonius.

Although Antonius and Richard Ashby contributed to Ziigmund's profits today it was martonas who took the worst of it, suffering a $623k loss overall which puts him down $65k since he showed up on the high-stakes scene.

The largest pot of this morning's session, worth over $183k, came after martonas jammed with bottom pair and an open-ended straight draw. Sahamies' top set held and rivered a full house just to twist the knife.

Ziigmund had his number all night with his second and third largest pots also coming at martonas's expense.

Not only could martonas not complete a draw, in the one large pot where he actually got the money in ahead he gets binked by Ziigmund's rivered gutshot.

Hopefully this smash and grab is a preview of Ziigmund's return to extreme degeneracy. The high-stakes world just wasn't the same without him.

You can watch the hands replayed below:

The set holds.

He also could have hit a king.

No straight for you!

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