Ziggy takes Phil Ivey for a $194,400 pot

Ilari Sahamies
Who's up for $20,000 flips?

Don't look now, but Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies might be in the early stages of an upswing.

The flashy Finn who is best-known for his legendary chatbox put-downs and fearless playing style won a $194,400 pot off Phil Ivey, according to MarketPulse data collected earlier today.

The two titans of nosebleed-stakes poker were up to their usual tricks with $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha as the main course. Starting late last night and battling well into the wee hours of the morning, ziigmund and Ivey traded blows back and forth.

The real fireworks began at approximately 12 p.m. ET today, however, with the pot sizes reaching more than $100,000 on a regular basis. Although Ivey won a couple of the big pots, it was Sahamies who was on fire, with $110,599, $155,140 and $194,000 victories.

There's a good chance Ivey and ziigmund are just getting started so keep checking PL.com's MarketPulse section for updates or download the full tilt software and rail it yourself.

Here's the hand history of ziigmund's $194,000 pot, as tracked by the MarketPulse software:

8166470274 Table: Antonius (deep six) $200/$400 - Pot-Limit Omaha - Sunday Sept. 21 2008 - 1:59 ET.

Table Setup

Seat 1: halfdozen999 ($43,198)
Seat 5: ziigmund ($160,159.50)
Seat 6: Phil Ivey ($161,399.50)
ziigmund posts the small blind of $200
Phil Ivey posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #5


ziigmund raises to $1,200
Phil Ivey calls $800

Flop [A 6 7]

Phil Ivey checks
ziigmund bets $2,400
Phil Ivey raises to $9,600
ziigmund calls $7,200

Turn [A 6 7][K]

Phil Ivey bets $21,600
ziigmund calls $21,600

River [A 6 7 K][8]

Phil Ivey checks
ziigmund has 15 seconds left to act
ziigmund bets $64,800
Brian Hastings sits down
Phil Ivey has 15 seconds left to act
Brian Hastings adds $40,000
Phil Ivey has been disconnected
Phil Ivey has 90 seconds to reconnect
Phil Ivey has reconnected
Phil Ivey has 15 seconds left to act
Phil Ivey has requested TIME
Phil Ivey calls $64,800


ziigmund shows [9 6 T J] a straight, ten-high
Phil Ivey mucks
ziigmund wins the pot ($194,399.50) with a straight, ten-high


Total pot $194,400 | Rake 50¢
Board: [A 6 7 K 8]
Seat 1: halfdozen999 is sitting out
Seat 5: ziigmund (small blind) collected ($194,399.50)
Seat 6: Phil Ivey (big blind) mucked

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