XWINK Blinks, Loses $878k

Dan Cates
Dan "jungleman12" Cates

XWINK continued his memorable run at the high stakes games on FTP last night, only this time the Canadian lost a staggering $878k.

Dan “jungleman12” Cates and NoParasan combined to lay a massive beat down on XWINK over the span of 1,959 hands.

Once again XWINK stuck to $300/$600 Heads-Up PLO or higher but simply couldn’t get anything going against his two opponents.

In the biggest hand of the session jungleman12 took down $162k with two pair against XWINK’s pair of aces with a queen kicker and flush draw. XWINK completely bricked the river and Cates secured the pot.

Near the end of the session XWINK appeared heavily tilted and even told jungleman12 to “Hurry up and take my roll. It’s taking forever.”

By the time the smoke cleared, jungleman12 had won $337k from XWINK while NoParasan took $407k.

For those keeping track, after spinning his roll on Full Tilt all the way up to $2 million from $4k, XWINK is now down to approximately $600k in profit.

At one point XWINK did say he was going to cash out $500k of his profits so it could be the Canadian is essentially finished with high stakes online poker for now.

Almost lost in the shuffle of last night’s intense XWINK battle, was a huge Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu session on PokerStars.

Negreanu, who is perhaps practicing for his upcoming match against Isildur1, played 860 hands against noted online specialist Sauce123.

Sauce123 absolutely dominated the Team PokerStars Pro for $214k as Negreanu’s recent online education continues to come at a high price. He’s now down over $360k this year.

Negreanu wasn’t the only player to have some problems last night as LooneyGerbil (-$194k), UMD Tennis (-$160k) and kriga (-$131k) all fell into the red.

On the other hand DjAdi (+$210k), refaelamit (+$136k), Isaac “philivey1986” Haxton (+$131k) and Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer (+$119k) booked solid winning sessions.

For information on the high stakes games from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section for more information.

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