Xbox builds on last year's WSOP game

Video game players will find this year's edition of Xbox's "World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions" a little different as the game takes a story-based approach that puts players in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit trying to qualify for the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas.

In the game, players will be newly turned pros who are a protégé of T.J. Cloutier, Eric Seidel, Antonio Esfandiari, and more, as they try to earn a spot in the WSOP Tournament of Champions.

Along with Ferguson's advice, players will gain access to extra poker tools during the game. With each successful win, they'll be able to unlock valuable poker tools such as the ability to check odds on hitting various hands, check the ranking of a hand, and check opponent's statistics.

Adding more reality to the story-based approach, players can now also put their own face in the game. Using the Xbox 360 camera, they can map their likeness onto their in-game character.

Another feature is that they've expanded the online multiplayer version of the game. Players can host multi-table tournaments and see their opponents via the camera in order to try read any tells they might be showing. They can even set up a side game of "Blind Man's Bluff" to test their psychic skills.

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