Wynn dealers move closer to union

The contentious tip-sharing policy at Wynn Las Vegas for dealers and floor supervisors is eight months old, but no end to the controversy seems in sight. Last Friday, as a bill proposed to end the policy died in the Nevada Assembly, the Transport Workers Union of America filed a petition to represent the Wynn dealers.

In a nutshell, here's where the contention lies:

Effective Sept. 1, 2006, Wynn Las Vegas implemented a new tip-splitting policy, giving management a share of what was previously just the domain of the casino dealers.

Wynn dealers were non-plussed. More than 100 dealers filed complaints with the Nevada State Labor Commissioner, but they were subsequently rejected.

The dealers also filed a class-action lawsuit, which has recently been dismissed.

And, previous to Friday, Assembly Bill 357, authored by representative Bob Beers and designed to end the tip-sharing, had been pending in the Nevada Assembly.

With those avenues now closed, it looks as though unionization is the next priority, with the Transport Workers petition declaring they have the necessary support from 30% or more of the dealer workforce to file.

And although Wynn management claims most employees have reconciled with the new tip-sharing program, some dealers are saying in reality at least 60% of the casino's dealers support a union.

The National Labor Relations Board now will hold hearings with both parties before scheduling a secret-ballot election.

The Transport Workers Union has attempted to organize casino workers before, but were re-buffed by a number of outlets in the early 2000s.

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