WSOPE Event 3 goes to Theo Jorgensen

Theo Jorgensen

After seven hours of final-table play, the £5,500 Pot-Limit Omaha event has come to a close, with Theo Jorgensen as its winner.

A total of 165 players bought in to this three-day contest, the second-to-last event in the 2008 WSOPE series. With $20,000 in total chips for each player (in a format best described as "Second Chance"), this deep-stacked event brought out many of poker's biggest names.

The final table had a few high-profile rounders looking for a bracelet, but it was Jorgensen, the table's chip leader, who would hold on for the win.

Final-Table Results:

Theo Jorgensen - £218,626

Sorel Mizzi - £132,000

Eric Dalby - £84,562

Max Pescatori - £51,562

David Penly - £41,250

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson - £33,000

Jason Mercier - £26,812

Tomi Nyback - £22,688

Not only did Jorgenson start the day with the chip lead, but he brought along a sack full of good luck to make sure no one could beat him. Although he played strongly, he would likely be first to admit that he ran pretty damn good on a final table, including back-to-back quads, both for eliminations.

Second-place finisher Sorel Mizzi is regarded as one of the world's top online tournament players. He's beginning to prove his live tournament skills, going deep in many major events, but has yet to book his first win. Mizzi is a Poker Pro blogger here on, so we may see a blog about his heads-up run posted in a few days.

Then again, with the WSOPE Main Event under way, we might have a bit of a wait before we hear anything from the horse's mouth.

To keep an eye on the Main Event, including chip counts, hand updates and witty titles head over to our WSOPE live tournaments section.

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