WSOPC New Orleans: miracle win for Andy Philachack

Andy Philachack
WSOPC New Orleans champion Andy Philachack.

Andy Philachack came to the final table of the Winter Bayou Poker Challenge one of the short stacks, but thanks to a few miracle cards he managed to turn things around and win the World Series of Poker Circuit tournament.

Philachack got in very big trouble early on when he was all-in pre-flop with pocket tens against Ted McCollom, who sat with pocket aces.

A ten on the river saved Philachack, and from there on the 33-year-old Dallas chiropractor built up his stack by solid poker play.

The champion-to-be wasn't, however, involved in the most spectacular hand of the final table at Harrah's News Orleans. reporter Owen Laukkanen dubbed it the "Hand of the Tournament" in the Live Tournaments section:

"Action folds around to Nic Gellepis, who open-shoves from the hijack. Leonard Pruzansky moves all-in as well from the button for exactly the same amount as Gellepis' all-in. Josh Arieh gives the matter heavy thought from the big blind before finally deciding to call both all-ins, turning up 9c-9d to Gellepis' Jc-Jd and Pruzansky's As-Js.

"The crowd gathers in anticipation of a huge hand, and the flop does not disappoint, coming Ts-9s-3d and giving Arieh a set while giving Pruzansky the flush draw. The turn is a dagger, bringing the 9h to give the Bodog pro quad nines and simultaneously bust both Gellepis and Pruzansky. After the river is an academic 3c the hand is official and Arieh reclaims the chip lead while Pruzansky and Gellepis are both eliminated."

Arieh had a significant chip lead at that point, but Philachack overtook the No. 1 spot when he eliminated David Fox in fourth place, thanks to an ace on the river.

Eventually, Arieh and Philachack sat face-to-face in the heads-up match for the title and the $247,860 first prize.

In the final hand of WSOPC New Orleans, the players ended up all-in on a Ts-9d-7s flop. Philachack flipped over T-7, and Arieh was in a bad position with 9-7.

No nine came to save Arieh, and finally Philachack, who finished second in both the 2005 World Poker Open and Event 15 at the 2007 WSOP, scored his first major tournament win.

In addition to the prize money, Philachack got a WSOPC ring and a $10,000 entry into the 2008 WSOP Main Event for his victory.

You can find the final results, all the hand reports and an extensive recap blog from the Winter Bayou Poker Challenge in the Live Tournaments section.

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