Mizrachi Defeats Buchanan to Win Second Bracelet

Michael Mizrachi added a second WSOP bracelet to his wrist tonig
Michael Mizrachi added a second WSOP bracelet to his wrist tonig

It was Michael Mizrachi and Shawn Buchanan battling it out in the final heads-up match of this €10k Split Format event, the US versus Canada, with the Grinder denying Buchanan his first WSOP gold bracelet.

The Split Format, a brand new event at the WSOPE, saw play begin nine-handed on Day 1, move to six-max on Day 2, and go heads-up for the final 16 yesterday.

Mizrachi defeated a tough lineup of heads-up opponents to win his second WSOP bracelet, including Kent Lundmark, Brian Hasting, Roger Hairabedian and finally WPT winner Shawn Buchanan.

Mizrachi told us after his match with Bucky that he hit a lot of flops, including making quads on a 6-6-6 flop and getting the majority of his opponent’s stack out of him before Buchanan made what looked like an epic fold to Mizrachi’s river-shove.

In the end Mizrachi had luck on his side, getting it in preflop with A-T against A-J. A ten on the flop was all it took to decide this tournament and send Buchanan home in second.

Michael Mizrachi takes €336,008 and his second WSOP bracelet while Shawn Buchanan pockets €207,624 for his runner-up finish.

Click here for the full results from Event 5, €10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Split Format.

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Mizrachi vs. Buchanan for the €10 Split Format Bracelet!

Michael Mizrachi enters the heads-up final with a chance to win
Michael Mizrachi enters the heads-up final with a chance to win

The final four has been reduced to two and it's American superstar Michael Mizrachi and Canadian tournament crusher Shawn Buchanan in the finals.

Mizrachi is looking for his second bracelet, and Buchanan his first, as the two prepare to do battle in roughly 30 minutes time.

Each of these players fought their way through two days of tournament poker, and a bracket of 16 heads-up players, to get here, and with €336,008 on the line for first neither of them will be giving up without a fight.

Here are the chip counts going into the heads-up final:

Michael Mizrachi - 2,397,000
Shawn Buchanan - 1,359,000

Read on for details on the two matches that just ended.

Mizrachi Over Hairabedian

Frenchmen Roger Hairabedian is out in third place, good for €112,092. Hairabedian fought a tough fight, and although the match went on for a handful of levels, it was decided quickly in two big hands.

The pair were near even in chips when Mizrachi flopped bottom set on a K 9 3 board. The board finished out 5 2 and Grinder got in bets on all three streets.

Hairabedian had K 5 and called him down all the way.

Shortly after, Mizrachi opened from the button and got a call before seeing the flop come J-8-5 with two spades. Hairabedian donk-bet the flop, got a call, and the 4 hit the turn.
Hairabedian fired again but this time Mizrachi raised. Hairabedian fired right back with an all-in and was snap-called by Grinder.

6 7 was the nuts for Mizrachi and Hairabedian would need to boat up on the river with 5 5. Fifth street was a trey and just like that Mizrachi is on the precipice of bracelet number two.

Buchanan Over Schwartz

Noah Schwartz is out in fourth, good for the same €112,092 that went to Roger Hairabedian, and Shawn Buchanan is through to the finals.

Ending signifiantly earlier than the match described above, Buchanan was able to dispatch his opponent handily with a powerful one-two punch.
The first blow came when Buchanan three-bet out of position and saw a 9 9 8 flop. Buchanan bet, got called, and watched the 7 hit the felt. After Buch checked, Schwartz took the lead with a bet of 88k.

The Canuck called and the 5 hit the river.

Buchanan checked again and Schwartz fired 230,000, roughly half his stack. Buchanan took his time but eventually made the call, tabling 9 T after Schwartz fired his hand into the muck.

Schwartz wasted no time three-bet shoving his remaining chips in when he picked up A-5 off-suit. Buchanan was right there with pocket kings and they held up to end the match.

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Final Four in €10k Split Format Begins Now!

Four will become two, will become one.
Four will become two, will become one.

We’re less than a level into the final day of the new €10k Split Format event here at the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe and before the night is done we will have a champion!

Although the field is short, just four players remain, it’s very long on talent.

Michael “Grinder” Mizrachi is one of the most recognizable faces in poker thanks to more than $11.4 million in winnings and wins on the WPT and WSOP. Mizrachi is facing off against Roger Hairabedian.

Hairabedian has over $2.7 million in earnings and recently made the final table of the Partouche Poker main event which will return here to Cannes in November to play down to a winner.

Roger Hairabedian – 1,262,000

Michael Mizrachi – 1,136,000

At the other end of the table are two North Americans. A Canadian, Shawn Buchanan is a WPT winner with just under $4 million in earnings. He’s up against US pro Noah Schwartz who’s made final tables on the WPT and WSOP, but has so far come up short of his first big win.

Noah Schwartz - 689,000

Shawn Buchanan - 670,000

Blinds begin at 3,000/6,000 with a 500 ante.

Check back soon. We’ll be updating this page with the results once the matches are complete.

Click here for a full rundown of everyone who has cashed in this event so far.

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Event Name Event 5 - €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em Split Format
Date 12 October 2011
Final Day 15 October 2011
Buy In €10,400
Entrants 125
Prize Pool €1,200,000
First Prize €336,008

Dan Fleyshman

Event 5 - €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em Split Format

Top Money Finishers Prize
5. Dan Fleyshman €54,810
6. Brian Powell €54,810
7. Anatolii Ozhenilok €54,810
8. Brian Hastings €54,810
9. Jason Mercier €26,831
10. Dmitry Motorov €26,831
11. Matt Waxman €26,831
12. Erik Seidel €26,831
13. Alexander Roumeliotis €26,831
14. Joel Nordkvist €26,831