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Day 1 Live Updates

04/14/2013 (2 years ago)

Europe Takes It

Team Europe
Team Europe wins the Caesar's Cup

Greg Merson had chipped Sam Holden down to a few big blinds.

Then Team Europe then scored a double, double up and took the lead. Merson had a dominating lead with about 170,00 but lost it in two hands. 

Holden moved all-in for 26,000 and Merson called a timeout. 

He went to Ivey and Hellmuth and asked for some advice. Hellmuth said he'd fold so Merson said he'd definitely call then. 

Americas: Q 9

Europe: A 7

The board brought Europe an ace and they doubled up.

Then they doubled up again.

Players got their chips in the middle and Europe showed A 5 to Americas' A 2. The board came T 4 J 7 and Europe doubled up to the lead. 

Play continued and both teams got around even in chips. Then they got it all-in again. 

There was a raise, an all-in and a call. 

Europe showed T T and the Americas showed Q J.

The board came 3 7 A 7 T and Team Americas was left with just a bit more than a big blind. They went all-in the following hand and Holden called.

Americas: Q 4

Europe: 8 8 

The board came 6 7 4 3 A and Team Europe took the cup.

Behind the Scenes at the Caesars Cup

Today we give you a front-row seat to the Caesars Cup like you've never had before.

Check out the video below for tons of footage from the event plus interviews with Antonio Esfandiari, world Champ Greg Merson and cricket legend Shane Warne.

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

The Final Bout

Philipp Gruissem
Gruissem and Rettenmaier moving all-in.

Team Americas and the Phils take match two with a one two knockout.

First they doubled in an aces vs sixes and took out the Europeans out the following hand. After doubling the Phils up, Rettenmaier and Gruissem were left with 19,000. 

They went all-in the next hand and showed J T. Team Americas turned over Q 8.

The board came 3 7 Q 2 T and the game was tied.

With one victory under each team's belt, it all comes down to the final heads-up match.

Sam Holden will be playing in the final stint for Team Europe while Greg Merson will represent Team Americas. 

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Round Two, Match Two

Trickett and Nitsche are two for two in the Caesar's Cup. 

Europe is also dominating the mixed-person poker format. No other team has scored a victory in this novel form of poker in the Caesar's Cup history. 

Now we're headed into match two, which features a shared stack. Manning the Americas stack are both Phils.

Phil Ivey picked himself first and followed up with Phil Hellmuth.

Team Europe opted for Marvin Rettenmaier and Philipp Gruissem to play theirs.

The field also is mostly hatted. Ivey is wearing a Team Ivey hat while Hellmuth has a black, Shadow Creek hat.

Rettenmaier is donning a "U MAD?" hat, we'll see if he manages to anger the poker brat. 

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Team Europe Wins Match 1

With Team Europe dominating the first part of the match and getting ahead around two-to-one, the action would be on Dominik Nitsche on the button and he moved all in. Daniel Negreanu slowly peeled his hand and then made the call for his remaining 51,000.

Team Americas: 7 7
Team Europe: Q 8

With Team Americas in the lead, the J J 8 flop would give Europe the lead, and when the K landed on the turn the Team Americas would need one of the two remaining sevens in the deck. Unfortunately for the reigning champions, the 9 landed on the river to give Team Europe the win to go ahead 1-0.

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

And we're back

There was a lot of television.

Team Americas lined up in front of the cup and posed. There were dozens of jib swoops and multiple facial expressions. They tried serious, smiling and intimidating a few times. Daniel Negreanu has also joined the team. 

Kid Poker showed up during the break and took a Team Americas jacket, doubling the number of countries represented by the team. 

Then Ivey posed in front of the cup with the captain of Team Europe. There were several more jib swings.

After the TV flare, poker got underway. Phil Ivey selected Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari for the first round while Sam Trickett picked Sam Trickett and Dominik Nistche. 

The first round will go back to the mixed-person format. One player will play preflop and then pass the hand on to his partner for postflop action. 

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Fight for the Cup

The Caesar's Cup is great, it appeals to the masses. They put a spin on the game and have some of the biggest names in poker try it out.

It's great television. There's just one simple truth, poker is exciting.  

People love poker. They love watching it, learning about it and getting better at it. It's a sport unlike any other. Any person can enter any tournament and take it down, whether it's a local bar tournament or the WSOP Main Event.

This event brings more to the table. There isn't any money at stake this event, there's more. It's about being the best and competing against the best.

It's about what everyone wants to do in poker: win.   

Player's aren't representing specific countries, but diverse geographical regions.

Team Americas has both American continents lumped together and consists of Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari and Greg Merson.

Team Europe is Europe, a continent. They speak different languages and share the same currency. Their team is also the youngest of the three and their hairstyles are as diverse as their languages. Team Europe has Sam Holden, Sam Trickett, Dominik Nitsche, Marvin Rettenmaier and Philipp Gruissem.


Team Asia Pacific is the third team. Asia Pacific is a part of the world, a region. To be a member, a country has to have its coastlines fondled by the Western Pacific Ocean. Its integrants are Joe Hachem, Jeff Lisandro, Jackie Glazier, Shane Warne and Andrew Hinrichsen.

The members of each team didn't qualify, they were hand-picked by the Caesar himself. Not only are they some of the best players in the online and live world, they're poker stars.

Team Americas is the reigning champ of this prestigious event. 

With Team Europe just having just eliminated Team Asia Pacific, the final round is near. 

Ivey, Hellmuth, Merson and Esfandiari were waiting in the back area, all covered in black Team Americas jackets. They watched the final hand together on a television, Esfandiari rooted for the Aussies but the magic didn't come for them.

The TV crew and players are prepping for the final bout. We'll soon find out if Team Americas will keep the Caesar's Cup on their side of the Atlantic Ocean or if Europe will take the cup to theirs.  

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Team Europe Win Match 3

Dominik Nitsche
Dominik Nitsche gets the victory for Europe

And it’s done! Team Europe defeats Team Asia-Pacific and will face Team Americas in the final.

From the button Dominik Nitsche shipped it all in and Jeffrey Lisandro called all-in from the big blind.

Nitsche: Q 6
Lisandro: Q J

The 3 5 7 flop gave Nitsche both a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. The K on the turn gave Nitsche and Team Europe further outs with any spade, and when the dealer dropped the dagger of the 2 on the river it would be Europe progressing into the final.

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Nitsche and Europe Double Into the Lead

The match has been dominated by Jeffrey Lisandro and Team Asia-Pacific, but Team Europe has just managed to spike a double to get into the lead.

Dominik Nitsche shipped it all in for 58,000 and Lisandro called a time out. Telling his teammates that he had Q T he believed that Nitsche might be shoving fairly light, and after Jackie Glazier and Joe Hachem both agreed, Lisandro made the call.

Lisandro: Q T
Nitsche: J 7

The 2 7 5 flop put Nitsche and Team Europe in the lead, and when the 8 and 4 landed on the turn and river, Team Europe bound out to the lead with the double.

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Round Three

With Jackie Glazier's aces, Team Asia Pacific wins Round Two.

With one match under each team's belt, it all comes down to a round of heads-up.

Dominik Nitsche will be represnting Team Europe and Jeff Lisandro will be the heads-up representative for Team Asia Pacific. 

Whoever takes this will bring their team to the final. 

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04/13/2013 (2 years ago)

Team Asia-Pacific Win Match 2

Team Asia-Pacific
Jackie Glazier gets the win for Asia-Pacific

The second match is over and we are now deadlocked at 1-1.

On a board of Tx-2x-2x-3x-2x we found Jackie Glazier betting each street into Sam Holden. Holden check-called each street before calling a time out when faced with a 25,000-chip river bet.

“They’re scared of the girl!” cheekily snarled Glazier.

“You guys don’t know what I would do” she added.

“I don’t think she’s bluffing because she’s talking” stated one of the Team Europe members.

Eventually Holden folded to give Glazier and Team Asia-Pacific the pot.

Just a few lands later with the match back in Glazier’s hands, she opened to 13,000 and Sam Holden pushed all in for roughly 55,000. Glazier instantly called and the cards were tabled.

Glazier: A A
Holden: 3 3

The board was spread Q 9 4 Q 4 to see Glazier and Team Asia-Pacific win the pot and the second match.

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