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Day 1 Live Updates

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Star-studded field makes it to Day 2

Bertrand Grospellier
Blue-haired ElkY

The first day of Event #3 has come to an end.

Players started coming in at 4pm today and kept trickling in for the first six levels. By the time late registration had closed, we had a total of 81 entrants. 

While the prize pool was relatively small, the talent in the field was enormous. With the amount of big names present, the tournament area resembled more of a Super-High Roller Championship Ultimate World Cup tournament. One starting table had Phil Ivey, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Dan Kelly. Not surprisingly, there were several eliminations at the table. Then Jonathan Duhamel came in and didn't leave until the table broke.

Fans were also going crazy near one table where Mel Judah, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth were seated. Unlike the previous table, this one was right on the rail. Then, to make things better for the fans, Phil Ivey moved to the table. 

There were several other pros present today including JC Tran, Jose Cheong, Joe Hachem and Brandon Cantu, but none of them would survive. 

But all the other prominent names we mentioned will be making it to Day 2. 

Brandon Wong will lead the field with 42,925 and Rob Campbell will come in 2nd with 33,350. Coming in 3rd is a very nonchalant ElkY with 31,500. 

The other pros coming back tomorrow will be Phil Ivey (21,425), Barry Greenstein (18,325), Daniel Negreanu (16,700), Dan Kelly (16,050), Jonathan Duhamel (14,650), Phil Hellmuth (5,625).

8-game is a favorite among pros as it provides very good bragging rights. Many of them have made it through this first stage, but only one can win the bracelet. 

Play resumes tomorrow at noon local time. Check our coverage as we play down to what's sure to be an exciting final table. 

Stay tuned as we watch these poker stars fight down to third final table of the inaugural WSOP APAC.

What's So Special About Phil Hellmuth?

Phil Hellmuth is almost as well known for his explosive temper as he is for the record 13 WSOP gold bracelets he's won. But behind the Poker Brat personality is a poker mind that few seem to understand.

To find out what makes him tick we went straight to Phil Hellmuth himself. We also chatted with 2012 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia and PokerListings.com reporter Alex Villegas to get two more perspectives.

Love him or hate him it's impossible to deny that Phil Hellmuth is one of the greatest poker players in the history of the game.

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Final Three Hands

The Tournament Director has given the instructions for the final three hands for the evening.
04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Katchalov Rivered; Still Sitting Healthy

Eugene Katchalov
Eugene Katchalov gets rivered

Pot Limit Omaha

On a K 6 A flop with just 1,500 in the middle, we found Eric Sclavos all in for his last 3,525. Eugene Katchalov managed to get all in also against a third player as the cards were placed on their backs.

Katchalov: A A 8 2
Sclavos: J 7 6 6
Opponent: A K 9 9

With Katchalov eyeing a 31,000-chip pot, the T on the turn changed little, but it would be the 6 on the river giving Sclavos quads to keep him alive with just over 10,000 as Katchalov would win the side pot to move to 19,050 while leaving the third opponent crippled with just two big blinds.

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Duhamel flushes out aces

Jonathan Duhamel
Jonathan Duhamel

Limit Hold'em

The field has been more than halved.

There are now 36 players remaining and we're down to our final six tables. Duhamel and an opponent were faced with a 9 4 8 flop. Duhamel had three bet preflop, prompting one fold and one call. 

Duhamel's opponent bet 800 and Duhamel called, bringing a 5 on the turn. This time Duhamel raised the bet and the 10 came on the river after the call.

Duhamel bet when checked to and his opponent went into the tank and finally emerged with call. Duhamel showed A K for the nut flush and his opponent dissapointedly turned over A A.

Duhamel is now up to 16,500.

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Negreanu Scooped by Aristidou and Hellmuth

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu gets scooped

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

Daniel Negreanu had the bring in and Phil Hellmuth completed to 400. Peter Aristidou made the call next to act, as did Negreanu before all three players checked through to sixth street.

Aristidou bet out 800 and Negreanu and Hellmuth called before seventh street was checked down.

Negreanu: (X-X) / 6 2 2 Q / (X)
Hellmuth: (X-X) /A 6 J 2 / (X)
Aristidou: (X-X) / 7 4 A 8 / (X)

Aristidou tabled his 7 6 / Q for a pair of sevens and Hellmuth tabled his 7 4 / K for a seven-low. Negreanu mucked and was scooped by both players to move to 21,500 while Aristidou climbed to 6,500 and Hellmuth moved to 10,000.

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Final Level Upon Us

We are now down to the final 40 players, and with it comes the final level of the night.

LH / O8 / 2-7: Blinds 200/400
Razz / Stud / Stud-8: Ante 100 Bring-In: 100 Completion: 400
NLH / PLO: Ante: 50 Blinds 100/200

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Prizes and pools

Jack Effel's voiced boomed through the tournament area again.

This time, it was to tell the players of Event #3 that their prize pool had been determined. There were a total of 81 players that took part in Event #3, creating a prize pool of $162,000.

Out of these 81 players, only 9 will see a payday. The final 9 will be paid out like so:

9th -- $5,158

8th -- $6,002

7th -- $7,200

6th -- $8,978

5th -- $12,020

4th -- $16,336

3rd -- $22,427

2nd -- 32,039

1st -- $51,840*

*First place also gets a shiny WSOP APAC bracelet. 

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Kings Enough for Hellmuth

Seven Card Stud

Phil Hellmuth brought in and Peter Aristidou completed to 300. Phil Ivey and Hellmuth made the call as Aristidou bet fourth. Ivey folded but Hellmuth called, and then called again on fifth street before taking the lead on sixth and seventh after Aristidou checked and then called.

Hellmuth: (X-X) / 2 5 9 6 / (X)
Aristidou: (X-X) / 8 3 Q 6 / (X)
Ivey: (X-X) / 4 A (folded on fourth)

Hellmuth tabled his K K / Q, and Aristidou kicked his cards to the muck to slip to 5,100 while Hellmuth climbed to 11,000 in chips.

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Hachem out

Joe Hachem
Joe Hachem

Limit Hold'em

The Australian poker deity, Joe Hachem, was fairly quiet throughout the tournament. 

The former world champ got quite shortstacked and then made his final move in a round of limit hold'em.

Hachem raised to 600 and fellow Australian Sam Khouiss re-raised. Hachem put in a 4-bet and Khouiss's final bet would be enough to put Hachem all-in.

Hachem called and showed A K to Khouiss's A T.

The flop came Q T Q and Hachem started to stand up. The turn was a 3 and the 7 came on the river. Hachem shook hands with table mates and then headed off into the distance.

04/08/2013 (2 years ago)

Wanna Dance?

No Limit Holdem

Daniel Negreanu opened the pot with a raise to 350 and Phil Hellmuth three-bet the cutoff to 975. Negreanu paused for a few moments before making the call and then checked the K J A flop.

Hellmuth tossed in 700 and Negreanu quickly kicked his cards to the muck.

“Wanna dance?” asked Hellmuth as he flashed his A A.

“I was thinking about dancing…” added Negreanu.

“I was ready!” quipped Hellmuth as the table burst into a spurt of laughter.

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Event Information

Event Name
Event 3 - $2,200 Mixed Event
Crown Casino, Melbourne
Final Day
Buy In
Prize Pool
First Prize

Event Winner

Player Prize Money
1 Phil Ivey AU$51,840
2 Brandon Wong AU$32,039
3 Graeme Putt AU$22,427
4 Daniel Negreanu AU$16,336
5 Rob Campbell AU$12,020

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