2012 Main Event: Gaelle Baumann Leads Day 2a

Gaelle Baumann is what we call "Good for Poker."
Gaelle Baumann is what we call "Good for Poker."

Perhaps 2012 will be the Year of the Woman again at the World Series of Poker. Gaelle Baumann of France finishes Day 2a as the chipleader with 505,800 in chips.

In 2004, three women won WSOP bracelets in open events -- Annie Duke, Kathy Liebert, and Cyndy Violette.

This year, 13 women have made WSOP final tables, and two have won bracelets in events other than the Ladies Event (Allyn Jaffrey Shulman and Vanessa Selbst).

Selbst is also among the unofficial top 10 chip at the end of Day 2a, so her strong WSOP continues.

Kevin Pollak Survives Day 2

Actor/comedian Kevin Pollak has made Day 3 of his inaugural WSOP Main Event. He's a bit short-stacked, but he's in it.

Kevin Pollack and Andrew Black
Kevin Pollak: "A Few Good Men, Wayne's World 2, The Usual Suspects, Casino, The Aristocats ..."

"Thanks to everyone for not knocking me out," Pollak said to his table. "I was the weak bastard all day."

Pollak then said that this was his first major live tournament and he admitted to playing like a nit.

"That's OK," another player said. "I played like a nit for years before I started learning more."

Pollak agreed and acknowledged that poker was a never-ending learning process. When Pollak folded the final hand of the day, he stood up and did a funky polka dance before sitting back down and bagging up his chips.

Pollak ended the day with about 40,000 and return Thursday for more Main Event action.

Unofficial Chip Counts

The full list of official chip counts will be released by the WSOP staff later tonight. Here is a look at the top of the unofficial leaderboard, with the blinds increasing to 800-1,600 and a 200 ante for Day 3:

Ali Nejad and Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb continues playing while being interviewed by Ali Nejad.

1.  Gaelle Baumann  -  505,800  (316 bb)
2.  Mark Demirdjian  -  499,900  (312 bb)
3.  Shaun Deeb  -  460,900  (288 bb)
4.  Gerard Lubas  -  449,500  (280 bb)
5.  Kevin Davis  -  394,000  (246 bb)
6.  Jan Kasten  -  391,800  (244 bb)
7.  Taylor Paur  -  391,600  (244 bb)
8.  Ronny Kaiser  -  379,600  (237 bb)
9.  Julio de la Rosa  -  350,700  (219 bb)
10.  Vanessa Selbst  -  350,400  (219 bb)

Everyone who survived today will return on Thursday to play Day 3.

WSOP Main Event action resumes tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12:00 noon, when the survivors from Day 1c play their second day. Return to PokerListings.com for continuing coverage of all the action.

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2012 Main Event: Deeb Near the Lead

Shaun Deeb with about 415,000
Shaun Deeb with about 415,000

We're well into the last level of Day 2 and the field is shrinking by the minute. The orange section of the Amazon room is down to its last row of tables and the Brasilia room is starting to shrink. The combined fields of Day 2A and Day 2B are almost small enough to fit in the Amazon room.

After this level, players will have a one-day break and return to meet up with the survivors of Day 2C to play Day 3. 

They'll be coming back Thursday at noon for another five levels of Main Event action. There are a lot of big names near the front of the pack so far, including Shaun Deeb. 

Shaun Deeb Nears the Lead

When Shaun Deeb left for the dinner break, he had about 200,000 in chips. That was a good-sized stack, but not enough to put him in the top five.

Then about an hour after the dinner break, he went on an up-and-down run in the span of 10 hands to get to 290,000.

Then, about five minutes later, he was up to 345,000.

Then, about 25 minutes after that, he was up to 415,000.

None of this should be too surprising to anyone who knows Shaun Deeb, as his style tends to create chip swings.

How do we know all of this? Check out his tweets:

@shaundeeb: Just went from 200 to 170 to 230 to 180 to 290 in 10 hands

@shaundeeb: Make that 345k

@shaundeeb: Trying to stop these bit keep getting chips 415k

@EugeneKatchalov: Every time I win a port, I keep hearing @shaundeeb laughing at the next table over and scooping even bigger pots. #whenwillitend

Shortly after Level 10 began, Deeb's table broke, and he was moved to another table in the Brasilia Room. He still had about 410,000 in chips, good for second place on the leaderboard.

For the record, Deeb has never cashed in the WSOP Main Event. There is still a long way to go, and his swingy style could deplete his stack without warning, but Deeb may be able to pop his Main Event cherry this week.

Gregg Out

Anthony Gregg has been eliminated from the Main Event. 

Gregg is a relatively recent newcomer to the live poker scene. He first appeared on the radar when he finished 2nd in the 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, winning $1.7 million. Then, earlier this year, Gregg had another PCA final table and finished 6th for $364,000. Then he made his first WSOP final table about a month ago. 

Gregg finished 4th in the $2,500 4-Max NLHE event and earned $114,711. Gregg had another cash this year, but his elimination today ended any hopes of his first Main Event cash.

Gregg called a 2,700 raise from middle position and the small blind called as well. The flop came Q 2 J and the initial raiser led out for 4,700. Gregg raised to 12,500 and the small blind 3-bet to 30,000. 

The initial raiser got out of the way and -- after some thought -- Gregg moved all-in for 72,800. 

The small blind grabbed his hat and sighed. He tanked for about three minutes before calling.

When he did, Gregg turned over K 9 for the flush draw while the small blind showed 2 2 for a set of deuces. 

The turn was a 9 and the river brought a 5. Gregg was eliminated from the Main Event while the small blind's stack grew to about 160,000.

Chip Counts

The top 10 chip counts, courtesy of WSOP.com:

1. Mark Demirdjian - 465,000

2. Gaelle Baumann - 460,000

3. Shaun Deeb - 440,000

4. Taylor Paur - 390,000

5. Daniel Negreanu - 345,000

6. Vanessa Selbst - 325,000

7. Jason Somerville - 325,000

8. Brian Meinders - 315,000

9. Eric Kurtzman - 310,000

10. Nghi Van Tran - 305,000

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2012 Main Event: Big Names In the Lead

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

Poker tournaments are a unique, almost sentient organism. 

Right now the Main Event is alive and breathing. Its two major components are the Amazon and Brasilia rooms. 

They both comprise several inanimate objects including: tables, chairs, mothership feature tables and media rows. These ingrained objects also house smaller, fleshier creatures. Nine players sit at poker tables while media rows fit as many tournament reporters that can cram in. 

These smaller, fleshier creatures have smaller objects at their disposal. They usually include poker chips, cards, iPads and cellphones. All these things make up the Main Event. 

Like most living things, the Main Event grows, changes and dies. Day 1s are always filled with optimism and smiles. Later in the day, the excitement drops. As players bust out and others get short-stacked, players are in double-up or go home mode.

Then we make Day 2.

Here, players are still tense. The short stacks want to double up and the chip leaders want to keep building their stack. Later in the day, when stacks grow large, players feel a bit more comfortable and tend to relax.

Other players in all-in mode grow ecstatic when they double-up. We've already heard two outbursts of excitement this level. 

"Yeah baby!" Tends to be the most common reaction to doubling up. One player screamed and celebrated long enough for the whole room to go quiet. When he finally finished celebrating, the room let out a synchronized laugh.

As we make our way closer to Day 3, things are bound to tense up a bit. This will be the furthest many players have gone, and what better tournament to do it in than the WSOP Main Event.

The Big Ten

Some big names are making their way to the top of the chip counts page. Jason Somerville is currently in third with 370,000. Somerville has more than $2.3 million in live-tournament earnings and won his first WSOP bracelet last year in a $1,000 NLHE event. 

Shaun Deeb is right behind him in 4th place with 345,000. Deeb has won $1.8 million in live tournaments, but has yet to win a WSOP bracelet. While Deeb lacks a bracelet, he has no shortage of online tournament wins. Just earlier this year, Deeb won four PokerStars SCOOP events for more than $160,000.

Christina Lindley
Christina Lindley

Daniel Negreanu is next, with 330,000. Kid Poker is no stranger to the poker community, Negreanu has more than $16 million in live-tournament earnings and has won four WSOP bracelets. Negreanu has made a few deep runs in the Main Event and is looking for another. 

Former Maxim Model Christina Lindley Doubles Up

Christina Lindley was down to 15 big blinds when a player raised from middle position to 3,000. Lindley moved all in from the button for 15,300, and her opponent thought for a bit before calling with 6 6.

Lindley turned over 9 9, and she was a big favorite to double up.

The board came J 10 7 4 2, and the pocket nines held up for Lindley to win the pot and double up to 33,000 in chips.

Christina Lindley  -  33,000


Empty Pavilion Room

The survivors from Day 1b, who were seated in both the Pavilion Room and the Brasilia Room, have finally been consolidated into a single room -- the Brasilia.

So the Pavilion Room stands mostly empty now, with just cash games going on in the far side of the room.

Of course, the Pavilion Room will be packed with players again tomorrow on Day 2b, and again on Thursday for Day 3.

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2012 Main Event: Back From Dinner

They're back
They're back

And we're back. 

We've had three two-hour levels of Main Event action followed by a 90-minute dinner break. Now players are back, fed, rested and ready to play some poker.

They've set down their bags of potato chips for stacks of poker chips. Players will be returning to Level 9 with 500/1,000 blinds and a 100 ante. 

After this, we'll be on the last level of the day. The survivors of Day 2A and 2B will then have a day off and join tomorrow's survivors for five more levels on July 12th. But that's still a few days away, there's poker to be played.

Cards are in the air and action is underway again.

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2012 Main Event: Jason Somerville Leads at Dinner

Somerville finished 3rd in the One Drop megasatellite for $400K.
Somerville finished 3rd in the One Drop megasatellite for $400K.

As the Day 2a field leaves for their dinner break, it is Jason Somerville at the top of the chip counts with 345,000.

Somerville added to his stack just before the dinner break.

With the board showing Q 8 2 J on the turn, the UTG+1 player checked, Somerville bet 5,000 from late position, and his opponent called.

The river card was the 10, his opponent checked, and Somerville asked to see his opponent's stack before betting 8,000.

His opponent tanked for a while before calling, and Somerville showed A K to win the pot with an ace-high straight. His opponent mucked.

Updated Chip Counts

Here's an updated look at the top of the leaderboard, with the blinds increasing after dinner to 500-1,000 with a 100 ante. (Courtesy of WSOP.com.)

1. Jason Somerville - 345,000 (345 bb)
T2. Taylor Paur - 320,000 (320 bb)
T2. Eric Kurtzman - 320,000 (320 bb)
4. Mark Demirjian - 294,000 (294 bb)
5. Gaelle Baumann - 280,000 (280 bb)
6. James Schafer - 265,000 (265 bb)
T7. Joseph Rahme - 240,000 (240 bb)
T7. Ronny Kaiser - 240,000 (240 bb)
9. Christopher Kolla - 230,000 (230 bb)
10. Jared Okun - 225,000 (225 bb)

Action will resume after dinner around 8:25 pm PT.

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2012 Main Event: Luongo Lives, Somerville Leads Brasilia

Roberto Luongo waiting for the action
Roberto Luongo waiting for the action

There was a 30-minute break before this level to color up the green T25 chips. In the process of getting those pesky chips out of the way, the tournament staff may have found the secret to time travel. 

When the 30-minute break in the Amazon room ended, the Brasilia and Pavilion rooms still had 7 minutes left on break. Rio scientists hypothesize that this may be due to the combination of two days. Day 2A and 2B are being played simultaneously today while Day 2C is being played tomorrow. 

This meshing of days may have torn the very fabric of space-time, causing irregularities throughout the Rio. Aside from the 7-minute time lapse, there is further evidence of time travel in the Amazon room today.

We found a player in the room who appears to have travelled here from the mid-1960s. We tried to approach him, but he dissapeared in the crowd. All our questions were left unanswered by the sound of silence. 

Time Traveler From the 1960s
The suspected time traveller

Things appear to have returned to normal though, but we're keeping our eyes out for further irregularities in the space-time continuum. 

Black and Pollak

Andy Black's table just got a bit more entertaining. Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak just got moved to Black's immediate right. 

"This table was nothing but dour, angry faces," Pollak said. "Now everyone's f*cking around, it's great."

Black then said before Pollak came to cheer up the table, he was about to take off his pants and lay his other stack on the table. 

"It's not too late," Pollak said. 

Pollak then preformed his spot-on Christopher Walken impersonation while folding to another player. 

But when the cards are spread and bets are out, both players take a more serious tone. 

The board read 9 A 3 9 10 and Black had put out a 7,000 bet. Pollak was the other player in the hand and there was about 10,000 in the pot. Both players -- shockingly -- stayed quiet for about a minute. Pollak folded and Black took the pot.

Later on, Pollak raised to 1,600 from the cutoff and black re-raised to 4,100 from the button. Action folded around to Pollak who thought for a bit.

"I'll fold to your bluff," Pollak said. 

"I'm not bluffing," Black replied. Black then spread his cards out and told Pollak to pick one. Pollak grabbed the card closest to him and turned over a K.

Kevin Pollack and Andrew Black
Pollak and Black, entertaining the table and themselves

"That was a good card for your bluff," Pollak said. Black reiterated that he wasn't bluffing, but Pollak look unconvinced. 

A Long Wait For Luongo

NHL star Roberto Luongo is still in the field. He has about 50,000, but has remained passive for the past hour. During that time, he's only called a 2,000 raise from early position and then folded to a continuation bet on the flop. 

We assume that Luongo is playing poker in the same way he plays goalie. Stay put, hang around and wait for the action to come to you. We'll keep an eye out to see if Luongo can catch some pocket rockets. 

Or anything else. 

Jason Somerville Continues to Lead the Brasilia Room

As we mentioned earlier, the Day 1a survivors are playing today in the Amazon Room, while the Day 1b survivors are playing in the Pavilion Room and the Brasilia Room.

The two groups will not be mixed together until Day 3 on Thursday, when they combine with the Day 1c survivors who make it thru Day 2b tomorrow.

The Pavilion Room is nearly empty, and all of the Day 1b players will be in Brasilia soon.

The biggest stack in the Brasilia Room belongs to Jason Somerville, who has continued his momentum from earlier today.

A player raised from late position to 2,200, and Jason Somerville called from the small blind. The flop came A 6 3, Somerville checked, and his opponent bet 2,000.

Somerville asked how much his opponent had, and he said it was about 20,000 total. Somerville smiled and said, "Only 18,000 to go." Somerville called.

Both players checked the 6 that paired the turn, and the A on the river double-paired the board. Somerville bet 2,500, and his opponent folded.

That pot took Somerville to 300,000 in chips, higher than anyone else in the Brasilia Room as the field gets closer to the dinner break.

Updated Chip Counts

Here's an updated look at the top of the leaderboard, with the blinds at 400-800 with a 100 ante. (Courtesy of WSOP.com.)

1.  Eric Kurtzman  -  320,000  (400 bb)

2.  Jason Somerville  -  300,000  (375 bb)

3.  Mark Demirdjian  -  295,000  (368 bb)

4.  Gaelle Baumann  -  280,000  (350 bb)

5.  James Schafer  -  265,000  (331 bb)

6.  Taylor Paur  -  240,000  (300 bb)

7.  Christopher Kolla  -  230,000  (287 bb)

8.  Jared Okun  -  225,000  (281 bb)

9.  John Hoang  -  223,300  (279 bb)

T10.  Tommy Wong  -  220,000  (275 bb)

T10.  Anh Van Nguyen  -  220,000  (275 bb)

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2012 Main Event: Negreanu, Somerville, and Maria Ho

Maria Ho has had a lot to smile about today.
Maria Ho has had a lot to smile about today.

Maria Ho and Jason Somerville are two well-known popular players that are doing extremely well so far here on Day 2a. Both of them are in the Brasilia Room after surviving Day 1b.

Jason Somerville is cruising near the chip lead at Table #1 with about 270,000 in chips, which he has built into a little tower in front of him.

Maria Ho is in another part of the room, but still doing well with about 160,000 in chips. And she's not afraid to use them.

However, Maria seemed to have picked up an antagonist -- Christopher Savage.

In one hand, Savage raised from early position to 1,300, Maria reraised from middle position to 3,000, and Savage says, "If I win this pot, does that mean I'm not gonna get invited to your next party?"

Maria said nothing, and Savage called, and then checked in the dark.

The flop came K 4 2, Maria bet 4,000, and Savage folded. Maria showed K K for top set, and she said that perhaps she should have checked it back.

Tony Dunst, sitting across the table, said, "Maria's range is precisely 7-4 suited or pocket kings." It wasn't the first time Maria showed pocket kings to the table, and she smiled and said, "I guess I've shown nothing else."

0918 Jason Somerville
Jason Somerville is off to a strong start today, up to second in chips.

In the next hand, Maria was back in action, raising from middle position to 1,300, and Dunst called from the big blind.

The flop came A J 9, Dunst checked, Maria bet 3,000, and Dunst called. The turn was the 4, Dunst checked, Maria bet 4,800, and Dunst called again.

The river was the 10, Dunst checked, Maria bet 11,000, and Dunst folded. Maria took her second straight pot.

Maria played the next two pots against Savage, folding the first one on the river for a small pot, and in the second one they both checked the river on a board of K Q 4 10 9.

Savage showed K J for top pair on the flop that caught a runner-runner straight, and Maria turned over 4 4 for a flopped set of fours.

Maria set, "Good thing I checked back on the river."

At the end of it all, Maria Ho was still around 160,000 in chips, feeling good and playing well.

Daniel Negreanu Also Up Over 100,000

A player raised to 1,400 from early position and Negreanu raised to 3,200. A player in the blinds asked the initial raiser to show his remaining chips, there was less than 15,000 in his stack.

The big blind raised to 11,000 and the initial raiser moved all-in for a total of 13,125. Negreanu and the big blind called, bringing a 3 8 K flop. Both players checked down to the river and the final board read 3 8 K 8 Q.

The all-in player showed K K while the big blind turned over 10 10. Negreanu mucked and the player with kings tripled up.

The following hand, Negreanu raised to 1,375 from early position and both blinds called.

The flop came 6 5 7 and the small blind checked. The big blind led out for 1,625 and Negreanu and the small blind called.

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu finished 11th in the 2001 WSOP Main Event, and 2nd in the 2009 WSOP Europe Main Event.

The turn brought a 7 and the small blind checked again. The big blind bet 5,500, Negreanu called and the small blind folded.

The turn brought a 4 and there was a four-card, open-ended straight draw. The big blind bet 6,100 and Negreanu threw his hand up in frustration.

Negreanu then pulled 6,100 out from his stack and sat back, shuffling his chips. Negreanu eventually called and was ready to throw his hand in the muck.

"You got it," the big blind said. Negreanu perked up and the big blind turned over Q 6. Negreanu showed Q Q and raked in the pot.

The next hand, Negreanu raised to 1,375 again, this time, from UTG. Another player called and the cutoff raised to 5,775. Negreanu called and the other player got out of the way, bringing a 10 J 3 flop. Negreanu checked, the cutoff bet 6,300 and Negreanu folded.

Negreanu was in the big blind the next hand and called a 1,350 raise from the same opponent in the previous hand. The player bet on the flop and took down the pot.

Negreanu called a 1,400 raise from the small blind the following hand, but then folded to an all-in bet from the big blind.

The next hand gave Negreanu the button and he stepped off the gas and threw his hand away. There were some ups, some downs, but Negreanu's hanging steady with about 146,000 now.

Updated Chip Counts

Here's a look at the top of the leaderboard, with the blinds about to increase to 400-800 with a 100 ante. (Courtesy of WSOP.com.)

1.  Mark Demirdjian  -  370,000  (462 bb)
2.  Jason Somerville  -  278,000  (347 bb)
3.  James Schafer  -  265,000  (331 bb)
4.  Tommy Wong  -  230,000  (287 bb)
5.  John Hoang  -  223,300  (279 bb)
T6.  Jared Okun  -  220,000  (275 bb)
T6.  Anh Van Nguyen  -  220,000  (275 bb)
8.  Daniel Strelitz  -  200,000  (250 bb)
9.  Barney Boatman  -  190,000  (237 bb)
10.  Shane Sigsbee  -  189,000  (236 bb)
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2012 Main Event: Stage and Stache

Eric Baldwin: Bow chicka wow wow
Eric Baldwin: Bow chicka wow wow

Level 6 of the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event is now over. Players are on their first 20-minute break of the day and the Rio is playing some motivational music to -- we assume -- chase everyone out of the tournament areas and pump them up. 

When players get back from ridiculously long bathroom lines and crowded Rio hallways, they'll face 300/600 blinds and a 75 chip ante. This will be the last level to feature the green, T25 chips. After that they'll be blinded off and the smallest chips will be the black, T100 chips.

But a few notable players won't make it to that small Main Event milestone.

Williams Out

David Williams was eliminated this round. Williams started Day 2A with only 9,100 chips and he didn't last too long. While his elimination was lost in the steady flow of chips in the Amazon, Williams Tweeted about his demise:

David Williams @dwpoker: Blinded away to 10bbs (5k). Shipped KT in mp and someone had TT. Guess I'll have to wait til 2013 

@dwpoker: For a professional poker player, the day you bust out of the main event is one of the worst of the year. Nothing can explain it.

Basebaldy's Moustache

Eric Baldwin (more famously known in the poker world as "Basebaldy") has an annual tradition with his friends to go on a fishing trip in Canada every summer.

As part of the tradition, none of them shave for the entire trip. And when it's over, they shave their facial growth into something fun -- for Basebaldy, it's his now infamous '70s porn-style moustache.

They would usually only keep the fun facial hair for a couple of days, but in 2009, Basebaldy brought his pornstache to the WSOP.

Basebaldy had a great WSOP that summer, winning his first WSOP bracelet and finishing 3rd in a $10K event to win a total of $781,525. He emerged from the WSOP as a contender for the various Player of the Year awards.

Basebaldy went on to win Card Player's POY award that year.

So yeah, the pornstache might be considered lucky for Basebaldy. He's cruising here on Day 2a with about 95,000 in chips.

ESPN's Main Stage is Out of Commission

On Day 1c, Antonio Esfandiari's table started play on the ESPN Main Stage, but they were only there for one level before they were moved to a smaller featured table in the corner of the Amazon Room.

The main stage stayed dark for the rest of the day.

Today the ESPN crew has been working on the set, and the TV table has been taken apart.

So don't expect any main stage featured tables today.

Lisa Hamilton Is Nearly Too Sick To Play

None of the featured tables in the Amazon Room are in use today, and perhaps it's just as well, because Lisa Hamilton was supposed to be at a featured table and she's sick.

When Lex Veldhuis asked her on Twitter what was wrong, she replied, "alcohol poisoning. Can't hold down the tiniest sip of water."

Here are a few tweets from Hamilton about the situation.

@LisaHamilton808 (Lisa Hamilton): Fml. I can't stop throwing up n on the feature table today at swop.

@LisaHamilton808 (Lisa Hamilton): Table broke. Went to new table then walked out n threw up again. Back in seat now. I'm pretty sure i smell like vomit.

The WSOP Main Event is such an important event to a poker player that they will put up with tremendous hardship to stay in their seat.

Hopefully Hamilton's condition clears up soon, so she'll be able to focus more clearly on her cards.

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2012 Main Event: Pius Heinz Kicks Off Segregated Fields

Heinz has a tougher road to a repeat than Johnny Chan did.
Heinz has a tougher road to a repeat than Johnny Chan did.

For the first time in its history, the WSOP Main Event doesn't feature combined fields on Day 2.

That means that the players who started on Day 1a continue playing against other players who started on Day 1a, and players who started on Day 1b continue playing against other players who started on Day 1b.

They are all in action today, but not mixing together.

So the Day 1a survivors are all inside the Amazon Room. If you're looking for someone who started on Day 1a, that's where you'll find them. (There are 657 players in that group.)

There are 1,387 survivors from Day 1b, and today they'll be playing exclusively in the Pavilion and Brasilia ballrooms.

The 2,300 players who survived Day 1c yesterday will be returning tomorrow -- and they will likely be using all three ballrooms.

The three starting fields won't combine until Day 3 on Thursday.

Pius Heinz: Shuffle Up & Deal!

Reigning champion Pius Heinz got to do the traditional "Shuffle up and deal" honors to start play today.

Heinz outlasted last year's field of 6,865 players to win $8.7 million.

Heinz is among the survivors of Day 1a, playing in the Amazon Room with 39,775 in chips. No champion has successfully defended a WSOP Main Event title since Johnny Chan won back-to-back titles in 1987 and 1988. And he almost made it a three-peat by finishing second to Phil Hellmuth in 1989.

Everyone is seated and ready to go, so Day 2a is underway!

Combined Chipleaders

Here's a look at the top of the leaderboard for the combined fields from Day 1a and Day 1b.

1.  William John  -  266,700
2.  John Hoang  -  180,000
3.  James Schafer  -  171,250
4.  Vanessa Selbst  -  168,350
5.  Gerardo Lubas  -  165,825
6.  Daniel Strelitz  -  164,125
7.  Anh Van Nguyen  -  163,050
8.  Jeffrey Beckley  -  158,550
9.  Matthew Woodward  -  158,500
10.  Dane Lomas  -  157,600
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2012 Main Event: Day 2a and Day 2b Set for Today

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst and Eric Baldwin are all set to return to the Rio today with the goal of making it through another day in the 2012 Main Event.

In an unusual move both Day 2a and Day 2b will take place today, albeit in separate parts of the Rio. It’s the first time the WSOP has been able to pack two days into one, mostly thanks the upgraded capacity that is available this year.

Players who get through today will make it to Day 3 on Thursday, which is the first day where everyone will be playing under one room.

Yesterday we got our first look at what everyone is playing for this year thanks to registration finally closing.

A total of 6,598 players bought into this year’s big dance to create a $62 million prizepool with $8.5 million allotted to first place.

Players can give themselves a good shot at making the money with a solid performance today.

Action begins in about an hour so check back for live updates straight from the tournament floor at the Rio.

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