Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed - Live Updates

Day 3 Live Updates

07/06/2012 (3 years ago)

$10k NLHE 6-Max: Gregory Merson Takes it!

Gregory Merson

Gregory Merson outlasted 474 players to win his first bracelet in Event 57 $10k NLHE 6-Handed.

The young American pro picked a fantastic tournament to win his first bracelet as he the 474 players combined to create a massive prizepool with a $1.1 million first-prize.

It’s one of the biggest prizes of the summer and it all belongs to Merson now.

Event 57 was also one of the toughest tournaments of the summer with a collection of the best poker players in the world all getting in on the action including Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Brock Parker, Phil Ivey, Isaac Baron, Kevin Saul, Chris Moorman and Erik Seidel.

The field was still stacked when we hit the money at 48 players left with Mike “Timex” McDonald, Will Reynolds, Marvin Rettenmaier, Carter Phillips, Jason Mercier and Tony Hachem all chasing bracelets.

The final table was no cakewalk either with Andrew Lichtenberger, Christopher Brammer, Eddy Sabat and Shannon Shorr all taking a seat.

It was the unheralded Merson who proved to be unbeatable, however. Thanks for tuning into our coverage of the tournament and be sure to check back tomorrow for the last event that we’re going to live update at the 2012 WSOP. It’s a little tournament called the Main Event.

Here are the complete final table payouts as we leave you:

1. Gregory Merson - $1,136,197
2. Keith Lehr - $701,757
3. Shannon Shorr - $455,362
4. Eddy Sabat - $300,753
5. Christopher Brammer - $200,502
6. Andrew Lichtenberger - $140,351

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07/06/2012 (3 years ago)

$10k NLHE 6-Max: Lehr Jet Downed in Second

Keith Lehr
Keith Lehr crashes.

There’s a good chance Keith Lehr wishes they had just wrapped up the $10k NLHE 6-Max last night as he busted on the very first hand of action today.

In the final hand of the tournament Gregory Merson led out for 280,000 from the button and Lehr raised 915,000. Merson moved all-in and Lehr called for his entire stack.

It was the right call as Lehr flipped over A Q to Merson’s K 9.

Unfortunately for Lehr, the poker gods did not smile on him as the board ended up running out:

T T 9 Q J

The wild board saw Merson nail his nine on the flop, Lehr took the lead back with a queen on the turn, but Merson smashed home the checkmark by completing his straight on the river.

Lehr picks up $701,757 for coming in second place.

Stay tuned for a complete recap of the tournament.

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07/06/2012 (3 years ago)

$10k NLHE 6-Max: Finish it!

Gregory Merson vs. Keith Lehr
Will Gregory Merson close it out?

Welcome to our extended coverage of the $10k No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max event.

This event simply couldn’t be contained by three days and late last night the heads-up opponents – Keith Lehr and Gregory Merson – decided to finish off the epic tournament today.

With the first place prize set at $1.1 million it’s easy to see why the two players wanted to be in their best mindset while competing for the bracelet.

We pick up the action with Merson holding a substantial chip lead on Lehr. Merson made the final table of the 4-handed event earlier this summer but is still gunning for his first WSOP bracelet in this event.

Meanwhile Keith Lehr has been playing WSOP events for 10 years and won his only bracelet in a $3,000 Pot-Limit Hold’em event in 2003.

The final table will resume any minute now so keep checking this page for live updates.

Here’s a look at the chip counts heading into what is all but guaranteed to be the final day of the $10k NLHE 6-Max:

Gregory Merson – 9.8 million
Keith Lehr – 4.3 million

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07/06/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: Merson vs. Lehr Stops For the Night

Gregory Merson vs. Keith Lehr
The heads-up battle reached the WSOP's "hard stop."

Once Gregory Merson took a huge lead heads-up against Keith Lehr in Event #57 ($10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed), the action stabilized a bit.

Lehr battled back a little, and then gave some back. He was never able to gain much traction, but finished Level 30 on a bit of an upswing.

Merson had a solid 2.2-to-1 chip lead over Lehr, and with 118 big blinds in play, it was time to stop for the night.

Merson and Lehr will return to the Rio tomorrow (Friday) at 1:00 pm PT to continue playing for the bracelet.

Gregory Merson  -  9,835,000  (81 bb)
Keith Lehr  -  4,380,000  (36 bb)
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07/06/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: Shannon Shorr Out in 3rd

Shannon Shorr
No bracelet for Shorr, but 3rd pays more than most bracelets.

Shannon Shorr was down to about 1.5 million in chips with the blinds about to increase to 50,000-100,000. That would give him about 15 big blinds.

Shorr moved all in from the small blind, but Gregory Merson called from the big blind with A 9. Shorr turned over 8 5, and he'd need to improve to stay alive.

The board came J 7 2 K 6, and Merson won the pot with ace high to eliminate Shannon Shorr in third place.

Shorr did earn $455,362, which is an impressive score that is larger than most bracelet victories. Of course, Shorr was hoping for his first WSOP bracelet and the first prize of $1,136,197.

Merson Takes a Big Lead Early in Heads-Up Play

When heads-up play began between Gregory Merson and Keith Lehr, Merson had a roughly 3-to-2 chip lead as the blinds increased to 50,000-100,000 and a 10,000 ante.

Gregory Merson  -  8,700,000  (87 bb)
Keith Lehr  -  5,500,000  (55 bb)
Gregory Merson
Gregory Merson has opened up a huge lead as he pursues his first WSOP bracelet.

It didn't take long for them to play a big pot against each other.

Lehr raised preflop from the button/small blind, and Merson called from the big blind. The flop came J 10 4, Merson checked, Lehr bet 225,000, and Merson called.

The turn card was the 3, Merson checked again, Lehr bet 525,000, and Merson called.

The river card was the 7, and Merson took the lead by betting 2 million. Lehr thought for a while before he called, and Merson turned over 9 8 to win the pot with a heart flush.

Lehr mucked, and then told Merson that he could've won the tournament right there if he had shoved -- Lehr says he had a strong hand.

The pot was worth about 5.9 million in chips, giving Merson a lead of 4.6-to-1.

Gregory Merson  -  11,700,000  (117 bb)
Keith Lehr  -  2,500,000  (25 bb)

The heads-up battle continues, but Lehr has a steep hill to climb if he's going to win his second WSOP bracelet. (Lehr won $3,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em at the 2003 WSOP.)

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07/06/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: Brammer Busts; Brits Bail; 3 Left

Christopher Brammer
Brammer had the largest, loudest cheering section by far.

The atmosphere at the final table for Event #57 ($10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed) has been dominated by the British players and fans rooting hard for Christopher Brammer.

The crowd was a who's who of top British players, from Chris Moorman and J.P. Kelly to Jake Cody and James Dempsey.

But the rail has gone silent, and that can mean only one thing -- Brammer has busted.

Christopher Brammer Out in 5th ($200,502)

Keith Lehr raised, Christopher Brammer moved all in for about 11 big blinds, and Lehr called.

Brammer turned over J J, but he was dominated and facing elimination at the mercy of Lehr's Q Q.

The flop of A 5 2 changed nothing, but the 3 on the turn gave Brammer additional outs to a five-high straight on the board for a chop.

The British rail, which had been chanting for a jack, quickly switched to chanting for a four. "Four! Four! Four! Four!"

But the river card was the 10, and Lehr won the pot to eliminate Christopher Brammer in fifth place.

Eddy Sabat
Eddy Sabat battled for a while with the short stack, but ultimately fell in fourth place.

Eddy Sabat Out in 4th ($300,753)

Eddy Sabat had been hanging on for a while with a relatively short stack. He doubled through Shorr, then gave those chips back when Shorr doubled thru him. His stack continued to shrink as he saw a couple other players double up.

Sabat finally managed to make a pay jump when Chris Brammer was eliminated, but that's as far as he would go.

Gregory Merson was in the small blind and he moved all-in. Sabat was in the big blind and had less chips than Merson. The call would but Sabat all-in and he went for it.

Merson showed K 7 while Sabat showed K Q.

Sabat was a dominant favorite to double up, but the cards didn't cooperate.

Merson's rail started cheering for a seven and the flop fell 7 3 6. Merson's rail cheered and a K came on the turn. Sabat was in need of a queen or a spade, but the river brought a 3 instead.

Sabat was eliminated in 4th place and earned $300,753.

James Dempsey and the British Rail
James Dempsey (left) and the British Rail.

Updated Chip Counts

Here are the official chip counts from the break, with the blinds at 40,000-80,000 and a 10,000 ante:

1.  Gregory Merson  -  7,100,000  (88 bb)
2.  Keith Lehr  -  5,000,000  (62 bb)
3.  Shannon Shorr  -  2,300,000  (28 bb)
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07/05/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: Andrew Lichtenberger Out in 6th

Andrew Lichtenberger
No bracelet for Chewy, but 7th cash & 2nd final table of WSOP.

Perhaps the toughest player at the final table -- widely mentioned among the best no-limit hold'em players in the world -- has been eliminated from the final table of Event #57 ($10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed).

Shannon Shorr raised preflop, Gregory Merson three-bet it, and Andrew Lichtenberger four-bet it from the button. Shorr folded, and Merson five-bet shoved all in.

Lichtenberger called with A K, and he was a dominant favorite to double up against Merson's A Q.

But the board came K J 6 10 A, and Merson turned an ace-high straight to come from behind and win the pot.

Andrew Lichtenberger, widely considered one of the best NLHE players in the world -- has been eliminated in sixth place.

Shannon Shorr
Shannon Shorr dresses stylishly whether he's at a final table or not. #RespectForTheGame

More For Shorr, Doubles Thru Sabat

Shannon Shorr didn't have too many chips after doubling up Eddy Sabat.

But Sabat would return the favor. Sabat raised to 150,000 and Shorr moved all-in for 770,000 from the big blind.

Sabat called and showed Q Q while Shorr tabled A 8. The flop fell 7 K A and Shorr paired his ace. The turn was a 2 and the tier brought the 8.

Shorr went up to about 1.5 million while Sabat's stack shrunk to 1.2 million. Since then, the momentum has continued for both players, as Shorr has continued to chip up, while Sabat has dropped even further.

Keith Lehr Doubles Thru Christopher Brammer

After a flop of 8 8 4, Keith Lehr bet 175,000 from the cutoff, and Christopher Brammer called from the button.

The turn card was the 5, Lehr checked, Brammer bet 375,000, and Lehr check-raised all in for about 2 million.

Brammer called with J 10 for a jack-high flush, and Lehr turned over A A for two pair (aces and eights), with an ace-high flush draw.

The river card was -- the 2.

Keith Lehr
Keith Lehr leans in to get a closer look at the action while he is all in.

Keith Lehr rivered a higher flush to win the pot and double up in a pot worth more than 4.7 million in chips.

Keith Lehr  -  4,770,000
Christopher Brammer  -  655,000

Updated Chip Counts

Here are the official chip counts from the break, with the blinds increasing to 40,000-80,000 and a 10,000 ante:

1.  Gregory Merson  -  5,885,000  (73 bb)
2.  Keith Lehr  -  4,750,000  (59 bb)
3.  Shannon Shorr  -  2,130,000  (26 bb)
4.  Christopher Brammer  -  925,000  (11 bb)
5.  Eddy Sabat  -  545,000  (6 bb)
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07/05/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: Back In Action

Final Table
The $10K 6-Max final table

We're back from dinner break and action is in full force. 

As expected, all six players have returned to play for $1 million. Something less expected is the gigantic rail that's shown up. The British component of the rail seems to have indulged in a liquid dinner. 

But the drinking didn't stop at dinner. There are currently dozens of beers, Red Bulls and shots surrounding the feature table. One of the portlier members of the rail brought a cardboard box with about 20 shots. In the process of giving them out, he spilled the drinks and the box started leaking.

Instead of letting it go to waste, our British railbird lifted the box over his head and started drinking. He drank, lifted up his shirt and drank some more. This made a member of Gregory Merson's rail a bit upset. 

A smaller man in a black t-shirt and black cap stood up, grabbed the box away from the well-fed Brit and threw it away. The box drinker then turned around and flipped the offender's hat off. This angered Merson's railbird even more and he grabbed the Brit by the face and was quickly pushed off. Security and other railbirds quickly intervened and stopped the altercation before it escalated any further. 

Things seemed to have calmed down since then, but someone else just walked in with a tray of tequila shots. 

Some Doubles

Back at the feature table, poker was being played. We have yet to have an elimination, but Eddy Sabat did catch a double up. 

With 25,000/50,000 blinds and a 5,000 ante, Sabat raised to 105,000 from middle position. Action was folded to Shorr in the big blind and he put in a 3-bet to 335,000.

Sabat moved all in and Shorr called.

Sabat: J J

Shorr: A K

There was a 2 J 7 flop and Sabat hit a set. The turn was a Q and Shorr picked up a straight draw. The river was a 5 and Sabat doubled up to about 2.8 million. Shorr, on the other hand, was left with about 700,000.

Keith Lehr then moved all-in twice, but got not no callers. Shorr also made a move for his whole stack, but no one called. 

Chip Counts

Gregory Merson - 3,560,000

Christopher Brammer - 3,020,000

Eddy Sabat - 2,665,000

Keith Lehr - 2,265,000

Andrew Lichtenberger - 1,780,000

Shannon Shorr - 805,000

Average Stack
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07/05/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: Adams Bubbles Final Table

Timothy Adams
Timothy Adams bubbles the final table

Players are on a 60-minute dinner break and we've reached our final six. 

After getting down to 7 players, we were moved to the Pavilion room feature table. While here, we managed to lose one player right before the end of the level.

Timothy Adams became the final table bubble. His downfall started when Eddy Sabat raised to 130,000 and Adams moved all-in. 

Sabat called and showed A 9 while Adams showed a pair of eights. 

There was an ace on the flop and Adams became our 7th place finisher. For his final table bubble, Adams $100,696. The final six players are now guaranteed $140,351. Action will be back up in 60 minutes.

Chip Counts

Here are the final table chip counts and seating order:

Seat 1: Shannon Shorr - 1,970,000

Seat 2: Gregory Merson - 4,320,000

Seat 3: Eddy Sabat - 1,600,000

Seat 4: Andrew Lichtenberger - 1,535,000

Seat 5: Keith Lehr - 1,990,000

Seat 6: Christopher Brammer - 2,800,000

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
07/05/2012 (3 years ago)

$10K NLHE 6-Max: From 11 Players to 7 in 15 Minutes

Greg Merson
Gregory Merson is near his 2nd final table of the WSOP.

The final 12 players had been playing for a long time until Andrea Dato was eliminated in 12th place.

Then it was nearly another hour before the next bustout, with Steve Barshak going out in 11th place.

Barshak's elimination kicked off a flurry of activity, and in less than 15 minutes, the field was down to the final seven players.

Four players eliminated in 15 minutes.

But first, a big hand between two of the big stacks.

Shannon Shorr Puts Andrew Lichtenberger to the Test

Keith Lehr min-raised from the cutoff to 60,000, Shannon Shorr reraised from the button to 145,000, and Andrew Lichtenberger four-bet it to 320,000.

Then Shorr min-reraised to 495,000, and Lichtenberger tanked for a couple of minutes before he folded.

Shorr took a nice preflop pot to cross the 2 million mark, while Lichtenberger dropped down to a little less than 1.5 million.

Joe and Tony Hachem
Tony Hachem: "That's the guy who busted me. Get him, Joe!"

Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back Bustouts

Steve Barshak four-bet all in preflop for nearly 20 big blinds with A 7, but he was up against Shannon Shorr's J J.

The board came K 10 10 9 K, and the pocket jacks held up for Shorr to increase his chipleading stack to nearly 3 million as Barshak was eliminated in 11th place.

But Shorr's chip lead wouldn't last long.

Tony Hachem moved all in for about 12 big blinds with 7 6, but he also ran into pocket jacks as Timothy Adams turned over J J.

The board came 8 6 4 9 Q, and Adams won the pot with his pocket jacks to eliminate Tony Hachem in 10th place.

Adams moved up to 2.1 million, but he was still well behind Shorr for the chip lead.

No, it was Gregory Merson who would come out of nowhere to snag the chip lead.

Gregory Merson Busts Maimone and Flack

Nick Maimone reraised all in from the button for about 18 big blinds, and Gregory Merson called with A 9. Maimone showed K J, and he'd need to improve to stay alive.

The board comes 8 3 2 6 10, and ace high was enough for Merson to win the pot and eliminate Merson in ninth place.

That hand took Merson up to about 2.5 million, but he was still behind Shannon Shorr.

Until a few moments later, when he four-bet it to 575,000 against Layne Flack, who moved all in for nearly 1.5 million.

Merson called with A K, and Flack turned over 10 10 -- a race situation for a pot worth 3 million.

The board came K J 9 3 5, and Merson paired his king on the flop to win the huge pot, take the chip lead, and eliminate 6-time WSOP bracelet winner Layne Flack in eighth place.

Layne Flack
Layne Flack was in a great mood. Right up until he busted in 8th place.

Updated Chip Counts

With seven players left in this 6-max event, the players moved to the Pavilion Stage to play the final table. Here are the approximate chip counts with the blinds at 20,000-40,000 and a 5,000 ante:

1.  Gregory Merson  -  4,200,000  (105 bb)
2.  Shannon Shorr  -  2,960,000  (74 bb)
3.  Timothy Adams  -  2,100,000  (52 bb)
4.  Keith Lehr  -  1,650,000  (41 bb)
5.  Christopher Brammer  -  1,630,000  (40 bb)
6.  Andrew Lichtenberger  -  1,475,000  (36 bb)
7.  Eddy Sabat  -  550,000  (13 bb)
Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
1 2

Event Information

Event Name
Event 57 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed
Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Final Day
Buy In
Prize Pool
First Prize

Event Winner

Player Prize Money
1 $1,136,197
2 $701,757
3 $455,362
4 $300,753
5 $200,502

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