Event #55: $1 Million Big One for One Drop - Live Updates

Day 2 Live Updates

07/03/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: The Final Table Is Set

The final table is set
Players count and bag their chips for the final table.

Well, that didn't last long. 

Soon after we redrew to the the 10-handed table, the largest money bubble in poker history burst. 

What Bubble? The Big One

Ilya Bulychev was in the small blind and raised to 2.55 million. Sam Trickett was in the big blind and called.

Trickett: K 7

Bulychev: Q 6

The flop came 7 4 2 and Bulychev picked up a flush draw. The turn brought a 3 and an inside-straight draw for Bulychev. Nine players were now one card away from adding $1.1 million to their live-tournament earnings.

The river was a 2 and Bulychev became our 10th place finisher. For his finish, Bulychev receives nothing but the bitter taste of missing out on the biggest mincash in history. 

But most of the players didn't seem too excited for people who had just won a million bucks. The crowd seemed more excited as they exploded and cheered for the remaining nine players. 

Down to Eight

After the cheering had passed, the floor announced that we would still have to lose one more player before we called it a day. 

Mike Sexton
Mike Sexton went out on the final table bubble.

The members of press hunkered down for a potentially long night. There was $18.3 million at stake for first place and many millions more for outlasting the other players.

But, again, it wouldn't take long to lose another player. 

Antonio Esfandiari raised to 900,000 from the small blind and Mike Sexton called from the big. There was an A J 3 flop and both players checked, bringing a 6 on the turn. Esfandiari led out for 1,150,000 and Sexton moved all-in. 

There was a small fake-out on media row as the announcer said the Esfandiari had folded. But there was no fold, just a call from the Magician with two-pair. Esfandiari showed 6 3 while Sexton turned over J 10.

The river was and 8 and Mike Sexton became our 9th place finisher. This will be Sexton's third cash this year, but it will be his largest by far. For his 9th place finish, Sexton will take home $1,109,333.

Final Table

This leaves us with the following final table:

Final Table

This leaves us with the following final table:

Seat 1: Guy Laliberté - 21,700,000

Seat 2: Brian Rast - 11,350,000

Seat 3: Phil Hellmuth - 10,925,000

Seat 4: Antonio Esfandiari - 39,925,000

Seat 5: Bobby Baldwin - 7,150,000

Seat 6: Sam Trickett - 37,000,000

Seat 7: Richard Yong - 7,475,000

Seat 8: David Einhorn - 8,375,000

Play will resume tomorrow at 12pm PST, we'll see you there. 


Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: The Unofficial Final Table

Brandon Steven
Steven can't keep his ace high alive.

Players went on a 20-minute break at the completion of level 16.  While players were on break, all the 5,000 chips were colored up.

After the break, Antonio Esfandiari came back as the chip leader with 33,125,000. Ilya Bulychev is hanging on as the short stack, but he only has 10 bets. Phillipp Gruissem, Phil Hellmuth, David Einhorn, Richard Yong, and Bobby Balwin are all hovering between 20 and 30 bets.

However, just before the break our player count was pushed down to 11. Brandon Steven was eliminated just before the break. He was a short stack and just couldn’t double up against Sam Trickett. Details about the hand are listed below.

Steven Eliminated

Brandon Steven only had six bets behind him when the blinds were at 120,000/240,000. After it folded around, he moved all in from the button. Sam Trickett called from the small blind, and the big blind folded.

Trickett: K J

Steven: A 9

Steven was ahead with his ace high, but it was a 60/40 situation. When the flop came 4 2 2, Steven was in good shape. The turn was the 9, which still gave Steven the lead. However, the J on the river was a devastating card for Steven, as it gave Trickett the win.

Philipp Gruissem
Gruissem finishes short of the unofficial final table and the money.

Trickett Takes The Chip Lead

After dusting off Brandon Steven from the tournament, Sam Trickett was inching towards the top of the leader board. He finally crossed the threshold when he sealed Philip Gruissem’s fate in a flip situation.

Trickett raised to 600,000 from the cutoff, and Gruissem three-bet to 1,350,000 from the button. It folded back around to Trickett who moved all in, and Gruissem called off the rest of his 7,200,000 in chips.

Trickett: J J

Gruissem: A Q

Tricket was able to dodge the overs when it came K 2 5 7 9. Tricket’s chip count soared to 37,000,000 while Gruissem was forced to take the walk of shame.

Table Redraw

The elimination of Gruissem brought the player count down to ten. Players were combined into a single table to play ten handed for the unofficial final table. Here is the order for the redraw:

1               Guy Laliberté                                22,000,000

2               Brian Rast                                    13,200,000

3               Phil Hellmuth                                8,200,000

4               Antonio Esfandiari                         31,600,000

5               Mike Sexton                                  9,900,000

6               Bobby Baldwin                               7,425,000

7               Ilya Bulychev                                3,125,000

8               Sam Trickett                                  37,000,000

9               Richard Yong                                 7,425,000

10             David Einhorn                                8,015,000

Average Stack
Players Left
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07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Doubling and Busting

Roland de Wolfe
Roland De Wolfe breaks the trend

After Katz's elimination we were faced with several all-ins, but no eliminations for a while. The rate at which people were doubling their stacks was almost demoralizing. The tournament could go on for days before we reached a final table at this pace. 

The only requirement to double-up seemed to get it in with the short stack. It all started when Sam Trickett raised to 400,000 from the cutoff.

The Doubling Begins

After Trickett raised, Philipp Gruissem called from the button and the Ilya Bulychev moved all-in for 1,775,000. Tricket laid his hand down while Gruissem called. Bulychev held A 9 while Gruissem turned over K 9

The board came 8 Q 2 J 2  and Bulychev doubled-up to 4.45 million. 

Then Mike Sexton got more chips.

Antonio Esfandiari raised and got calls from Richard Yong, Guy Laliberté and Roland De Wolfe. Sexton then moved all-in from the big blind and Esfandiari re-raised. Everyone else got out of the way and Sexton was heads-up with the Magician.

Esfandiari: 4 4

Sexton: A A

The board brought little excitement as it ran K 9 5 10 7 and Sexton doubled up to 5.5 million. 

Esfandiari lost a bit, but still kept the chip lead with 25 million.

Hellmuth's Hell

Hellmuth's not a fan of Brian Rast. 

Aside from losing the $50K Poker Players Championship to Rast last year, Hellmuth's been losing pots -- as well as his temper -- while playing Rast today.

Then, Hellmuth lost another pot to Rast. Rast raised to 500,000 and Hellmuth called from the small blind.

Frederic Banjout
Banjout is out in 14th

The flop came A J 3 and both player checked. The #as came on the turn and Rast bet 600,000 when checked to. The 8 came on the river and Rast led out again, this time for 400,000.

Hellmuth called and showed Q J while Rast turned over K J.Rast's kicker came into play and Rast won the pot, boosting his stack to 17,500,000. Hellmuth was down to 4.3 million an then he lost another pot.

IN another double-up situation, Hellmuth raised to 500,000 and Brandon Steven moved all-in for 1.82 million. Hellmuth called and showed A J while Steven turned over A A

The board came 3 10 6 8 Q and Steven doubled up to 4.28 million. Hellmuth, on the other hand, was down to 2.4 million.


Soon after doubling Steven up, Hellmuth was risking his tournament life. Hellmuth raised to 700,000 and Ilya Bulychev moved all-in from the small blind.

Hellmuth called all-in for 2.58 million and showed 5 5. Bulychev turned over A K and the board ran 10 10 7 3 3, doubling Hellmuth up to 5.68 million. 

Changing Tides

But then things took a turn. 

Roland De Wolfe called from UTG. Mike Sexton, Richard Yong, Frederic Banjout and David Einhorn all came along for the ride. 

The flop came 5 10 10 and De Wolfe led out for 800,000. Sexton raised to 2.5 million and action folded to De Wolfe, who moved all-in for 4.2 million.

Sexton called and showed A 10 while De Wolfe turned over J 10. It was a bad situation for De Wolfe, and the 3 on the turn and the 9 on the river made it even worse.

De Wolfe was eliminated in 15th place. 

Tom Marchese
Tom Marchese *poof*

Esfandiari Nails Banjout 

Frederic Banjout was holding T T and shipped his last 4,000,000 into the pot. Esfandiari found J J and called to eliminate Banjout.

The board came out A 9 7 K 2. Esfandiari was able to hold up with his pocket jacks, and Banjout was sent to the rail.

Marchese Poofs

Antonio Esfandiari raised to 500,000 from the cutoff, and Tom Marchese pushed all in from the small blind. Marchese was all in for 2,495,000, and Esfandiari made the call.

Marchese: K J

Esfandiari: A 5

The board didn’t lend much help to Marchese when it came A T 8. Esfandiari flopped top pair, but Marchese had a chance with a gutshot for broadway. The turn was the A, and the 4 came on the river.

Antonio Esfandiari extends his lead with over 33,000,000 in chips.

Chip Counts

Antonio Esfandiari - 33,000,000

Sam Trickett - 27,150,000

Guy Laliberté - 18,200,000

Brian Rast - 15,300,000

Mike Sexton 11,300,000

Phil Hellmuth - 8,300,000

Richard Yong - 8,300,000

Philipp Gruissem - 7,800,000

David Einhorn - 7,600,000

Bobby Baldwin - 6,800,000

Chip counts courtesy of WSOP.com

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07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Katz Eliminated, Sexton Doubles

Mike Sexton
Sexton doubles up to avoid elimination.

Cards are back in the air after the dinner break. There are 16 players remaining, and eight more need to bust before the end of the day can be announced.

Blinds are now 100,000/200,000 with a 30,000 ante. The average stack has about 45 bets, but only the top seven players have an average chip stack. Likewise, with the blinds the size that they are, it is very easy for these pots to get big and players to feel pot committed. Anything can happen that this point.

Ilya Bulychev, Mike Sexton, and Cary Katz are all short stacks coming back from break. Each have less than 15 bets.

Sexton Doubles

Just a hand or two after coming back from the dinner break, Mike Sexton raised all in over the top of Frederic Banjout’s 600,000 bet. Banjout quickly called the all in and turned up K 8. Sexton turned up 4 4.

The board came out J 6 3 7 A. Sexton doubled up, but he is still below average with just 3,340,000.

Katz Goes Bust

Cary Katz moved all in from under the gun for 1,865,000. Phillip Gruissem made the call, and everyone else folded.

Katz: A J

Gruissem: A K

The flop lent a little hope Katz when the board came out K Q 9 9. Katz could win with any ten or heart. However, the 4 came on the board instead, and Katz was eliminated.

Chip Counts

Antonio Esfandiari - 25,800,800

Sam Trickett - 16,360,000

Guy Laliberté - 15,700,000

Brian Rast - 15,375,000

Brandon Steven - 8,575,000

Philipp Gruissem - 8,500,000

Phil Hellmuth - 7,900,000

Roland De Wolfe - 7,860,000

Richard Yong - 7,300,000

Bobby Baldwin - 7,290,000

Courtesy of WSOP.com

Average Stack
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07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Dinner Break

The Big One
Players are now on dinner break

Players are now on a 90-minute dinner break. 

Before reaching our dinner break, we managed to make it down to our final two tables. 

After our last update, the middle table was overtaken by a series of all-ins. It seemed like every minute, the flop-displaying television was showing two hands, with one at-risk. It almost became commonplace -- but it never really was -- every all in meant someone was risking $1 million.

A few of those times, Cary Katz was the player risking a million bucks.

Exponential Growth

Katz was the tournament short stack with only 450,000. At 60,000/120,000 and a 15,000 ante, Katz was only playing with 3.75 big blinds.

Katz used the only move in his arsenal and went all-in. David Einhorn and Sam Tricket called, bringing a Q 4 6 flop. Einhorn led out for 1,000,000 and Trickett folded. Katz turned over A K while Einhorn showed A 6. The turn brought a J and a straight draw for Katz and the 10 on the river gave Katz the straight and a double up. 

Bill Perkins
Bill Perkins

Just a few hands later, Katz moved all-in for 1.3 million and got called by David Einhorn. Einhorn revealed his A 9 while Katz turned over 10 10.

The board came 2 2 5 6 2 and Katz doubled up with a full house. 

The next all-in at the table saw Mike Sexton move all-in with a call from Ilya Bulychev. But both players showed ace-king and the pot was chopped. 

Then there was  another all in with Einorn. He doubled up when he hit a set of queens of Marchese's set of eights. This last hand put Einhorn up to 9.2 million and Marchese down to 4.5 million. 

More Magic

Antonio Esfandiari's rampage continued. His most recent victim was Bill Perkins. In a raised pot, Perkins moved all-in for 2,350,000. Esfandiari called and showed K Q while Perkins tabled 9 9.

The K Q 4 flop fell heavily in Esfandiari's favor. The turn was an A and the river brought another ace, the #ad. 

Perkins was eliminated in 19th and could not chant "Bill lives!" again. Esfandiari, on the other hand, increased his lead to 27 million. 

Sharing the Magic

A few hands later, Esfandiari would share a piece of his massive stack. Einhorn raised to 350,000 from UTG. Trickett called and Esfandiari re-raised to 1,125,000. 

Einhorn folded and Trickett 4-bet to 2,200,000. Esfandiari then put Trickett all-in and Tricket made the call with A K. Esfandiari showed A Q and the board ran 8 5 2 9 9. Trickett doubled up to 14.6 million while Esfandiari dipped below the 20 million mark with 19.2 million. 

Shakerchi Shakes Out

Talal Shakerchi moved all in with only 1,020,000. Guy Laliberté made the call without much hesitation.

Haralabos Voulgaris
Haralabos Voulgaris is the two-table bubble

Laliberté: A Q

Shakerchi: A 8

The board ran out 5 6 5 A 3. Shakerchi was eliminated in 18th place. Guy Laliberté’s stack grew to 12,450,000

Voulgaris Out in 17th

Haralabos Voulgaris raised from the cutoff, and Guy Laliberté called out of the big blind. The flop came T 5 4. Laliberté check-called a 600,000 bet from Voulgaris.

The turn was the 8, and this time Voulgaris moved all in. Laliberté called right away and turned up 7 6 for the nut straight. Voulgaris showed Q Q which had no hope of catching up.

The J was insignificant, and gave Laliberté the win. Laliberté shoots up to 14,00,000 while Voulgaris was sent to the rail.

Chip Counts

Antonio Esfandiari - 22,100,000

Sam Trickett  - 16,500,000

Guy Laliberté - 14,000,000

Brian Ras - 13,900,000

Philipp Gruissem - 12,100,000

Richard Yong - 11,900,000

Brandon Steven - 9,880,000

Frederic Banjout - 9,470,000

David Einhorn - 7,300,000

Roland De Wolfe - 6,400,000

Courtesy of WSOP.com

Average Stack
Players Left
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07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Mercier Gets His Dreams Crushed

Jason Mercier
Mercier gets coolered from the small blind.

Players went on the last 20-minute break before dinner break. Originally, players were scheduled for a 60-minute dinner, but the tournament director announced that they would get 90-minutes to find something to grub on. The dinner break will take place after level 15.

Level 14 commenced after the break, and brought 60,000/120,000 blinds with a 15,000 ante. With 22 players left, the average stack is 6,545,455. This means the average stack has 54 big blinds. Only about half the field has above the average stack, so there are about 12 players that are working with much less.

The Humanity

Jason Mercier has been eliminated from the One Drop in a very merciless (sorry) fashion. Mercier and Antonio Esfandiari were both in the top 5 chip counts when the hand went down. After it, Esfandiari would have the chip lead while Mercier would be eliminated.

Action was folded to Esfandiari on the button. Esfandiari raised to 250,000 and Mercier re-raised to 680,000.

It was Esfandiari's turn and he 4-bet to 1.6 million. Mercier made it 2.89 million and Esfandiari put in a 6-bet to 4.489 million.

Mercier responded by moving all-in and Esfandiari called instantly. As you might imagine, the hands read:

Mercier: K K
Esfandiari: A A

Mericer's last board in the One Drop read J 7 4 6 6. Mercier quickly exited the tournament area while Esfandiari moved into the chip lead with 23.4 million.

@JasonMercier: Well I'm out... Had crazy dynamic vs Antonio n run KK into his AA button vs sb for a 22 million chiplead pot. The definition of#justbadluck

@JasonMercier: Almost threw up when he min 6 bet me instead of shoving. Thought he might b getting it in with QQ or AK, or somehow b bluffing. Such a joke

Rick Salomon Swims Away

Rick Salomon was one of the short stacks coming back from break. He only had 2,275,000, so he needed a spot to double up.

Salomon shipped it preflop and Sam Trickett was the only player who tried to knock him out.

Salomon: 9 9

Trickett: A 8

The board came A 8 T K 3. Trickett scooped Salomon’s chips and is now at 10,500,000 in chips.

Top Chip Counts

Antonio Esfandiari                23,400,000

Brian Rast                            16,300,000

Philipp Gruissem                   11,350,000

Guy Laliberté                         10,850,000

Richard Yong                         9,140,000

Sam Trickett                          8,300,000

Phil Hellmuth                         8,000,000

Tom Marchese                       7,985,000

Brandon Steven                    7,940,000

Frederic Banjout                    6,850,000

Chip Counts Courtesy of WSOP.com

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Rast Takes A Commanding Lead

Brian Rast
Rast is now up to 20 million

Players are back from break and are seated at their brand new tables. In addition to new tables, players are also getting new blinds. Level 13 has 50,000/100,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante.

We've also had a few more eliminations and are down to our final 22 players. Leading these bunch of millionaires is Brian Rast. 

Brian Rast increased his lead when he added a few more eliminations to his One Drop resume.

Bright's Blackout

Rob Bright moved all-in 1.3 million chips and got called by Brian Rast. 

Bright: A K

Rast: K K

The flop came Q J 7 and Bright added 10s to his list of outs. The turn was a 2 and a flush-completing 3 came on the river. Rast flushed out Bright with his black flush.

Another Blast From Rast

Brian Rast did it again, in almost exactly the same way. 

Rast 3-bet to 425,000 and Dan Shak moved all in for about 4 million. After calling, Rast showed kings. 


But they were the other two kings in the deck, K K. Shak showed A 8 and was in need of an ace. The board ran 7 5 Q J 9 and Shak was eliminated while Rast moved up to 15.4 million. 

Mikhail Smirnov
Mikhail Smirnov, a man of means...and quads

No More Quads For Smirnov

Mikhail Smirnov has had pretty good luck during this tournament. He has had quads twice during this tournament. During Day 1, he folded quad eights because he thought he was up against a straight flush.

Then on Day 2, he got quad nines to knock two players out. However, his run of quads in this tournament has come to an end. 

Smirnov raised from under the gun to 256,000 and Guy Laliberté called on the button.

The flop came down J 2 9, and Smirnov made it 425,000. Laliberté raised to 1,425,000, and Smirnov thought about his next move. He decided that raising all in for 3.7 million would be enough to get Laliberté off of his hand. However, Laliberté promptly made the call.

Smirnov: A A

Laliberté: J J

Laliberté wasn’t going anywhere, as he had flopped a set. Smirnov would need to find an ace in the deck if he wanted to survive.

The 4 and the 3 came on the turn and river, so Smirnov was eliminated in 22nd place.

Rematch: Rast vs. Hellmuth

Last year, Brian Rast denied Phil Hellmuth his 12th bracelet during the $50K Poker Players Championship. Now, he's taken a large pot from Hellmuth and sent him into a Poker Brat fit.

Hellmuth's smile faded a bit against Brian Rast

Rast raised to 250,000 and got called by Philipp Gruissem in the small blind and Hellmuth in the big. 

The flop came 4 4 10 and Hellmuth bet 350,000 when checked to. Rast called, Gruissem folded and the A came on the turn. Hellmuth checked to Rast who bet 650,000. Hellmuth called and a Q came on the river.

Hellmuth checked again and Rast led out for 1.15 million. Hellmuth stood up and started ranting about Rast getting there every time. 

It's debatable whether Rast knows how to outplay the Poker Brat, but he sure knows how to push his buttons. 

Rast turned over K J and Hellmuth was in disbelief. 

"No he didn't!" Hellmuth shouted. "That f***ing idiot."

Hellmuth continued to rant away at Rast. Rast stacked his chips without a word coming out of his mouth. Rast now has a commanding lead with 20.3 million while Hellmuth is down to 6.5 million. 

Chip Counts

Chip counts courtesy of WSOP.com:

Brian Rast - 20,300,000

Jason Mercier - 11,500,000

Guy Laliberté - 11,200,000

Philipp Gruissem - 10,300,000

Antonio Esfandiari - 10,300,000

Brandon Steven - 9,230,000

Tom Marchese - 8,600,000

Sam Trickett - 7,870,000

Richard Yong - 7,840,000

Phil Hellmuth - 6,205,000

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Ivey and Lamb Out

Phil Ivey
Ivey's queens don't hold up.

During the last hour, two more players have fallen victim to the rail. Blinds went up to 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Ivey Can’t Handle The Ladies

Phil Ivey was the short stack with 1,455,000 in chips, and he raised in the cutoff to 200,000. Philipp Gruissem was in the big blind and raised enough to put Ivey all in. Ivey called off the rest of his chips.

Ivey: Q Q

Gruissem: A 8

Ivey was still ahead on the 9 J 8 board. However, the turn brought Gruissem a flush draw when it brought the T, and the 4 sealed Ivey’s fate.

With the elimination of Phil Ivey, there was only 25 players left in the field.

Lamb Busts For The Chip Lead

Tom Marchese raised to 160,000 from under the gun. Ben Lamb called in middle position.

The flop came down J 4 6. Marchese checked to Lamb who made it 220,000 to go. Marchese raised to 720,000. Lamb kept his aggression up and three-bet to 1,370,000. Marchese wasn’t backing down, he four-bet making it 2,070,000. Lamb moved all in over the top, and Marchese called to eliminate Lamb for the chip lead.

Marchese: 4 4

Lamb 8 7

Marchese flopped a set of fours, and Lamb had a flush draw. However, Lamb missed everything when the board completed with the 2 7.

Table Redraw

After Ben Lamb was eliminated, there was a total redraw down to three tables. Players took a 10-minute break while the tables were situated. 

Tom Marchese has the chip lead after eliminating Ben Lamb, and Roland De Wolfe is the short stack.

Chip Counts

Tom Marchese - 13,600,000
Antonio Esfandiari - 11,100,000
Frederic Banjout - 10,750,000
Brian Rast - 10,225,000
Richard Yong - 9,100,000
Jason Mercier - 8,700,000
Sam Trickett - 7,255,000
Philipp Gruissem - 6,580,000
Guy Laliberté - 6,520,000
Phil Hellmuth - 6,400,000

Chip counts courtesy of WSOP.com

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: The Bloodshed Continues

Tobias Reinkemeier
Reinkmeier loses to the Magician's quads

It's a massacre, a bloody massacre.

Every few minutes we hear the floor announce, "all-in and call." Two pairs of cards get put up on the screen and a deadly flop is dealt.

Player's are now on their first 20-minute break as we try to recover from the early-morning bloodbath. When the break's over, we'll be returning to 40,000/80,000 blinds and a 10,000 ante.

The yellow, 1,000 chips have also been taken out of play and new, almond-colored chips worth 250,000 have been put on the tables.

But only 26 players remain to enjoy these fancy new chips. 

Quads, Quads, Quads

Players who've been following this tournament now got to see their third set of quads.

Antonio Esfandiari raised to 150,000 from the button and Tobias Reinkmeier moved all-in for 1,255,000 from the small blind. Esfandiari called and showed Q Q while Reinkmeier turned over K J.

There was false hope for Reinkmeier when a K came on the river, because the full flop fell K Q 5.

The turn was an A and Reinkmeier picked up a few more outs. But the Q that came on the river wasn't now of them. Reinkmeier was eliminated while Esfandiari went up to 8.9 million. 

Phil Ruffin
Phil Ruffin

Roughing Phil Up

A few minutes later, there was another all-in and a call. The board read 10 6 3 9 and Talal Shakerchi led out. Phil Ruffin was the other player in the hand, and a call would put him all-in.

Ruffin called and showed J J, but he was trailing behind Shakerchi's 10 9.

The river was an A and Ruffin was eliminated while Shakerchi's stack went up to 6.4 million. 

One-Two Knockout

John Morgan has lost his $1 million buy-in. In two hands, Morgan went from bracelet contender to 29th place finisher in two hands.

On a 10 10 8 flop, Richard Yong led out for 300,000 and Morgan raised to 900,000. Yong put in a 3-bet to 1.9 million and Morgan moved all-in.

Yong called and show 10 5 for the set while Morgan turned over K 9 for the flush draw. The turn was a J and then a J came on the river, giving Yong the full house.

Morgan was left with about 650,000 and it went all in the next hand. After Yong raised to 130,000, Morgan moved all-in and Ilya Bulychev reshoved. Yong folded when action got back to him and Morgan's tournament life was at risk.

Morgan: A 8

Bulychev: 7 7

The board fell 5 Q 2 J Q and Morgan was eliminated from the tournament.

Paul Newey
Paul Newey falls to the magic

Newey Eliminated

Antonio Esfandiari raised from under the gun to 130,000. Mikhail Smirnov called behind, and when action folded to Paul Newey, he made it 350,000 to go. Both Esfansiari and Smirnov called.

The flop was 9 4 3, and Newey came out with a bet of 575,000. Esfandiari called, and Smirnov dropped his hand.

When the 7 hit the turn, Newey moved in for his remaining 1.095 million. Esfandiari quickly called turning up 9 9 for top set. Newey was visibly disappointed as he turned up A A.

The river was the 4 which wasn’t the ace Newey needed to stay alive. Esfandiari is now at 11,900,000 in chips.

Hansen’s Backfire

Gus Hansen had been playing his aggressive style at the table, and it ended up costing him a lot of his chips. He continued his aggression by raising to 190,000 on the button.

Philipp Gruissem reraised to 580,000 from the big blind, and Hansen shoved over the top for 3.4 million. Gruissem called and the hands were turned face up.

Gruissem: A K

Hansen: J T

The board came out 7 5 3 A A which was more than enough to give Gruissem the win to knock Hansen out.

Chip Counts

Antonio Esfandiari - 10,300,000

Brian Rast - 10,285,000

Richard Yong - 10,120,000

Guy Laliberté - 9,700,000

Phil Hellmuth - 9,205,000

Jason Mercier - 8,700,000

Ben Lamb - 7,650,000

Frederic Banjout - 7,635,000

Brandon Steven - 6,855,000

Tom Marchese 6,200,000

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07/02/2012 (3 years ago)

$1M One Drop: Day 2 Carnage

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu will have to use his "one time" another time.

Blinds have gone up to 30,000/60,000 with a 10,000 ante. The average chip stack is 4,645,161, which means that the average stack is only 77 big blinds deep. Over half the field has less than the average chip stack, so the all-in action could be consistant throughout the upcoming levels.

Brian Rast and Frederic Banjout are the chip leaders in the tournament. While Tobias Reinkemeier and Ilya Bulychev are the short stacks.

These are the payers who have busted so far today:

Noah Schwartz, Phil Galfond, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, Vivek Rajkumar, and Chamath Palihapitiya.

Return of the Quads

Yesterday, the Russian businessman Mikhail Smirnov made headlines when he folded quad eights face up against John Morgan.

Today, the quads would return, but the fold wouldn't. 

Phil Galfond raised from UTG and got a call from Tom Dwan. Daniel Negreanu moved all-in for 355,000. Smirnov made it 700,000 and Galfond folded. Dwan moved all-in himself and Smirnov called.

Smirnov: 9 9

Negreanu: A 10

Dwan: A A

It looked like a best-case scenario for Dwan until the flop came 9 4 7. The turn brought an 8 and Negreanu got excited.

"One time!" Negreanu shouted. "I'm going to use it now."

But the river brought a 9 and Smirnov hit quads for the world to see, again.

Negreanu and Dwan were eliminated while Smirnov saw his stack grow to about 6.2 million.

Negreanu immediately exited the Amazon Room and went walking through the back corridors of the Rio. He was on his phone and pausing every few seconds. Before he made it to his trailer, Negreanu turned around and decided to play some poker. But according to Twitter, he's not too sure why.

@RealKidPoker: Thought I might finally get lucky AhT vs 99 and AA flop 974hh turn 8h. Needed a 6, J or a heart. River 9. Good news there is a $1500 NLH ugh

‏@RealKidPoker: Sitting in a $1500 NLH event and can't help but think:#whyamievenhere

Dwan, on the other hand, hung around the tournament area for a bit. He then met up with an older couple and made his exit.

Galfond Eliminated

Phil Galfond came into the day as one of the shortest stacks, so we expect to see him get it all in early. He was able to triple up during the first hour of play, but couldn’t hold out for another double up.

Antonio Esfandiari raised to 115,000 from under the gun. Phil Galfond called from the big blind, and players went heads up to see a flop.

The flop came down K 7 4. Galfond checked, Esfandiari bet 150,000, and Galfond raised to 330,000. Esfandiari raised enough to put Galfond all in for 1.1 million. Galfond made the call, putting himself at risk for elimination.

Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz will have to find something else to do for the rest of the day

Galfond: A 7

Esfandiari: K Q

Galfond had middle pair and the nut flush draw, but he would have to get there against Esfandiari’s top pair.

The turn and river blanked for Galfond when it came T J. Galfond was eliminated from the tournament.

Schwartz Takes The Day Off

Noah Schwartz was paying an aggressive button and raised to 125,000. Jason Mercier was in the big blind and moved all in. The pressure was on Schwartz since Mercier had him covered. Schwartz made the call, putting himself at risk.

Mercier: A J

Schwartz: A 5

The board came out 3 9 3 T 8. Schwartz was knocked out in time to enjoy the rest of his day. 

Top Chip Counts

There are four tables left in the field, and players are dropping quickly. Players are scheduled to play until the final eight players remain, so each bust out brings us one step closer to the end of the day.

Here is a look at the top 10 chip leaders:

Brian Rast 12,300,000

Phil Hellmuth 9,400,000

Frederic Banjout 9,200,000

Antonio Esfandiari 8,400,000

Ben Lamb 7,400,000

Guy Laliberté 6,600,000

Sam Trickett 5,900,000

Mikhail Smirnov 5,800,000

Mike Sexton 5,740,000

Rick Salomon 5,560,000

Chip Counts Courtesy of WSOP.com

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
1 2

Event Information

Event Name
Event 55 - $1 Million Big One for One Drop
Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Final Day
Buy In
Prize Pool
First Prize

Event Winner

Player Prize Money
1 Antonio Esfandiari $18,346,673
2 Sam Trickett $10,112,001
3 David Einhorn $4,352,000
4 Phil Hellmuth $2,645,333
5 Guy Lalibert $1,834,666

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