WSOP Tweet Relief: Sickest. Tweet. Ever?

Josh Arieh
Josh Arieh: Gambler.

We've been following poker players around for a long time now.

Seen Ivey at the craps table. Seen TJ Cloutier, well, also at the craps table.

Watched millions of dollars change hands in big buy-in tournaments, small buy-in tournaments, prop bets, side bets, last-longer bets, drink tabs, credit card roullette and bulk Ed Hardy purchases.

After a while you become numb to it. It's only money, anyway, right?

But every now and then you see something that sums up virtually everything there is to fear and admire about poker and poker players all in one go.

In this case, a single tweet from long-time poker veteran Josh Arieh that's either the sickest or scariest poker tweet (if true, of course) ever made.


See you in the Big One, Josh. We'll be pulling for you.

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