WSOP Tweet Relief: Let's Hear It for the Chairs!

David Williams
David Williams: Loves a good new chair.

Despite what you might have read on the forums and over Twitter, not everyone at the WSOP this year is upset and grinding axes.

Have there been some egregious missteps by the WSOP in 2012? Yep.

Should the official WSOP twitter account ever be used to insult a player? Of course not.

Is $6 for an apple and water in the Poker Kitchen insane? Yep.

But painting the entire WSOP and everyone who works for it with the same brush - particularly an "anti-player" brush - may be taking things to the extreme.

There's going to be a few hiccups when you run the largest tournament series in the world. And amongst the outraged this year, some players - quite a few players even - seem to be having a good time.

Can an apology from the WSOP (albeit a late one) mend fences? Will the player backlash continue to grow out of control?

We'll soon see. In the meantime, these are a few who shared at least some love with the WSOP over the last day or so.

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