WSOP Tweet Relief: Players vs. Dealers vs. WSOP

Jonathan Aguiar
Aguiar: Unhappy.

Well, that didn’t take long.

All of six days into the 2012 WSOP and things have moved from the slightly contentious (ladies bathrooms, markup in the poker kitchen) to the full-on drama.

How's it all coming to a head? In the time-honored way men have settled their differences since 2006: Twitter.

The centerpiece: Jonathan Aguiar hates the new “must verbalize action” rule at final tables for the benefit of the live stream and told the WSOP aggressivley about it, both in person and on Twitter.

The official WSOP account retweeted someone calling Aguiar a less-than-flattering name. More players chimed in with their opinions about the rule and the WSOP's retweet.

Others meanwhile were still harping, good and bad, about the dealers.

Here’s how it's played out in tweet form:

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Grant 2012-12-24 11:19:15

terrible rule

Mark Langevin 2012-06-03 21:43:16

Jonathan Aguiar is a complete bitch. Pretty unprofessional of WSOP they should never attack a customer but that guy is total asshole.

Tim Dawn 2012-06-03 21:41:36

Social Anxiety Disorder? Really Aguiar? Wtf does that have to do with you not liking Negreanu getting special treatment? If they have Social Anxiety Disorder the odds are fairly long they're ever making a WSOP final table.

bnizzle 2012-06-03 21:38:45

I'm with the chick. Fucking read the rules. They may be stupid, but they are the rules. If you don't agree, don't buy in to the tournament. Pretty simple.

Harvey Whinestein 2012-06-03 21:37:11

Everybody involved with this sounds like a douchenozzle stfu and play poker for god's sakes like life has treated you so poorly if you don't like it don't play

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