WSOP Tweet Relief: Ivey On My Left? Perfect

Phil Ivey
Ivey looms large, but not for Negreanu.

So, just how important is table draw in a tournament at the World Series of Poker?

Depends on who you ask, really.

For some, like, say, Phil Ivey or Patrik Antonius, it's pretty much a non-entity.

They're in the best position at the best table everytime they play, because they're the best players in the room.

For others, though, it could mean the difference between building a big stack on Day 1 or being mentally exhausted by the first break.

Based on the number of table-arrival tweet suss outs and plaintive requests for Day 3 seating charts, though, it's clearly a factor. And important enough to either rattle or rejuvenate even the better pros.

Today's tweet relief is a mix of perspectives on table draws, from the jaw-dropping lineups in the 50k Players Championship to the most half-cocked theory in the history of poker, courtesy of Daniel Negreanu.

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