WSOP Tweet Relief: Dream On Little Dreamer

Jean-Robert Bellande
JRB: Dreaming of $12 million score. Or boobs.

After a first week mired in a bit of negativity, now is a good time to remind ourselves just exactly what the World Series of Poker is all about.

And that, of course, is false hope (We kid, we kid).

What the World Series of Poker is really all about is what we all got into poker for: A shot at winning a bracelet and a pile of cash bricks. Also, the chance to develop a hunchback.

Whether we truly have a shot or not, the fact still remains that if you have a chip and a chair (yeah, we said it) you can win.

Pius Heinz did it. Jonathan Duhamel did it. Chris Moneymaker did it. And, somehow, Jamie Gold did it. By telling everyone exactly what hands he had.

The end of the series will tell a different story for most but as of now there's still a lot of hope to be found at the 2012 WSOP.

Let's celebrate that in tweets while we still can.

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