Sweden's Martin Jacobson Crowned Newest World Champion of Poker

The 2014 WSOP champion and his predecessor.

Swedish poker pro Martin Jacobson has won the man event of the WSOP 2014. He beat Norwegian Felix Stephenson and Dutch player Jorryt van Hoof on the last day of the tournament.

The World Series of Poker Main Event is over, and the three top spots have gone to Europe.

The triumphant victor is Martin Jacobson, the last man standing out of a field of 6683 players from all over the world.

The November Nine had come back to play down to three players on Monday. They 244 hands, 20 of which were played after William Tonking was eliminated in fourth place.

Then the game was stopped, and the three finalists came back on Tuesday night to reach a final result.

Surprisingly, it was Jorryt van Hoof, the player who had started the final table as chipleader, had maintained the chiplead for most of the final and started the very last day as chipleader, too, who had to leave the table first.

Instead, it was the original small stack Martin Jacobson who kept grinding his stack up until he covered both is opponents.

In hand 49, the Dutchman risked his complete 50 million stack with A 5 and was quickly called by Martin Jacobson with A T.

Both players hit the T 5 2 Q Q board, but Jacobson’s better pair sent van Hoof out the door and left him and Felix Stephensen to play heads-up.

35 hands later it was all over. Although both players had won exactly the same amount of hands -17 – Jacobson had won all the big ones, while Stephensen had won mostly small pots.

Consequently, the Swede had extended his lead and pushed Stephensen to under 30 million, whereas he sat on more than 170 million.

The final hand

Eventually, Jacobson moved all-in over a button raise of the Norwegian, and Stephensen called. These were the hands at showdown:

Martin Jacobson:    

Felix Stephensen:    

The railbirds went wild even before the first community card touched the board. The Norwegians frantically shouting for an ace, while the Swedes were chanting “ten for ten!”

Fortune decided to listen to the Swedes. The door card was the T, and that pretty much sealed the deal. The final board ran

      ---   ---  

The audience exploded, and the tournament was over. Martin Jacobson is the winner of ten million dollar and the WSOP main event.

It is the second highest price this event has ever paid out. Jacobson has been a prominent figure on the international poker circuit for years.

He’s been at numerous final tables, including a 3rd place at the EPT Budapest, 2nd places at the EPTs in Vilamoura and Deauville, a 4th place at the EPT Berlin, and a 6th place at the WPT Paris, but until last night, he was denied a win in one of the big international tournaments.

That has changed now, and Jacobson has written his own page in the book of poker history.

WSOP Main Event 2014 Final Table Payouts

1. Martin Jacobson , Sweden - $10,000,000

2. Felix Stephensen, Norway - $5,147,911

3.  Jorryt van Hoof, Netherlands - $3,807,753

4. William Tonking, US - $2,849,763

5. Billy Pappas, US - $2.143,794

6. Andoni Larrabe, Spain - $1,622,471

7. Dan Sindelar, US - $1,235,862

8. Bruno Politano, Brazil - $947,077

9. Mark Newhouse, US - $730,725


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