2011 WSOP In and Out List: When Brits Attack

James Bord
When good Bords go bad.

The WSOP has begun and we're adapting our weekly In and Out List to bring you the best and the worst from the World Series of Poker.

WSOP In List: May 31 – June 6, 2011

Million-Dollar Buy-In Tournaments: IN

Yesterday in Las Vegas Guy Laliberte busted out some big news:

At the 2012 WSOP there will be a $1 million buy-in tournament.

That in itself would be more than enough to earn the event a spot on our “In” list, but the fact that 11.1% of every buy-in is going to charity just makes it better.

Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen, Andy Beal and Tom Dwan have all committed to playing.

The event will benefit ONE DROP, an organization that fights poverty around the world by providing access to clean drinking water.

Lawyers: IN

It’s a golden age for lawyers in the poker world!

Lawyers are in this week because they are the only clear winners in this litigious, post-Black Friday wasteland.

The players are screwed. The poker rooms are screwed. The poker media is screwed.

It shouldn’t be too surprising, though. When lawyers get involved in anything, a lot of people usually get screwed.

Josh “JJProdigy” Fields: IN

It wasn’t long ago that JJProdigy attracted serious attention whenever he showed up at a major live event.

He’s "IN" this week because that’s clearly no longer the case.

Fields showed up to play the $5,000 No-Limit event at this year’s WSOP and no one batted an eye.

I guess some guy who cheated a long time ago doesn’t seem quite so important anymore …

WSOP Out List: May 31 – June 6, 2011

Barry Greenstein
The Bear loses his MVP.

Barry Greenstein: OUT

Barry Greenstein’s outing this week was a side-effect of Phil Ivey's decision to not play in the 2011 WSOP.

Earlier this week we heard about a $25,000 buy-in WSOP fantasy league, and that Barry Greenstein had successfully bid for Phil Ivey at an astronomical price.

Participants in the pool had $200 with which to bid on a maximum of eight players.

Greenstein bought Ivey for $108, the highest price paid for anyone in the draft.

With Ivey on the bench for the summer Greenstein will have to run like god to recoup his $25k buy-in.

James Bord: OUT

Reigning WSOP Europe main event champion James Bord is all the way out this week for the scuffle he had with John Juanda on the tournament floor of the Rio.

It was reported that Bord spent a few minutes getting red in the face and yelling at Juanda, ending the verbal assault with a threat of a parking lot beating.

The only thing we can see James Bord beating is the line at the buffet.

Everyone Not in Las Vegas: OUT

In the last month it’s been pretty sweet for everyone outside of the US.

They continued to play online poker unabated, and they had one more argument for why their part of the world was superior to America.

Well, the WSOP has arrived and just like every year, the real poker world has set up shop at the Rio in Las Vegas.

If you’re passionate about poker, the only place to be is the World Series.

It really is our promised land.

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