WSOP In and Out List: Rockets Rule, Seniors Drool

They're here. They're old. Get used to it.

As far as we can tell the internet is used primarily for two things, pictures of naked people and snap judgments based on very little real information.

This article deals with the latter.

Welcome to this week's WSOP In and Out List.

WSOP In List – June 11-17

Geriatri-donks: In

Old people who play poker are in this week because they managed to assemble the biggest one-day field in WSOP tournament history.

The $1,000 Seniors Championship attracted 3,752 players, filling the room with the chatter of early-bird specials and making the many bathrooms here at the Rio all but inaccessible.

Well over half a million dollars is on the line for first place. We can only imagine the kind of pimped-out Rascal you could get with that much scratch. (Scratch was slang for money in the olden days.)

Daniel Negreanu: In

Kid Poker is in this week for taking one step towards the edgier, more dangerous persona we’d like him to adopt.

Negreanu has always been a little too nice, a little too non-confrontational.

Yesterday he lost a big pot deep in the $10k Limit event and exploded, smashing his Dr. Dre Beats headphones into pieces on the ground and knocking his chair over in the process.

Keep it up Daniel. We know there’s a hellraiser hidden somewhere underneath that innocent Canadian exterior.

Triple Crown Winners: In

With ElkY’s victory earlier this week we’ve had two Triple Crown Winners already at this year’s WSOP.

That’s half of the four total Triple Crowns that have ever been won!

For those of you who may not know, to earn Poker’s Triple Crown you must have victories in main events on the EPT and the WPT, as well as a WSOP bracelet.

ElkY joined Jake Cody as the two owners of that prestigious title so far this summer.

WSOP Out List – June 11-17

Folding Aces Pre-Flop: Out

Patrik Antonius
Really Brandon? This is the guy you want to play tennis against?

Folding bullets before the flop has never been in but we heard a story from the Seniors event today that forced us to include it on this week’s Out List.

A player was reportedly facing a raise, a three-bet and a four-bet shove and decided to muck his pocket aces, explaining to the table that he knew he was up against aces and kings, and therefore had no outs should a king hit the board.

As it turns out the hand played out exactly as he had predicted, with aces getting cracked by pocket kings.

But thinking like that is results oriented, not to mention just dumb. Our number one tip is to never fold aces pre-flop.

Brandon Adams: Out

Brandon Adams has been placed on this week’s Out List for ever thinking he could beat the great Patrik Antonius at anything, let along tennis.

Earlier this week Adams put up $30k against PA’s $295,000 on a best of three tennis match here in Las Vegas.

The fact that Antonius was a competitive tennis player and works out twice a day is beside the point. Have you seen him in a pair of tennis shorts?

PA demolished Adams and threw his $30k on the pile.

Vancouver: Out

It pains me to put Vancouver on the Out List this week, seeing as how I live there, but the city has brought it on itself.

With the exception of our two Stanley Cup losses, and one failed Guns and Roses concert, I’ve never been embarrassed about hailing from Vancouver.

C’mon guys, we’re trying to have a civilization here.

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