WSOP In and Out List: Get In or GTFO

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth's two runner-up finishes earn him a spot on this week's In List.

The 2011 WSOP is one week older and we've got a brand new list of cheers and jeers from the tournament floor in Las Vegas.

Buckle up. This is the WSOP In and Out List.

WSOP In List – June 18-24

Team Mercier: In

Years ago Jason Mercier told us about Team Mercier, and how they were “taking over the poker world.”

While Mercier himself certainly lived up to that promise, it took a few years for the rest of the team to catch up.

So far this year his inner circle is posting massive results.

Allen Bari took down the $5k No-Limit event for $874,000 and cashed in two other events, Dan O’Brien has cashed four times including a fourth-place finish in the $2,500 Six-Max No-Limit event for $179,000 and Brent Hanks cashed four times including a final-table appearance worth $78,000.

Not to mention Jason Mercier winning his second bracelet in the $5k PLO event for $619,000, as well as a second final table and two other cashes.

Tom Dwan: In

It’s common knowledge that Tom Dwan has millions of dollars riding on winning a bracelet this summer and he’s continuing to prove he’s a threat to do just that.

Last year durrrr came excruciatingly close to winning a bracelet, losing heads-up to Simon Watt in a $1,500 No-Limit event.

This year he’s already got four cashes, including a final table in the $10k HORSE event yesterday.

He ended up busting in fifth but people like Howard Lederer who made big bets with him know he’s a threat in every bracelet event he plays.

Dwan is in the $10k PLO event taking another shot at it.

Phil Hellmuth: In

Before this WSOP started people were wondering where Phil Hellmuth fit in in this post-Black Friday poker world.

In just a few short weeks Hellmuth has shown us exactly where he fits in, deep in big buy-in non-Hold’em events.

Hellmuth has been widely criticized as only being able to play Hold’em against bad players, but his results this year prove that idea to be seriously flawed.

kenny powers
You're f*****g out!

He’s got two runner-up finishes in $10k events, losing to John Juanda in the 2-7 Draw championship, and Eric Rodawig in the Stud Hi-Low championship.

Those two finishes were worth a combined total of half a million dollars.

WSOP Out List – June 18-24

Daniel Negreanu: Out

Last week Daniel made it on our In list for showing us a bit of edginess in the form of smashing his headphones after losing a big pot.

This week he took it one step too far when he got involved in a ruling in a Michael Binger $10k HORSE hand.

Negreanu wasn’t even in the hand but felt the need to chime in, even though the floorman was there trying to do his job.

The details of the hand are irrelevant. Everyone should adhere to the golden rule of sitting quietly and minding their business unless they’re actually in the hand.

Dan Bilzerian: Out

reported that Dan Bilzerian had spoken out about Spiderman star and poker player Tobey Maguire.

The details of the story are sketchy but apparently a guy named Brad Ruderman, who is currently serving 10 years in prison, used investor money to pay off poker debts, including money owed to Maguire.

Bilzerian beaks off to, calling Maguire a “jerk-off” and saying he’s “cheap as f***k and plays like a cheap b***h,” which is pretty funny considering the whole story is based on how Maguire won all the money and had to be paid back with investor funds.

To make things even more interesting, Bilzerian is reputed to have gotten the money that allows him to live in luxury and play high-stakes poker from his father, an infamous corporate raider who served time in prison for securities and tax fraud back in the 80s.

At least Tobey Maguire earned his own money and wins at poker.

Allen Kessler: Out

The last entry on our Out list this week may come as a surprise, considering he just posted one of his biggest WSOP results ever, finishing second in the $1,500 PLO event for $140k.

But we don’t love Allen Kessler for making big scores and final tables. We love him for his super-human ability to min-cash in every single event he plays.

Seriously Allen, stick with what you’re good at.

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